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I want my Metron....back! 
It happened again - another great Metron client is now taking X-Rays with some other system.  How does this happen?   The clinic may have been running fine on a CR based system they purchased in 2009 - and a sales person presents the "new system" deal that includes DR hardware but does NOT include Metron. The sales person does not tell and the client does not ask.   The deal presented was a "Buy Now Special Price" - the doctor bought before she knew what she was getting.   

The client now wants her Metron back - this is not an option if the system purchased is not one that can utilize Metron.   The doctor said - "I did not realize that Metron is so unique".   I thought that all systems would do what Metron does, that they would just look different.  Nope!   


If you are an existing Metron user and you are thinking it is time to get better/faster hardware, remember that a system with Metron is living and breathing - it just keeps getting better!  A system without Metron starts getting old the day you first turn it on.

Well into 2015, Metron now interfaces with at least 30 models of DR flat panel hardware across 15 brands, and 17 models of CR devices across 7 brands in 32 countries worldwide.  This is to say, if you limit yourself to choosing a CR or DR system which runs on Metron, you won't be limiting yourself very much! 

Give us a call if you are considering an X-Ray system change and "I want my Metron" - we can help direct you to many excellent suppliers.  


Continuing with the Top 5 questions...#4

We receive and answer many questions during the day. deleted an image and now you are in "panic-mode". I bet we can help you recover this particular image.


Q:  I accidentally deleted an image. Can I recover this image in Metron?

A: If you selected an image within the Metron Database  (with red border), and perhaps you wanted to "View" the image, but clicked the "Delete" button instead, don't worry you can recover this image!

1. First, click the "Trash Can" in the lower left corner of the DataBase Browser panel. 

2. Select the image from the Trash it is highlighted in blue.

3. Click the "Un-Delete" button as shown and the image will be placed back in the Metron study.

Your day...and this patient's image is saved for today and future review!

Do you have additional questions about the Metron Software? Be sure to ask us! Your questions and our answers can benefit other practices.




User Q & A
Additional question from your Colleagues

When would I want to use the "Invert" button?


Select Invert Image Historically, X-Ray film processing would present the X-Ray on a light box with "White on Black" or sometimes called "White Bone On X-Ray".  With Digital X-Ray, the computer makes it easy to present both styles.   We recommend you make a copy of your X-Ray image by using the Metron Copy and Paste feature.  


Next, open the second image and click the Invert button. Return to the study screen and click to view both images side-by-side. This is a cool trick that gives you two unique views of the same X-Ray image side-by-side.


Click here to read more tips.


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