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October 28, 2014

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December 6 - Triathlon Swim Clinic with Video, Portofino Island Resort, FL

December 13 - Triathlon Swim Clinic, Portofino Island Resort, FL

January 10 - Triathlon Swim Clinic with Video, Portofino Island Resort, FL

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Coach's Corner

Prepare To Be Impressed


Paratriathletes are impressive on a number of levels. It's seemingly obvious that someone who has a "disability" and then chooses triathlon as a challenge would be considered impressive. This past week I had the privilege of coaching at another High Performance camp for the National Paratriathlon team. The team is being groomed for success for such events as PATCO (Panamerican Triathlon Confederation), ITU World Championships and the 2016 Summer Paralympics. One might presume that because of a disability these paratriathletes would at best be average in their performance. That presumption couldn't be further from the truth.  




Here are a few examples from actual triathlon race results of current and former Team USA paratriathletes that can illustrate my point:

  • male with congenital arm amputation- 5K run - 15:20 (4:57 min/mile)
  • female with below knee amputation- 5K run - 23:48 (7:56 min/mile)
  • male with above knee amputation- 750 meter swim (1:20 per 100 meter)
  • male blind- 20 km bike- (tandem) - 29:52 (25 mph average)

Certainly these numbers are only part of the story. We, as triathletes, know how tough the training can be at times. Consider for a moment an hour swim in the Pacific Ocean with "blacked-out" goggles. We will tether you to a guide but you won't be able to see anything. Or going for a two hour bike ride on a handcycle, that means only using your arms. Day to day life challenges must be tough enough but add a three-sport lifestyle to the mix takes it to a new level.  




Spending a week of swim-bike-run training with these athletes always leaves me in complete amazement as there is never any whining or complaining. There was, however, plenty of encouragement, lots of laughs and the ever-present desire to go faster.


I issue this invitation to my triathlete friends: If you ever get an opportunity to volunteer at a paratriathlon event/camp don't pass it up.  


You will feel inspired and encouraged. And without a doubt, be prepared to be impressed!

~ Coach John
Team MPI Winter Swim Clinics  

NOW is the time to lay the foundation for a better, faster, more rewarding swim in 2015!

Saturday, December 6 and Saturday, January 10
7:30 am - 10:30 am

Limited to 12 athletes

$60 for video clinic ($40 to purchase footage and in-depth analysis) - Register here.  
Portofino Island Resort, Pensacola Beach, FL

This clinic combines a 45 minute dry land presentation with a 1 hour and 15 minute swim and video session and concludes with a 1 hour review of athletes' film footage. Each athlete will be filmed individually, allowing attendees to not only receive individual coaching and analysis and to see what their stroke looks like above and below the water. Improvements with swim technique and stroke efficiency are accelerated with this tactic. 
Saturday, December 13
7:30 am - 10:30 am

Limited to 12 athletes
$45 for clinic - Register here. 
Portofino Island Resort, Pensacola Beach, FL   

The Indoor Triathlon Indoor Swim Clinic includes a classroom presentation of triathlon swimming with an additional focus of how to create a swim training plan for your season. The second half of the clinic will be in the indoor pool where athletes will perform simulations of those swim training sessions. You will learn how to develop swimming endurance and speed as well as how to use common swim equipment.

The fine print:

- athletes must be able to swim 25 meters to participate in the clinics 

- participants must be a USAT member.  Membership is $12 single day or $45 for year 



These clinics sold out last year so register soon!

Team MPI Racing

To the Starting Line:

IRONMAN Florida, November 1, Panama City Beach, FL
Jeff Boulton
Elissa Brown
Charles James

Wells Fargo Senior Bowl 10K, November 1, Mobile, AL
Adrian DiVittorio
Amy Hunt

Battleship Half Marathon, November 2, Wilmington, NC
Ed McDermott

40th Annual Almond Bowl Half Marathon, November 2, Chico, CA
Jacqueline Sasaki

New York City Marathon, November 2, New York, NY
Jean Draper
Krige Schabort

Across the Finish Line

Paddle, Pant, Pedal Triathlon, October 25, Long Beach MS
Megan Davis - 1st Overall Female

Megan Davis at the Paddle, Pant, Pedal Triathlon:
4 mile kayak, 5 mile run, 23 mile bike 
Athlete Quote of the Week 

"Never run a 5k that is put on by sorority girls"

Joey Pocreva, after a 5k turned into an unmarked 5 mile sightseeing tour around the Auburn Campus.

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4575 Orange Beach Blvd

Orange Beach, Alabama


Shop hours to serve the community:

Monday- Friday: 10am- 6pm

Saturday: 10am- 4pm

Sunday: 12pm- 4pm


We offer two rides on Saturday:

  • 7:30am road ride- We do at least 24 miles based on what the group would like to do. The ride overlaps most of the Brett Robinson AL Coastal Tri course.
  • 10:30am leisure ride- The Gulf State Park has over 13 miles of paved trails for cyclist and walkers. Join us in this no-drop ride and explore part of the ever growing trail system.   
  • See our group ride page for more information.  


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Team MPI Coaching Programs  
Our Coaching Philosophy starts with "Team MPI". Team MPI is the idea that both coach and athlete work as a team - together. As a team, we focus on frequency, consistency and knowing one's body. Each Team MPI athlete is treated individually.  

Learn about each program and let MPI Coaches help you choose the one that's right for you.   


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Head Coaches Mark Sortino and John Murray

Coaches Jim Harris, Peter Harsch, and Amanda Leibovitz
Coaches Allen Stanfield and Dustin Yonke 


About Team MPI

Established in 2010, Team MPI provides a diverse spectrum of services uniquely structured for both novice and experienced multisport athletes. Team MPI offers 2 levels of multisport coaching plans, the MPI Performance Package program, MPI Performance Plans, MPI Customized Performance Plans, Single Day, Multi Day, and Long Course training camps and clinics, and Paratriathlon training in conjunction with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and Team Semper Fi. Team MPI also provides specialty services in swim video analysis, F.I.S.T. certified bike fitting and individualized multisport coaching. Team MPI produces the popular and successful Portofino Sunset Tri Series. They also founded the Sea Turtle Tri and Maritime DeLuna Du.

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