August 2016

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Synergy Students Go Back to School!
Synergy students and teachers went back to school on August 8th. This marks Synergy Charter Academy's 13th year, Synergy Kinetic Academy's 9th year, and Synergy Quantum Academy's 6th school year. In just the first few weeks, all Synergy schools opened their doors to parents and families with Back to School performances, dinners, and events. With the help of our incredible students, families, teachers, and staff, we're looking forward to another outstanding school year!

Synergy Charter Academy's elementary students have positive messages to share.
Synergy Charter Academy's Back to School performance focused on the positive.

Synergy Kinetic Academy invited families for a hot dog cookout at Back to School Night.
Synergy Kinetic Academy's middle school teachers and staff are excited for the new year!

Synergy Quantum Academy welcomed families with a Back to School dinner.
A great turnout at Back to School Night, as parents learned about Synergy's high school.

Support Synergy's Teachers!
Synergy's teachers give so much of their own time, energy, and enthusiasm to our students every day. Here's your chance to give a little something back to them! Support a Synergy teacher on!
Student Graphing Calculators
Mr. Richardson is Synergy's 8th grade math teacher: My students need to get experience with graphing calculators so that they will be confident with the technology once they get to high school. These students love math, and they are some of the hardest working people that I have ever met. But, too many lack access to the technology necessary to be successful in advanced math courses.

Staying Current with Junior Scholastic
Ms. Kaplan is one of Synergy's 6th grade English and History teachers: My students need Junior Scholastic magazines to enhance their understanding of current events and expository writing. A typical day in my classroom involves me doing the very best I can to engage students in world issues, but many of my students are unaware of current news items and do not expose themselves to news outside of school. Donate to Ms. Kaplan's project.

Register Now: Organized Play! Educator Workshop on September 27th
Synergy Charter Academy and Quincy Jones Elementary School have implemented a system of Organized Play during recess since they moved onto their shared campus six years ago. Campus Aides lead students in a variety of outdoor sports and play activities. The result? Students engage in physical activity every day. They build skills used in sports and games. They learn how to play as part of a team. And, they return to class after recess ready to learn.

Join us for this workshop on Tuesday, September 27th, 8:30 - 11:00 a.m. Hear the benefits of Organized Play, see it in action, discuss successes and challenges with fellow educators, and walk away with tools you can use to bring Organized Play to your recess.

Click here to RSVP, or for more information, contact Rhonda Deomampo, Synergy's Director of Special Projects, at

"Let's Trade Secrets" are free quarterly educator workshops focused on a different topic each quarter. Teachers and school leaders from charter, district, and independent schools are invited to share different perspectives, resources, and best practices around common educational issues.