METRONewsDecember 2015
Year-end reminder of support 
Be sure you take advantage of YOUR resources

As 2015 winds down, the Metron Support Services Team wants to emphasize we are here to answer your questions, lead personal software training sessions, assist with image quality evaluations, and offer technical advice all year long. Call us if you are experiencing a problem or have just a single question.

We hear all of the time - "Oh - Metron is so easy".  But, of course, that is from those who are regular Metron users.   For someone new to Metron, at least a quick "show me" is needed. 
Whether you are new to Metron or a seasoned user who needs a quick 
"how-to" of a new feature - take the 
time to learn.   If you have someone next to you who knows how - ask. Otherwise, the Learning Center is where you need to be. Check out the topics listed and when you have a few minutes, review the features you want!
And we all love new things....Metron Software updates are generally released two times each year with Metron 7.30 scheduled to be distributed early 2016. (See the article below for new features coming your way soon.)

It just keeps getting better all the time. And because you are a member of the Metron Support Services family, you automatically receive the software updates and benefits enclosed.
You are on the latest version if you have Metron 7.20.200 or above.

Backups...backups...backups. We have repeatedly stressed the importance of backing up your Metron files. We have assisted practices who were thankful the backup was available and current when it was needed the most. Make sure you are a success story too. 

Metron Support Services offers multiple options to back up your Metron files. Contact us to determine which option would best suit your practice. 
  • Metron Cloud Backup
  • Metron Back ME UP
  • Metron Manual Backup (New!)

YOUR Metron Support Services Team is here to help you learn, troubleshoot, and wow your patients with the best in digital imaging. 

Be sure to take advantage of all that is available to you as a member of our team.

Go ahead and post it near your digital X-Ray system and know we are here supporting you.

And support works from both directions.

We thank you for yours too.

Metron Support Services
Have you met Brianna?

If you have called Metron Support Services within the past few months, you have already met Brianna! She is generally the first person to greet you, listening to your questions, then guiding you to a support technician for service and support.

Brianna has been in the Customer Service field most of her working career.  She enjoys providing expedient and exceptional service on every call to ensure each client's experience is enjoyable.  Her positive demeanor and committed attitude drive her to make each caller's day just a little bit brighter!

And then there is the rest of us! Put a face to a name for customer support and additional administrative assistance!! 

Brianna looks forward to your call!  
We are all happy to help!

Metron Imaging Software Release 7.40
Coming in 2016!

Metron 7.40 Release is coming in early 2016! Here is just a sampling to be included in this Metron version:
  • Panel Connectivity Display
  • Low Exposure Warning
  • Automated Stitching
  • Metron Web-Viewer (new features)
Get ready for a Happy New Year!

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National Mutt Day
December 2, 2015

Are you the proud owner of a mixed breed dog? So many "mutts" enjoy the love and comfort of a good home yet others still await adoption at your local shelter. 

Wednesday, December 2 is just one of the calendar days set aside to bring awareness to these dogs awaiting adoption.


Holiday Support Hours

Metron Support Services will be closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day so our team can enjoy the holidays with their family. Limited support hours will be available Christmas Eve, Thursday, December 24.

Holiday Support Hours 
December 24: 8am-4pm CST 
December 25: Closed 
January 1:       Closed

Normal business hours of 8am-6pm CST M-F start again Monday, December 28 through December 31.

Wherever you celebrate the holidays, may the days bring joy and peace to your heart.


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Be sure you and your staff visit 
the support site for
online training sessions located at The Learning Center.

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