BREAKING NEWS | 10.10.13
The Governor has signed SB 440 (Padilla) into law
Governor Brown bill signing
Photo credit: The Sacramento Bee/Lezlie Sterling

Today we applaud Governor Jerry Brown for signing SB 440 into law, and helping to turn more university dreams into a reality for community college students across California.  This new law will make student transfers from California Community Colleges (CCC) to the California State University (CSU) more efficient, cost effective and achievable - a promise made in 1960 under the Master Plan for Higher Education and through the historic passage of SB 1440 by Alex Padilla in 2010, which has not been fully realized.


SB 440 builds on the momentum of SB 1440, which called upon the community college and state university systems to develop an Associate Degree for Transfer program that ensured a clear statewide transfer path for students that guaranteed them a degree and admission to the CSU with junior status.  SB 440 will ensure that every community college offers the maximum number possible of associate's degrees for transfer, that transfer students to the CSU can access the same majors and concentrations as freshmen, and that the pathway is communicated to students and parents across the state.

Senator Alex Padlla (D-20) and Michele Siqueiros


A special thanks to State Senator Alex Padilla for championing college opportunity in California and to each of you who supported the bill!


We are proud of the very clear message our state policy makers, who passed this legislation with unanimous and bipartisan support in both the Assembly and the Senate, have sent. 


We will continue to advocate for policies that not only help students to begin a college education, but to also complete a course of study and attain a degree so they can be prepared to succeed in California's workforce. Thank you for joining us in celebration of this victory! 

View the SB 440 Fact Sheet and full listing of supporters here.


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