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Team Newsletter March 12, 2013

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Upcoming Events

March 16 - Tri Swim Clinic, Pensacola, FL

March 24 - Open Water Swim Clinic, Pensacola

April 25 - Portofino Sunset Tri, Race #1, Pensacola, FL

April 28 - Open Water Swim Clinic, Pensacola

May 2 - Portofino Sunset Tri, Race #12, Pensacola, FL

May 16 - Portofino Sunset Tri, Race #3, Pensacola, FL

June 2 - Jubilee Kids Triathlon, Fairhope, AL

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Latest from Team MPI

This year we are again offering a full calendar of events for new and seasoned triathletes including the 9-race Portofino Sunset Tri series presented by Infinity Bicycles April through August, tri swim and open water swim clinics in March and April, the Jubiliee Kids Tri June 2, and the IM Florida Long Course Tri Camp September 20-22.

We have just a few spots left for THIS Saturday's final Tri Swim Clinic at Portofino Island Resort.  The March 28 and April 28 sessions are open water clinics, so get in one of each! Visit our Camps & Clinics page to register!

The Portofino Sunset Tri series races, with just 60 athlete slots each, do fill so be sure to sign up early. They are low-pressure races that are great to do with a friend or family member who might want to try the sport. They are also ideal tune-up races with a super-sprint distance that will sharpen up your transitions. The series includes the August 1 Envie Twilight Ladies Tri and the August 29 All Relay race! With limited spots, sign up now and be prepared for a great Thursday night evening of fun! 

Sunset Tri Race 1 Transition
Sunset Tri 1 Run
Coach's Corner 

Are flip turns necessary or just cool looking?   




Recently we posted a request of our readers to ask questions of the coaches. Alex Bell, from Gulf Breeze, FL was curious about flip turns and asked this question, "Are flip turns necessary or just cool looking?" From time to time triathletes will ask this question and I do my best to clear things up.  


Certainly, depending on the swimmer, they can be cool looking. But for most non-swim team triathletes they are not necessary. Many times I get the comment, "I'm not going to be doing flip turns in a race." Agreed...however, as a triathlete, you are most likely swimming 3 times a week, you DO want to beat the person you swim with, and you DO like looking cool.


5 Things to know about turns in the pool-

  1. The streamline after the turn is crucial. Whether it's a flip turn or an open turn, your technique leaving the wall and how you "break out" has a huge impact on your swimming performance. Have a qualified coach work with you on that aspect and you can save time and energy.
  2. An open turn allows for an extra breath at each turn. You will give up that breath when you switch to the flip turn. Not that it is much more difficult but it may take some time to adjust.
  3. If you are not comfortable with tumbling in the middle of your swim you may have some extra challenges learning this new skill. Some athletes complain of water getting up their nose.
  4. A well-executed open turn can still be quite quick. Spend VERY little time holding onto the gutter at each turn. (For those not wishing to learn the flip turn).
  5. If you are trying to beat the athlete in the next lane (and you probably are), better turns and streamlining off the wall are a sure method for some free speed.

So whether you are eager to learn the flip turn or just want to dial in your open turn, consider working with a coach for a session or two. Some small adjustments here, some tweaking there, will sometimes take a second or two off of your time for each length.


~ Coach John     



I had a conversation today with a Team MPI athlete who was telling me all about her passion for "numbers". She LOVES them! She likes power, speed, time, HR, cadence, etc. She told me how she "needed" them for motivation during racing. "Racing?" I asked. "Yes. If I don't see the numbers I'm expecting, then I get mad and push harder!" I thought about that for a second and asked, "Well, what if you have a headwind? Or what if your riding or running on a false flat? If you try and go harder than you already are and can't, what will happen to your confidence then?" 

At Team MPI, we like numbers too. BUT, there is a time and a place for them. More important to an athlete than numbers is the ability to know how one's body feels. Perceived exertion based on type of race based on experience all play into becoming a great "racer". The difference between Elite athletes and everyone else is their ability to know when to "go for it" - regardless of the numbers. They "know" that during that special race, they will have an opportunity for a breakout performance. Of course, they may have "numbers" or "data" to assist in that, but ultimately it's about knowing one's body. So remember that the "numbers", however important you think they are, are only part of the equation. Use them to assist in measuring exertion and performance. Oh, and the shorter the distance, the less important they are during the race!

~ Coach Mark    


Ask YOUR questions by emailing [email protected]
OR posting on our Facebook wall!

Welcome to Team MPI

Welcome to our returning coached athlete, Sara Stackpole!

Team MPI Racing

Over the Finish Line:
Azalea Sprint Triathlon, Wilmington, NC , March 9, 2013
Ed McDermott - 5th out of 80 in age group, 2nd on the run


McGuire's 5K, Pensacola, FL, March 9, 2013 
Jeff Boulton

Yellow Jacket Buzz 5K, Ocean Springs, MS, March 9, 2013 
Matt Storr

Heading to the Starting Line:
IM Los Cabo, Las Cabos, Mexico, March 17, 2013 
Jeff Boulton

Team MPI Photos

Gorgeous day for a March ride at Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa Island.

While you are busy training, your coaches are too! Coach Mark hitting the trail!

Please post your training and racing photos to the Team MPI Facebook page and you may see them here! Serious, victorious, funny, digging us your triathlon experience!

Upcoming Events


  Triathlon Swim Clinic 
March 16, 2013
Portofino Island Resort
The Triathlon Swim Clinic combines a one-hour dry land presentation with a two-hour swim practice and training session. The goal of this clinic is to provide athletes with basic, fundamental swim techniques specific to triathletes.  


