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Measure once for perfect image view! 

Measuring animal thickness is key to successful X-Ray imaging. An image can appear too light or too dark if the initial measurements are not accurate. Focus on the point of interest so the technique used is correct for the X-Ray exposure needed.

Try not to look at all anatomy elements visible in the view.  Seldom will all visible anatomy elements present proper exposure or the detail you expect.   Shooting an X-Ray of a canine abdomen will likely cause the dog's stifle )that may also be in view) to appear over-exposed - an expected result of proper exposure of the abdomen - which is much thicker than the stifle.

The goals of an X-Ray exposure include the presentation of an image that is properly exposed, contains sufficient diagnostic detail, and shows minimal distortion.

Image detail in practice... 

Recently, Mazen, one of our Metron Support Services technicians, was assisting Hamilton Animal Hospital with a DR panel issue when they lost the communication with the control box.  Once communication was restored, Mazen asked them to take an image to ensure the DR Panel and Metron were functioning properly and this is the resulting image!

So how many babies do you see?

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Continuing with the Top 5 questions...#5

We receive and answer many questions during the day. Many of you have asked if you can e-mail DICOM image files. And the answer is, "Yes"! One method to use is Dropbox.


Q:  Can I e-mail DICOM files?

A: That answer - sort of.  A DICOM file is a combination of patient data and high fidelity image that is often too big to e-mail as an attachment.  Metron offers the option to export one or more images to the DICOM format.  After export you can share with colleagues, referral practices, etc via Internet cloud folders like Dropbox. Once in your Internet cloud folder, copy the file link into your e-mail text and send.  The e-mail recipient will have a simple click to download that big DICOM file.

Dropbox is very popular among the growing list of free Internet "Cloud" services that makes it easy to share and store images both to and from Metron.  Metron also has a more advanced cloud folder option that allows you to automatically copy and store all acquired images in your favorite cloud storage account.

Your first step is to setup and configure a Dropbox account. Sign up for free here. Also, click here for Dropbox installation instructions plus all the steps for e-mailing DICOM image files using Dropbox. And, as always, just call us. We are happy to help!

1. Exporting to

2. To create an "Export Rule", select an image then click "Export" on the Database Browser screen.

3. "Export Images or Data" window, please note, preferences displayed here are based on your most recent image export and not pertinent for this rule. Click "Rule".

4. "Image Export Rule" window, type the Dropbox account folder structure in the Default Folder field. Sample shown in diagram. The Default Filename is generally setup as shown to reflect Owner, Animal, Date, Side, Region, and View. Select Default Format to DCM. Click "Close" to save.

Additional instruction and information continues here.

Metron Support Services
Whew! A current backup was available.

We have had a few support calls in the last two months...."My Metron laptop crashed!" "I need to reload Metron on a new computer." Lucky for these practices, they were set up with the Metron Back ME UP Service and their Metron images were safe and available. 

Specifications were provided for the new laptop and when purchased, a Metron Support Services technician assisted with re-installing the Metron Database from their external drive.
Do you want peace of mind you are getting a good backup of your Metron images?  Do you want to just trust that it is working and be informed when it is not?  Do you want to leave the setup and maintenance to someone else?  


All you need is an external hard drive - typically 500GB is large enough and these are priced around $60 at your local stores.   We do the rest!


How do you qualify for this free service?  As a Metron user, you need to have an active Metron Support Services agreement - That's it.   

Questions? Click here to see if we have not already answered many of your questions.
You may also read more about backups on the Metron Support Services website.

Ready to get your backup started? Give us a call at  1-877-638-3868 or send an email to    

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The summer season is here and so are the accompanying heat and humidity. Be sure to keep your pets safe from the extreme weather. Here are some helpful tips.


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