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Bunching Onions
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Activity Calendar: Fall / Automne 2012  



September 21 - Oct 28th

Introduction to Permaculture Ecological Design and Gardening



- 84 hours (four modules)
- Location: Newly forming Lanark Eco-Village!

- Contact: info@eonpermaculture.ca 


 Eon Permaculture Website - http://eonpermaculture.ca/content/ecological-design-and-gardening-introduction-permaculture    


October 18


Tour of Tucker House! Come out for a walk on our nature trail and a tour of our sustainability renovations!


- En franais, 1731 Tucker Road 17.30h  

- RSVP with Nathalie Mathiew - community@tuckerhouse.ca


October 24th

Tucker House Community Kitchen!

Come enjoy learning and cooking vegan meals together at 1731 Tucker Road 


- Donation of 5-10$ welcome
- Continuing Monthly : Nov. 28th and Dec. 19th.   



October 24


Ecology Ottawa's 6th Eco Gala 


- St. Elias Banquet Centre, 750 Ridgewood Ave.  5pm - 10pm


- Info and tickets here  


Eco Gala Tickets and Info - http://ecologyottawa.nationbuilder.com/annual_dinner_2012   



October 25


Tour of Tucker House! Come out for a walk on our nature trail and a tour of our sustainability renovations!


- In English, 1731 Tucker Road 5:30pm

- RSVP with Nathalie Mathiew - community@tuckerhouse.ca



Bunching Onions!

The first signs of Spring are Bunching Onions!

Bunching Onions community farm will be waking up from a good soil rest and ready to provide fresh local produce to Clarence-Rockland residents for the spring 2013!  Farmers have to think ahead! Two emerging farmers, Lindsay Vyvey and Dave Evans have completed their respective horticulture degree and permaculture certificate and internships and are ready to face the dirt, sweat and fears of running a community supported agriculture (CSA) project!


We need your help to spread the word and purchase shares! We will have enough fresh, local, pesticide free vegetables for 20 community members to purchase shares in advance and receive their food box weekly in the spring, summer and fall of 2013.  


If you are interested in helping or purchasing a share, please fill out our online survey   

or visit www.maisontuckerhouse.ca  



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The latest electronic version of the Peace and Environment News, the E-PEN, is available online at www.perc.ca/epen

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Tucker House E-Tidbits! 
P'tits Brins de la Maison Tucker!



The Practice of Gratitude


Deepen your 'thanks-giving' this year with a daily practice of gratitude in your prayers, quiet time or at a stop light!


Start inviting the feeling of gratitude into more moments of your daily life, before you eat, when you wake, when you see the blue sky and beautiful coloured leaves, when a spider makes a beautiful web. Don't just think or say the words, actually breath in a feeling of warmth in your heart, softening of your eyes, and quieting of your mind.  


Even stressful moments can be transformed by looking for something to be thankful for. Stop lights so annoying? Isn't it a good time to take a breath and connect with yourself or with God. Can you be thankful for a moment of stillness?


The secret of gratitude is that it energizes you and makes you feel happy in life. When you focus on possibilities and opportunities rather than setbacks and challenges, it's easier to find your way to a situation you are satisfied with and when you show gratitude for other people they are energized too.


Gratitude Challenge


Can you think of 100 things you are thankful for - expand out from your family, friends, to little moments in life, to the wider world. Start a list and work on it for a few days. How does it make you feel?


Update your Facebook status with something you are grateful for everyday for the rest of October!


In Gratitude,




Eco celebrations: Halloween Is Green This Year!


  As we welcome the fall season and Halloween approaches, we at Maison Tucker House have some tips that will surely make this year's festivities an eek-o-friendly one.


Consider homemade goodies or opt for organic fair trade chocolate as your Halloween treat. Canadian co-operative La Siembra's chocolate products are good options.


Be creative and make your own costumes or host a costume swap party in early October with friends and family. Purchasing costumes from second hand stores is another way to reduce your carbon footprint this Halloween.


Decorate naturally! Avoid plastic decorations and use the natural abundance of sticks, leaves, berries, pumpkins, gourds, etc. White bed sheets make great ghosts while organic soy candles are perfect for lighting up those jack-o-lanterns.


Recycle and Reuse! Use reusable dishes, cloth napkins and silverware In lieu of disposable party cutlery, napkins and plates. Reusable shopping bags for trick or treating are a great alternative to plastic bags.



Have a happy, safe and ghoulishly green Halloween!



Timeless Tea Sweet As Can Be!



Tucker House staff and board polished up the silver, decked out the house with the fancy furniture, flowers and lights to say a big 'thank you' to the community who support us year after year!    


Volunteers and supporters enjoyed some delicious donated goods of delectable and beautiful cupcakes from SWEET! Cupcakes and extravagant organic teas from Caf de Jol, boiling with flavour and goodness!  


  Diana Brushey rang the school bell to open up the presentation of the successes we have had nurturing a love of nature in children for five decades of Country Fun Camp. She then lead us in a rousing rendition of the 'Country Fun Theme Song' which is still going strong!   



Kara Stonehouse, Executive Director, shared our newly minted five year vision for Tucker House as a place, where the rural and urban community can come to connect and be inspired to live sustainably. We got some very valuable insights from the community members at the Tea, to make our vision stronger and more real. The silent auction was also a success, thanks to all the silent auction donors!



Arbour Environmental                  The Table Restaurant                     Bergeron Greenhouses                Rainbow Foods 

Aha! Graphic Facilitation              Healthiest Homes

Covenant Farm                                 Aviation Museum                            Beau's Organic Beer



We want to hear your ideas for the vision of Tucker House for 2013-2018. Please either write us a letter and send it in with your donation or comment on our Facebook page (search for Maison Tucker House) and 'like' us.  







Super big thanks to our generous community members Jol's Coffee and Sweet Cupcakes!


Green with Generosity 



Feeling generous as Christmas shopping season approaches but can't face the crowded malls? Trying to decrease the eco footprint that the holidays bring? Maison Tucker House has some creative gift giving ideas for you and the environment! Include the recipient's name and contact information and they will receive a card explaining the wonderful gift you have purchased in their name.


Seeds of Change                                                             $25  


Bunching Onions (Our Community Supported Agriculture) Garden will be back in 2013. Sponsor the growth of delicious organic produce that you can purchase next summer by buying heirloom seeds to get the garden growing.  


Brighten Their Day                                                        $100


What a bright idea! Purchase a solar cell in the name of your loved one. Adopting a Solar Cell will support the Green Design Initiative of Tucker House. Help spread the rays of hope in your community by adopting a solar cell!


Healthy for Me - Healthy for the Planet               $125


This workshop is a great chance for kids to learn about where their food comes from and the benefits of organic growing. Sponsor this workshop in an elementary school for children to learn about where their food is before it ends up at the grocery store. For $125, a classroom of eager young minds can learn about their world and where the food they eat comes from.


Let's go camping - Country Fun Nature Camp      $250


Remember the fun you had attending Country Fun? Share that joy with a deserving youth who might not get the chance to experience the magic of nature and the joy of fellowship at summer camp. $250 covers the cost of sponsoring a youth to attend camp for a week at Country Fun Nature Camp.






If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact me at 613-446-2117 x 4 or at director@maisontuckerhouse.ca

Si vous avez des suggestions ou des commentairesveuillez me contacter au 613-446-2117 poste 4 ou  directrice@maisontuckerhouse.ca.




Kara Stonehouse,
Maison Tucker House