AAGR Quarterly Retail Safety E-News
October 2014
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Lessons Learned

By John Parker, CPCU, ALCM, ARM, CCLS

Sr. Loss Control Consultant, Farmers Business Insurance


The largest claim in recent years for the AAGR was when a retail store hired a day laborer to perform work on the exterior of their building. He was painting the outside, standing on a ledge around the building, and fell off the ledge of the building.   The store owner heard a scream to call 911.  They went outside and saw him on the ground.  His head was bloody but the business owner was not able to make out where and how big his wound was.  Claimant was unconscious for a couple seconds and then started coming to.  When the police came onsite, claimant had begun to be rowdy. The police tried to have him sit or lie down, but he was in shock and kept on trying to get up.    He was taken to a local hospital and was thought to need brain or spine surgery.   

There were several problems with this event.  First, hiring day labor, and paying under the table. Additionally, his level of experience with this task was completely unknown.   Because he was not a bona-fide contractor with his own insurance, this event was covered on the workers compensation policy. 

Second, recent studies show that many serious injuries and/or fatalities are the result of "Non-Routine Events", meaning tasks that are rarely done in the scope of the business.  This is due in part as the person is inexperienced in the task, it is more complex, and more dangerous.  Not a good combination. 

What to Learn? 

Be smart.  For non-routine and potentially dangerous tasks, it is best to hire an appropriate licensed contractor who has experience in the task.   Also, you should always request that sub-contractors provide you with certificates of insurance and name you as an additional insured.  

What is a certificate of insurance?

A certificate of insurance is a document that gives evidence of the insured's financial ability (via an insurance policy) to respond to a claim. Under most circumstances, no coverage benefits are afforded to the certificate holder; the certificate merely confirms that the subject company carries insurance.

Why are certificates needed?

Certificates give evidence that the other party has appropriate insurance to cover the claims for which they may be responsible.

When are certificates needed?

Certificates are needed when another party (such as a contractor janitorial service, security service, etc.) performs services on your behalf or has your property in their care, custody or control (e.g. leasing your premises or your equipment).

Who should provide the certificate?

The other party's insurance company or "authorized" insurance agent, broker or risk management department should provide the certificate of insurance to you.

What should a certificate include?

I.  Name of insurance company issuing each policy;

2. Named Insured;

3. Address of Named Insured;

4. Description of Coverage;






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