ISSUE #578 - JULY 7, 2016
Get tips on watering your lawn and protecting your garden from Japanese Beetles
Lawn Watering Guide
Extended periods of hot weather during the summer can take a toll on your lawn, especially areas that are fully exposed during the day. Without the benefit of an adequate supply of water, your lawn can endure severe stress, making it more susceptible to insects, disease and unsightly browning. A regular watering regimen will solve this problem.

Follow these tips to make sure your lawn stays green and healthy this season...
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Summer is here and that means parties, cookouts and get togethers. Make sure your home is looking its very best by shopping our Summer Sale in Yarmouth and Kennebunk.

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Protect Your Plants From Japanese Beetles
July 4th is behind us, so that generally means you should be on the lookout for Japanese Beetles in the garden.

Japanese Beetles are devastating pests that feed on nearly 300 different species of landscape plants, usually starting at the top of the plant and working their way downward. A single beetle is usually not a cause for concern, but a large group can cause considerable damage to your plants. Adult beetles will chew the tissue between veins of foliage, giving your plants a hollow, unsightly appearance and making them more susceptible to other diseases.

We've put together the following tips to help you combat these pests...
Add Rustic Charm with Artisan Trellis
Combine birdbaths, bowls, hangers and lanterns with trellises, arbors and obelisks from Artisan Trellis to add an elegant touch to your garden.

Mix and match to create all kinds of combinations. Each item is made in America using solid steel that will bring rustic charm to your garden for many years to come.

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