Governor Brown Invests in Remedial Education Reform

Heeding the call to invest in bright spots in remedial education redesign, Governor Brown announced last week a crucial $60 million investment for the Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation ProgramThe program will assist community colleges in improving delivery of basic skills instruction by adopting or expanding the use of high impact practices that are proven to significantly increase the number of under-prepared students who successfully complete.

Millions of eager students are falling out of California's Community Colleges because of a broken remedial education system. The system serves 2.3 million students every year but over 70% are assessed as needing remediation and are doomed to falling out. The failure of students to finish what are often lengthy remedial education sequences is the most serious barrier to community college students' success in attaining the credentials, degrees, and/or transfer they need to reach their career and education goals.


We applaud the Governor for recognizing the current system is failing too many of our students and for proposing this historic investment in redesigning remedial education. The investments we prioritize today can help secure California's economic future and provide our students with the tools to succeed. 


We need your help to ensure that this critical investment remains a priority for the Legislature throughout the Budget process. We urge you and your organization to sign on to the letter below. 



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