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October, 2014
How the Gordon Model Can Help Your Company Succeed - Stories from Two Clients
Once people experience the Gordon Model (LET, Synergistic Selling, etc.) for themselves, they see that yes, it really does work--and it does help people and companies become more productive. Really.

Listen to what these people have to say - not because they're nice testimonials but because they share some insights and wisdom that are a good reminder. I hope you find them helpful!:

"Our workplaces become our home away from home, which means that our co-workers and customers become our work family, for better or worse and everything in between. Our differences help weave the collaborative fabric of our organizations and businesses. In a perfect world our ability to communicate and get along with each other should enhance those relationships and the richness of the work fabric. LET serves as a vehicle and way of interacting to assist with the real ups and downs of people dealing with people.

Asking people to participate in three days of training that is heavily laden with listening skills seems unrealistic. How do you get folks to work on the basics of communication when many do not or will not recognize the obstacles of their current communication skills?

Sent by Michelle Adams,

VP of Gordon Training International


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