Run Wild Missoula: Annual Meeting
Fall Intermediate Trail Running Class: August 14
Beginner's Run Class: August 20
Back of the Pack Trail Running Class: August 21
River City Roots Run: August 24
Special September Beer Run: September 24
Missoula All Women's 5K Run on Diva Day: October 4
Missoula Marathon
View From The Back: It's Not About Winning
Member Spotlight: Twins Running
Middle School Cross Country: Volunteers Needed
Alpine Physical Therapy: Are You Balanced???
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Fall BOP Trail Running Class, Aug. 21, 6:00 p.m., Runner's Edge NOT FULL!!

RWM Annual Meeting, Sept. 10, 5:30 p.m. run, 6:30 p.m.meeting, 5501 Rattlesnake Dr. 



August 2014
Run Wild Missoula: Annual Meeting, September 10
by Pat Cross, Vice-President Run Wild Missoula
Annual meeting time is upon us. Well, the Run Wild Annual Meeting is a month away, but it is time to mark it on your calendar. This year we are meeting on Wednesday, September 10th with a group run,  dinner and a quick meeting. This year the meeting will feature prizes, awards and speeches, (but we promise to keep the speeches short), food, beverages, a great location and more fun than you can shake a stick at.

Start your evening with a run from member JB Yonce's house, 5501 Rattlesnake Drive at 5:30 p.m., led by the Run Wild Missoula Board of Directors. 


This event is free, but we still need you to register for this event by September 3.  Read more here about what to bring, food and registration for the Annual Meeting. 
Fall Intermediate Trail Running Class: August 14
Class starts August 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the Runner's Edge.  Class is NOT FULL (yet)!!  Join enthusiastic trail runners Jamie Swartz and Rita Botzet and other guests on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. for a great workout. This class is for intermediate runners who want to learn trail running techniques. Participants should expect to run 6 mile or more on trails each Thursday evening. Click here to read more about this class and to register.
Beginner's Run Class: August 20
by Miranda Ming, Beginners Run Class Coach
Every fall the beginning running class series inspires a new group of runners to lace up their shoes.  This popular 8 week class is back.  This is truly a beginner's class and is designed for someone who has never run before or has taken a long break from running.  Our friendly and supportive coaches will help you go from couch to 5K in 8 fun filled weeks.  Click here to read more about this class. Register here.
Back of the Pack Trail Running Class: August 21
by Connie Chestnutt, RWM Member
BOP 2 color The second BOP trail running class starts Thursday, August 21 at 6:00 p.m., and runs through Thursday, October 9.  This class is designed for Back of the Pack runners and walkers who want to get off the streets and learn trails.  We will be visiting various trail systems in the Missoula area.  Participants should expect to run 2-4 miles.  We also anticipate covering trail running topics like safety, running form, injury prevention and nutrition.  We increased the class limit to 30, and anticipate that we will break down into 3 groups to attempt to accommodate everyone's ability, but everyone will be doing the same route.  Register here.
River City Roots Run: August 24
by Nick Lockridge, River City Roots Race Director


Who's feeling Rooty?


The popular River City Roots Run, which begins at 10 am on Aug. 24 on the far northern end of Downtown Missoula, will once again finish near the Main Stage on Main Street. For the past three years the 4-mile race finished on the trail system adjacent to the Clark Fork River, but runners asked festival organizers to move the finish line back to its original spot near the stage, so they could be closer to the music - and beer - once they finished.  Read more here about the Roots run.  Register here.

Special September Beer Run: September 24
by Pat Cross, Chancellor of Libations 

Sue Falsey and Brad Leonard are hosting  the September Beer Run as a major milestone celebration:  The Official Brad's 80th Birthday Beer Bash. September 24th, Flathead Lake Brewery Pubhouse (424 N. Higgins). Come on upstairs to the third floor for free beer/wine/drinks and food. Yup, free. And the more the merrier, so come if you are running (BOP, FOP, MOP, NOP - Back, Middle, Front of Pack, and No Pack), come if you want to hang out, come to enjoy a great night in Missoula.   Hours are 5 until......     We will collect any runner's carbo-loading foods (pasta, rice, beans, etc.) for the Missoula Food Bank, so bring them along if you'd like but no obligation, just your company.

