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Why is my Internet so slow? 

Your internet is slow because it is used in more ways and more often. Your Internet is slow because your Internet speed expectations have increased.

Five years ago, most of you were not sending X-Ray images to your radiology service, looking at lab results, sending emails and working online with vendors, researching symptoms and treatments for your patients..., AND (taking a breath here) allowing your staff and clients to use Facebook, Twitter, Google, Chat, YouTube, Netflix, or allowing staff and clients to use your office wireless connection to access the Internet via their phones and tablets.
You can no longer treat your Internet connection as a luxury.  We are at the age when business does not function without the real-time interconnections we share via the Internet.   Oh - and our personal lives whether at home or while working is completely entwined with the Internet.

Metron is now a product and a service that utilizes the Internet for image sharing and collaboration, technical support, and software updates.   You rely on Metron to send images to specialists and colleagues. Metron depends on a reliable and fast Internet connection to get the job done. 

Your slow Internet may have a surprising culprit - it is the same speed today as it was when you signed up for the service several years ago.    Many Internet services including your residential cable modem and your cell phones keep increasing their speeds every year for the same base rate.   Find out what you are using and consider a change that gives you today's speed and will keep up with the market speeds year after year.

Today's Internet is like "power" - most of us can barely function without it. Make sure you have the speed and reliability you really need.   

Learning Center The Learning Center
...where school is always in session!

For so many of us across the country, teachers are welcoming students back into the classroom today. 

As a member of the Metron Support Services family, you always have "classes" available to you 24/7. Now, we don't expect you to utilize the tutorials every day, but just knowing they are available on "your" time is the cool part of "going back to school".

I bet I can find a bunch of valuable Metron features that you should be using, that you do not know about in the Learning Center on the Metron Support Services website. 

The Advanced Features section walks you through the importance of calibration, advanced image manipulations, and how to create a client report, just to name a few.

How To Docs And don't forget about all the "How-To" Documents that provide step-by-step instructions for you. We have talked quite a bit about how Metron can communicate within your practice with the use of iPads, iPhones and other Android devices. Cool features that benefit your daily client presentations.

And if you have questions about any of the Metron features or wonder how you can apply them best for your practice, contact us! We are happy to help you get the most out of your Metron Imaging Software. 


Metron Support Services
Opinions of your colleagues!

We recently helped Edgewater Companion Animal Clinic - from burning images to a cd to assistance with emailing images. On a day when an X-Ray image was desperately needed to assist in aiding a lame horse, the team at Metron Support Services can be at their very best. Here is what Pia Sorensen said:

"We have been overwhelmed by the efficiency and quality of the customer service we have received from Metron. Not only have we had outstanding tech support from knowledgeable, patient and friendly people, but when we had a problem with equipment in the middle of the night, we received a call from the owner of Metron offering assistance within ten minutes of leaving a message.

In short, we are happy with both the equipment and the company and would highly recommend them to other clinics".


Metron Imaging Software
Windows 10 Compatibility

No doubt many of you are receiving the messages from Microsoft encouraging you to reserve your copy of Windows no cost to you. Here are just a couple things you need to know:

1. Metron Imaging Software has been tested within the Windows 10 platform and many of the Metron features have passed including connectivity within the practice, Guided Mark-UP, emailing images, DICOM, Facebook and more.  We will continue to test Windows 10 as updates are provided by Microsoft.

2. It is not enough for your X-Ray system to have Metron support Windows 10. It is critical to have your X-Ray scanner or panel support it. Please contact your hardware manufacturer for information.

3.Windows 10 has not been fully tested and is NOT currently compatible with most Practice Information Management Software (PIMS) systems. Be sure to check with your PIMS provider before uploading any software updates.

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Metron Support Services will be closed Monday, September 7 in observance of the Labor Day holiday. 

Regular business hours of 8am - 6pm CST (M-F) will resume Tuesday, September 8.


Autumn Begins
September 23

So much to love about the fall season...brilliant landscape, cooler weather, and perhaps the sounds of football in your neighborhood.

Get out and enjoy it!


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