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November, 2014
How to Keep the Peace During the Holidays
By: Michelle Adams

Now I don't want to cast a shadow over the holiday season...BUT let's face it, some of us dread them because it can be a time we get together with family that we sometimes have a hard time being around. 

Okay, so there you are, hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house, working in the kitchen. Also in the kitchen are your aunt Melissa and your niece Vanessa, who over the years have often butted heads on a variety of topics.

While you're trying to concentrate on not burning your home-made gravy, you hear an argument brewing. Here's some food for thought (pun very much intended) if you're game (yes, intentional) to try your hand at some mediation! 

You've got the Gordon Model skills-let's test them out! Here are some pointers on being a mediator for you-I hope you find them helpful:

We here at Gordon Training International wish you a joyous, fun and peaceful Thanksgiving!

(Pssst...we're closed the week of November 24th and we re-open December 1st. We apologize any inconvenience this may cause you.)

Sent by Michelle Adams,

VP of Gordon Training International


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