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The flexibility of Metron image view. 

The popularity and versatility of your Metron Imaging Software is noticed every day in your practice. Whether you are viewing images on a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet, or iPad, you are taking advantage of the features available in Metron.

Our Metron Web-Viewer has been a great  "free" feature since February, 2011 and we have noticed it getting more popular lately   This asset utilizes the Internet "Cloud" to distribute and share images with those who you share a valid user ID...such as a referral clinic or patient owner. 

We just want to make sure YOU are aware of it!

Dependent on your network environment, you can install two viewing station software applications. These are included with your initial software purchase. It is primarily designed for desktop and laptop computers. Don't have a viewstation in your practice? Call us to determine if you are able to implement one.

Reasons to utilize the Metron Web-Viewer?
1. "Just click to send and click to open".   You can preset the User ID so that detail is already entered when you mark your images and click the "Send Images" button.

2. You can post as many times as you need! Unlimited number of image posts! Images are available for view for 7 days. After Day 7, they are deleted from the Web-Viewer host site.
3. The Web-Viewer is very easy to learn.  Its role is to provide a quick and easy view of an image acquired in Metron from any computer connected to the Internet.

4. While the Metron Web-Viewer is cool, it is not a high resolution diagnostic image viewer.  You are however able to use the window leveling tool, zoom mode, display Mark-Up (if available), and download the image when allowed by the sender.

Metron converts the original image to a JPEG file format and then transports that image to the Web-Viewer hosting site.   Though the difference may be minor, it is important you send yourself a few images and then compare the original Metron images to the Web-Viewer images on the same computer.

Many practices are now using the Web-Viewer as their tool of choice for exam room image presentation to pet owners - a great use of the Web-Viewer!  Alternatively, you may want to implement a Metron viewstation for your doctors to display images in full fidelity and functionality

Find out more about how you can configure and use the "free" Metron Web-Viewer.

Another view - Collections!
Quick and easy to create-view, compare, and send images

Like all other Metron tools and features, Collections will make it quick and easy to get something done.   In this case, you want to display images side by side that are from different moments in time for the same patient or of different patients.
Just mark the image in the selected Metron study you want to view and click the "Add to Collection" button. Continue with this process....selecting images from different studies, different dates, and perhaps multiple patients until you have the images you want to compare. Use the drop-down arrows in each category as shown to the right.

Next, click the "Collection" tab which should now display the number of images you added to the Collection.

You will now see all the previously selected thumbnail images.  Just click to mark the images you want to view side-by-side and click the "View" button to view.    

One of the best ways to utilize the Collection tab is when you need to compare X-Rays from different dates. 
For example, if a small animal breaks its leg, you could use Collections to compare the animal's injury from onset through the recovery process. 
You can add the first X-Ray when the leg was initially broken, a post-operation view, and then another X-Ray taken a month or so later once the bone begins to set. 

You can also send images from a Collection to the Metron-Web-Viewer, via E-mail, DICOM send, etc. Select the images you want to send and choose the appropriate method.
Watch a Viewlet
Watch this training session to learn how to create a Collection!
Video Length 5:04.

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