The clinic will cover the following: balance, breathing, freestyle drills, efficiency, power, sighting, navigation, drafting and other tips for open water training and racing, developing swimming endurance and speed and common swim equipment.


Participating athletes will receive access to online resources and videos, a Team MPI swim cap, and special offers from sponsors. Clinics are just $80 and are limited to10 athletes. Register today and begin to strengthen and improve your triathlon swim!   




Additional upcoming swim clinics:

  • March 24 - Open Water Swim Clinic - Portofino Beach Resort, Pensacola, FL
  • April 28 - Open Water Swim Clinic - Portofino Beach Resort, Pensacola, FL


Presented by:


Save the Dates!

Registration is OPEN!

300y swim * 7.5 mile bike * 1.5 mile run

Registration for the 9-race series is open at imAthlete with links on the Team MPI website. Registration for each super sprint race is capped at 60 so reserve your spots!

The Portofino Sunset Tri Series presented by Infinity Bicycles is designed for all triathlon abilities - especially brand new athletes! This is the third year of this series of triathlon races that will take place on nine (9) Thursday Nights at 6:30pm (a few will start at 6:15pm) throughout the spring & summer at beautiful Portofino Island Resort on Pensacola Beach, FL. These races are "Super Sprint" triathlons with a 300y swim, 7.5 mile bike, and 1.5 mile run. They are shorter than a typical triathlon "Sprint" race, but are official USA Triathlon Sanctioned Events.
  • Thursday, April 25, 2013 - Race #1 Super Sprint Tri (6:15pm start
  • Thursday, May 2, 2013 -  Race #2 Super Sprint Tri (6:15pm start
  • Thursday, May 16, 2013 -  Race #3 Super Sprint Tri
  • Thursday, June 6, 2013 -  Race #4 Super Sprint Tri
  • Thursday, June 20, 2013 -  Race # 5 Super Sprint Tri
  • Thursday, July 18, 2013 -  Race #6 Super Sprint Tri
  • Thursday, August 1, 2013 -  Envie Lady's Twilight Super Sprint Tri
  • Thursday, August 8, 2013 -  Race #7  Super Sprint Tri
  • Thursday, August 29, 2013 -  ALL Relay Super Sprint Tri (6:15pm start)    


In 2012, the Portofino Sunset Tri Series had 360 registered participants including 106 first-timers. Athletes ranged from age 12 to 70 and they represented 18 states.



Jubilee Kids Triathlon 



Register your child now for the third annual Jubilee Kids Triathlon held on Sunday, June 2nd at 7:30am at the beautiful Fairhope Municipal Pier in Fairhope, Alabama. It is brought to you by the "The Good Life" and produced by Team MPI. The race will fill so don't delay! Registered racers are entered to win the Specialized Hotrock shown below.

Conner and Cayden Long (at right), the 2012 "SportsKids of the Year" will be racing here! 

Proceeds from this event will go to The Good Life to help fund a fitness trail in Fairhope, AL. This is a SWIM, BIKE, RUN race for kids ages 7-15.

Shrimp  (7 & 8 years) & Crabs (9 & 10 years):
75 m swim / 1 mile bike / .5 mile run

Flounders (11 & 12 years) & Mullets (13-15 years):
150 m swim / 3 mile bike / 1 mile run



Team MPI Store   


Energylab says, "Why in the world are athletes continuing to fuel their bodies with supplements based on old-school science - and expecting better performance?"

The swimmers, pro mountain bikers, endurance and extreme sport athletes of Energylab worked together to develop this line of products that addresses problems in old school supplements: loads of sugar, excessive fat-building calories, stimulants and banned ingredients, and products and flavors that cause GI upset.
Give their pre-workout, endurance matrix, and post-recovery formulas a try!



Visit the Team MPI store for more merchandise, apparel, and affiliate discounts.

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The membership cost is $40 annually and quickly pays for itself. The welcome package is valued at $24 and the 15% product and services discount translates to a $30 savings on a bike fit; $22.50 savings on swim video analysis; and $6.00 - $7.50 off Energy Lab supplements. See the Team MPI store and Services pages for more information.   


If you are not already a part of Team MPI, come and join us!  



Coached Athletes are automatically enrolled in Team MPI and receive a 20% discount on services (bike fit and swim video analysis) and products in the Team MPI store.  


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Karbon Speed Wheels
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Team MPI Coaching Programs  

Our Coaching Philosophy starts with "Team MPI". Team MPI is the idea that both coach and athlete work as a team - together. As a team, we focus on frequency, consistency and knowing one's body. Each Team MPI athlete is treated individually.


Learn about each program and let MPI Coaches help you choose the one that's right for you.   


MPI Performance Coaching Plans 

Performance Plan

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MPI Performance Packages

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 Multi-day Camps



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Coaches Mark Sortino, John Murray, Peter Harsch, and Dustin Yonke 



About Team MPI

Established in 2010, Team MPI provides a diverse spectrum of services uniquely structured for both novice and experienced multisport athletes. Team MPI offers 2 levels of multisport coaching plans, the MPI Performance Package program, MPI Performance Plans, MPI Customized Performance Plans, Single Day, Multi Day, and Long Course training camps and clinics, and Paratriathlon training in conjunction with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and Team Semper Fi. Team MPI also provides specialty services in swim video analysis, F.I.S.T. certified bike fitting and individualized multisport coaching. Team MPI produces the popular and successful Portofino Sunset Tri Series and directs the Jubilee Kid's Triathlon. They also founded the Sea Turtle Tri and Maritime DeLuna Du.

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