Missoula All Women's 5K Run on Diva Day: October 4
by Sue Falsey, Diva Day Race Director 

Women of Run Wild!  Let's get the registrations on the move, then you can practice your own moves for Diva Day. This year we head to the starting line on Oct 4, 2014, same place: Community Medical Center; same time: 9:30 am.     

ou can even get there earlier because Community Medical Center is springing for pre-race coffee!   This is a great race to bring your friends and introduce them to the fun of running, especially fun with your buddies.  All the info is on our web page, links right off the main page.  This year the membership discount is applied if you are signed on to as a member, so make sure you do that before you go to the registration page here or to the following link:  

Missoula Marathon
The Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K races and training classes were successful in so many ways but no more so than in inspiring participants and changing lives. Here are two stories about what participating in the Missoula Marathon and training classes meant to two runners. 
Missoula Marathon & Half Marathon Training Class: 10 Reasons Why I'll Be Back Next Year
by Trisha Bartle, RWM Member and "Inspirational Runner" winner

After 18 weeks of training with the official Run Wild Missoula Marathon & Half Marathon Training Class, I finally crossed the finish line of my very first half marathon. Success! Before I even left the finisher's area-draped in a shiny new medal and juggling Good Food Store fare, flowers and a PowerAde with two hands-I was already asked that important question: Are you going to do it again?


Click here for Trisha's 10 reasons why she will be back!

Training For The Missoula Marathon Changed Me and Made Me A Runner
by Lydia Hess, RWM member and Female Marathon Class MVP
After 4 months of 5 days a week running I stood at the start line loving the way I felt in my new marathon outfit, 12lbs lighter, healthier physically/ emotionally but most importantly I put the time in and didn't just say I was going to train. Somehow I got the award for the fastest female marathon finish time in the class! I can now boldly say I AM a runner!  
Read more here about how Lydia changed from NOT a runner to running the Missoula Marathon in 3:43.   
View From The Back: It's Not About Winning, It's About Finishing
by Maureen Roy, RWM Member 

BOP color-black After a two year hiatus from running, I ventured down to the finish line this year to join the Back of the Pack cheerleaders as they celebrated, clapped and cheerfully coaxed exhausted runners across the final timing mat.  Something told me I needed to be there. . . .


The final runner came across that bridge, slowly, thirty minutes after the official course closure, with little spring in his step but a determination in his eyes.  He crossed the finish line at 7:58:02, accepted his medal, thanked us for greeting him and then asked if anyone could give him a ride back to his car at the parking area.  I quickly offered my vehicle, and with that I had the honor of being formally introduced to Eugene DeFronzo from Cheshire, CT.  Read more here about the Eugene DeFronzo and his marathon finishes.

Member Spotlight: Twins Running 

by Terry Stekly, RWM Member


Missoula is the hometown for these 33 year old twins.  Jennifer is a Speech Language Pathologist and Julee a preschool special education teacher. Read more about how they started running here.


Middle School Cross Country: Volunteers Needed

by Daryl and Gary Little, Middle School Cross Country Program

Our Missoula Middle School Cross Country program is starting up again on August 28. Last year we had 98 students running with just Daryl and I. We would love to have 1 or 2 more runners along to help.  We practice just 2 days a week, Tuesdays at 4PM and Thursdays at 3PM.  Practice typically last about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  We have students running from around 5:15/mi pace to about 12/mile pace.  We race on Saturdays, with an 8 meet schedule ending around the 15th of October. If you are interested in helping please call Daryl:cell 406-370-8412.

Alpine Physical Therapy: Are You Balanced??? 

by Kristi Moore, MSPT, Alpine Physical Therapy


Alpine PT LogoRunning is different from walking because you are on only one leg at a time with each stride. With walking you gradually transfer weight from one leg to the other, not so with running.  Read more here about how to stay balanced with stretching and strengthening.

Around Town
Mission Mountain Classic, Aug. 2, 8:00 a.m., 5K and 10K, Community Bank Ronan. In conjunction with Ronan Pioneer Days. Registration on Boys & Girls Club website or race day.
Marshall Mountain Trail Runs, Aug. 2, 5:00 p.m., 5K & 10K, Marshall Mountain Ski Area, Missoula. Live music and BBQ.

Sweet Tooth 5K and 1 mile fun run, Aug. 16, McCormick Park. Senior project and fundraiser for the Big Sky High School Cross Country team.  Website with all the information and a link for printing out a registration form is 

Mystery Ranch Ultra Challenge, Aug. 22 and 23, 100M, 50M, 50K and 20M, Pony, Montana. More information and register at

CASA 4th Annual Mud Run "Montana Mucker", Sept. 6, Missoula Co. Fairgrounds. Register and more information at

5th Annual Yellowtail Dam Race, Sept. 27, 10K and 5K. Bighorn River located in Fort Smith, Montana. More information contact Keri at  Register online
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