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Share the Harvest, Share the Love!
Septième génération Rockland
Camps Sprouting at Tucker House!
Green Home Reno

   Please support our Sustainable Food programming at Tucker House by donating $100 to Bunching Onions or Country Fun Nature Camp! 


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SLOWest Learning Series 

 in co-operation with Tucker House


Greening Your Finances
6:30-8:30 pm
Community Room, Mountain Equipment Co-op  366 Richmond Road

April 4th:  Investing Sustainably and Ethically 1
April 18th: Investing Sustainably and Ethically 2
May 5th:  Banking with the world in Mind  



 Boise Est workshops  

20 avril Atelier : Pratiques sécuritaires pour les scies mécaniques (Aménagement de la forêt) (avec La Cité collégiale)


23 avril: Soirée de conte sur le thème de l'arbre (à la Forêt Larose, en collaboration avecle Cercle des conteurs de l'Est de l'Ontario)  

15 mai Atelier : La biodiversité, essentielle à notre survie (avec la Maison Tucker) (Connaissance de la forêt)  




Country Fun Nature Camp

July 15th  - 19th

July 22nd - 26th


Organic Food and Farming Camp    August 12th - 16th  (Eng)

le 19 a 23 Aout   (en français)



 September 27 - 28

 Impact! Sustainability Champions Training for Emerging Leaders in Ottawa

Students aged 19-25 can

 Apply by Sept 8th 2013


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Tucker House E-Tidbits! 
P'tits Brins de la Maison Tucker!
Greetings! ,

This Tidbits, VEGGIES FOR EVERYONE,  highlights the sustainable food theme we have this year at Tucker House as part of our mission to inspire sustainable living.  
Everyone can enjoy picking and eating veggies. Image Courtesy of The Family Kitchen on
Take a moment to think how the food you eat comes from the soil, where little bugs and worms are the key to life turning, turning in its majestic cycles.  When you eat, the food becomes your body, and your life is renewed by the life of the plant.  Humans can only survive because plants turn sunlight into food for us.  Wow.  Take a moment to appreciate that, and commit to slowing down and enjoying food more with friends and family, and thinking more about where your food comes from and appreciate the gift of it.   You are what you eat, so choose soulful food!


Much Love,


Kara Stonehouse

Executive Director, Maison Tucker House

Bunching Onions CSA : Share the Harvest, Share the Love!

By Kara Stonehouse and Hilde Sequin 


  Community Supported Agriculture

Tucker House is pleased to let you know that Bunching Onions Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program is up and running for the 2013 season!  


What is Bunching Onions? It's a program at Tucker House where local farmers get together to provide fresh local vegetables to you and your family using sustainable practices. It's called Community Shared Agriculture and it lets you get involved in eco-farming by backing farmers who grow vegetables for you and your family. You get to know the farmers and their farming practices. They benefit by knowing they have a guaranteed income for their large expenses of seed, tools and machinery, before the harvest begins rolling in much later in the season.


LindsayVyvey plants garlic


Our Bunching Onion farmers this year are Lindsay Vyvey and Dave Evans. Kara interviewed them recently to find out what motivates them to be eco-farmers. She found that although they may appear mild-mannered, they are both taking a bold step to organize their lives around the principles they believe in.


"I love providing healthy, nutritious, and sustainable food for the people in my community." Lindsay shared with us. She is inspired by the vibrancy of her rural community and loves the feeling of complete exhaustion that comes at the end of a day of good, hard labour outside. And lastly, she just really loves food! She hopes that Bunching Onions becomes a real community cornerstone, a place to gather for events and to share knowledge.


Dave worked at a desk for ten years, dreaming about doing real, meaningful work outside in the fresh air. Now, he says, the soil is real, the plants are real and, Heaven help us, the groundhogs are real! He pictures Bunching Onions in the future as the center of Rockland's local food production - the hub of the wheel from which tens or hundreds of other people are enthused to start their own vegetable gardens, community gardens, and so on.


When you become a Bunching Onions member, you register to pick up a basket of vegetables grown by Dave and Lindsay each week for 15 weeks. Even if you are not available for a weekly box this year, you can make a donation to provide fresh vegetables to a local women's shelter and/or to support Tucker House's eco-food programs. Please become a member today by completing the online registration form at the link below. You will be guided to pay by cheque, credit card or PayPal.


 Click here for more details and to register!


Vegetable pick up days will begin in early July and continue for 15 weeks.  


Visit the Bunching Onions CSA page of the Tucker House Website for more details about the CSA program.  

Septième génération Rockland

 par Bonnie Jean-Louis   



L'automne dernier, nous avons tenu notre première série d'apprentissages de la 7ième générations à l'hotel de ville de la Cité de Clarence-Rockland; des présentations qui favorise la vie durable en prenant en considération les 7 générations à nous

suivre, lors de prisent de décisions. 

