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  Music Therapy Brings Help for Dementia Care   


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Bev shared with us her gratitude for the MindStart puzzles she purchased for her  mother.  "It is so wonderful to see her sense of accomplishment and  that she can enjoy the success of doing it herself.  It is invaluable." 

  MindStart Puzzles: Alzheimer Activities that Work

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Music Therapy DVDs: A Great New Resource


I bet you can quickly and easily name 2 or 3 favorite songs of yours; they may even have some special meaning to you. From radio songs, to birthdays, to church music, to weddings, music can evoke emotions and memories like nothing else.  It can get your foot tapping or be calming and relaxing. 


Why is music such a great activity tool for dementia care? It is easy to use, requires no skill (yes, anyone can sing - or at least turn on the music!), and can create whatever mood you would like to set.  It also benefits the individual.  
How Did Music Help This Dad with Dementia?
Chris Wynn watched his father fail from Alzheimer's, both in everyday life and from behind the lens of a camera.  Chris has beautifully captured moments of life with their father in his movie, "Forgetful Not Forgotten".
Music was a strong presence in his dad's life - both before and after the diagnosis.  Chris said, "Even though the disease would cloud his mind, music could still comfort him and bring him pleasure."  They were able to incoporate music into his daily life, despite the dementia.
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