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Metron Update
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Metron New Release You will receive a Metron Software update prompt soon! When you see it, click to update so you stay current with the Metron Imaging Software features! 


And don't forget to update your viewstations too!


Watch for your Metron Software release coming in August 2015!

Cropping images

Should I always crop an image?


Cropping is very much a personal preference. Keep in mind that whenever you crop an image, the remaining portion of the image will grow to fill in the screen area - it will magnify the remaining image area. Conversely, the "Mask" feature also clears away the area outside the target by masking that outside area to black. This method leaves the area of interest in its original magnification (1x).

We recommend that you crop collimated images as a general rule. But for images with full exposure, we recommend you leave them in full view and then "Zoom" tools to magnify your view when needed.

Metron Online
Support Forms 

Available on the support site


Want to submit your support request online? Have a Metron Software feature you would like to suggest?

Now you can inform the team at Metron Support Services with the online forms available on the support website! 

Go to the Contact page and click the form you want to complete. It is that easy to do! Or click the appropriate link below to contact us!

And thanks for your continued support and feedback! With every release, with every cool idea...thanks to you, it just keeps getting better for all Metron supported practices in your neighborhood and around the world. 
Why use a PACS?
Large database? Store and retrieve images with ease


PACS - "Picture Archiving & Communications Systems". 


DataLogixx C-PACS makes it easy to store X-Ray images from Metron as well as X-Rays from other radiology systems, MRIs, photos, CTs, and Ultrasound Cine-loops.


Why would you use a PACS? First, you may have a large existing database of X-Ray images and your practice produces a lot of X-Ray images every day.
Second, perhaps you have several viewstations with technicians simultaneously accessing the same image database during the day. This "high traffic pattern" could tax your acquisition computer (acting as the PACS) slowing it down and making it less efficient for each user. A dedicated PACS provides another computer and space to store and access your images separate from your daily acquisition activity. This new PACS provides quick retrieval when you need it and convenient storage for the required years of image archived patient history you are expected to maintain.


This DataLogixx C-PACS is built to work seamlessly with your existing Metron system.  No integration challenges, no compromises.  
Wondering if the DataLogixx C-PACS system would be a great addition to your practice? Contact Metron Support Services! We would be happy to discuss your practice applications and evaluate your database size to discover if DataLogixx C-PACS offers the solution you have been looking for.
Metron Images are Mobile
Use iPads or tablets for patient viewing too!
We receive and answer many questions during the day. Many of you ask how can you take advantage and benefit in your practice from devices you currently own? 

Here is one of the 

"Top 5 Questions" we 

recently answered!


Can I show my clients their images on a tablet?
A  Yes, you can show your patients their X-Rays on an iPad with our Metron app that can be download for $29.99 from the App store. You can also export images to Google Drive on an Android device. A technician can set this up for you and show you how to export images to it. This is a great way to show your patients their X-Rays using the latest forms of technology.
Online Training Videos
Always available for review
Online training sessions are available 24/7 for training new staff members or whenever you need a refresher course. 


Metron Support Services
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Metron-MD is medical imaging software particularly focused on chiropractic and podiatry. 

It features world class imaging algorithms, calibration and measurement tools, multi-image stitching, report generation, full DICOM compliance, and more.