 Vivre simplement a été donné à une audience rempli. Cette présentation a permis à tous d'identifier ses priorités familiales dans ce monde où la vitesse prime, et a apporter chacun a partager ce qui est important et comment on y survi! Notre économie qui dépend grandement de la propagande de l'abondance et de l'austérité, qui va directement à l'encontre de la durabilité, nécessite d'être questionné. Tout le monde ont quitéé les lieux avec une question primordiale :

«  A quel point est-ce que l'argent, vous rend heureux? »



Devenex énergétiquement gagnant et Manger autrement a aussi attiré plusieurs citoyens. Plusieurs d'entre-eux ont discuté et trouvé des solutions pour vivre de façon plus efficace et de façon durable, dans la vie de tous les jours. Les énergies renouvelables et les rénovations écologiques ont été donné a une plus petite audience, mais a suscité un intérêt qui a toutefois satisfait ceux-ci, qui s'apprêtaient à prendre des décisions à la maison sur ces sujets.


Malheureusement, les tempêtes de neiges ont influencé quelques-unes de ces soirés, c'est pour cette raison, que nous offrons à nouveau quelques-unes de ces présentations en partenariat avec la Cité de Clarence-Rockland à nouveau, cette été.

J'ai donc bien hâte de vous voir au Festival de la rivière, en juillet prochain!


 Plusieurs commanditaires ont permis le succès de ces activités. Merci beaucoup à la Cité de Clarence-Rockland pour tout leur support et un remerciement spécial à Enviro-Centre et Chez l'Boulanger, qui a grandement contribuer!



We highly encourage all readers from Prescott Russell to fill out the 

City of Clarence-Rockland survey to determine the public's opinion on environmental priorities! 

New Camp Sprouting at Tucker House!  

 By Kara Stonehouse 


"I thought all veggies came from the supermarket" - Peter, Age 9, organic garden workshop





Kids aged 9-14 are invited to get their hands dirty and their bellies full of delicious food, as they learn to grow and cook organic food at Tucker House!  

Tucker House is proud to present Organic Food and Farming Camp together with the Canadian Organic Growers Outaouais St. Laurent, Ottawa chapter.  We will take day trips to two local organic farms to work in the garden and feed the animals, and visit College Alfred to see and smell an organic dairy milk operation!  Campers will sleep over at Tucker House from Monday to Friday and enjoy the pool and 30 acre grounds with nature trails during recreation time.    Not only will we be learning all about how organic food is grown and produced, we get to harvest the veggies and learn how to cook them in fantastic meals for our family!  All friends and family are welcome to the Friday afternoon feast and presentations put on by the campers!  How grown up our campers will be!   


Save the date and spread the word!  


Tucker House Logo  


Organic Food and Farming Camp   


- English Week: August 12th - 16th 

- Semaine en Français : le 19 a 23 Aout 


Country Fun Nature Camp

 Click here for more details and to register!


Our longest-running program is an ecumenical Christian environmental day camp that engages children in celebrating and caring for our environment and everyone in it. Outdoor fun with nature walks, arts and crafts, swimming, eco-games, and more! 



















 Camp week dates:  

- July 15th  - 19th

- July 22nd - 26th



"Someday my kids will be glad that I came here" - Alyson, 10, Country Fun Nature Camp


By Laura Leet





Ottawa's Green Home Reno Bus Tour held on Oct 27th

2012, and was an amazing example of environmental groups in Ottawa working together. We had over 40 people on the tour and were invited into 3 homes as well as Tucker House Renewal Centre, where guests were shown all the amazing changes that homeowners had done to make their home more energy efficient. 
Guests learned about insulation, additions, geothermal, renovations, and much more. It was very informative to get both the homeowner and contractors perspective on the changes made to the homes. Guests were able to answer questions in relation to what would be feasible in their own homes. This tour was a great opportunity for homeowners in Ottawa to also connect with others who are looking to take on similar projects and share ideas.  



The tour ended with a walk through of Tucker House and the Eco-renovations they have done there, followed by a delicious lunch. 


Guests went home full of sandwiches, ideas, and new friends. Thanks to the EnviroCentre, Tucker House, and the Community Energy Network for organizing such an amazing event.






We are extremely grateful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for making the Green Design Initiative possible at Tucker House.  We offer free tours of the house by appointment.  

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact me at 613-446-2117 x 3
or at

Si vous avez des suggestions ou des commentairesveuillez me contacter au 613-446-2117 poste 3 ou à


Thank you, 


Kara Stonehouse,

Executive Director

Maison Tucker House