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Show & Tell with Metron images.

The Google Drive app can be an amazing tool for your practice ... especially if you have more than one clinic site! Just ask Smoky Mountain Foot & Ankle Clinic! They have five clinics and have been set up to view images at their multiple sites for 30+ days!


Check out the article to the right and the instructional guide provided to get you started! Even if you have one practice location you can benefit with this app! 

Viewing images 

How to view images from multiple studies and/or dates. 


Click on each study holding down the shift or control key...all the images will appear as thumbnails below...click on those images you would like to view (outlined now with a red border) then click the "View" button. 


Not seeing the image you are looking for? Be sure to use the scroll bar located directly above the image thumbnail area when searching and selecting images to view.


Tip: To return to viewing images from a single study, click only on that study. Only those images will appear in the thumbnail area. 

Metron Back ME UP 

Onsite Backup Service


A Metron Database backup can be easy to setup and easy to perform. If you are not already in the habit of performing backups, let's get you started!  

Our service will back up your Metron image files to your external hard drive. It is automatic, monitored, and onsite in case you need it. Plus it is included in your Metron Support Services.


Click here to see if we have already answered some of your questions regarding backups. 


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set up today!

Multiple Clinic Sites and Metron
View Metron images at any site  - on multiple devices


Your clinic may have more than one physical location/site and each produces radiographs.  You may also want an easy way to view existing radiographs of site 1 while you are at site 2.  Or you could be at home or on a trip and want easy access to all images from both sites. 

Well, you can now easily access all of your images by installing and configuring Google Drive on your Metron Acquisition PCs.  Metron will automatically export  X-Ray images to your Internet Google Drive.  With a normal speed Internet connection, an image will be available for viewing in just a couple of minutes from any other computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.


In addition to the typical Windows computer, the Google Drive app is available on Apple (iOS) and Android devices.  Once installed on your phone or tablet, you can thumb through client/patient image folders from where ever you are....a GREAT feature even if you only have one practice location!


Google Drive is the most popular of the "Free" cloud folder sharing tools available to individuals and small business.  Other popular cloud folder tools include Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iCloud, and Amazon Cloud.  If you do not already have a favorite, we recommend Google Drive because it very easy to setup and we have the most experience with it. 


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Internet Speed Importance
Upload speed important for DICOM Send
Download Upload Speed
Do you know how to test your internet speed? 

Click here for a tool which is very easy to use. Choose the city nearest you and let it run. 


Today's computer is almost useless without the Internet. A new computer is unfairly judged by the speed of the Internet connection it is tethered to. 

For example...You may have a reported 10mbit/second (mbps) Internet speed but with an unadvertised upload speed of only 0.25mbps.   The difference here - if a file takes 30 seconds to download at 10mbps, it would take 20 minutes to upload.   


The DICOM study you want to send to a referral practice - could take hours if you have this upload speed scenario.  

The US Internet speed averages for download and upload are 22.9mbps and 10.5mbps.  We often find veterinary practices with Internet subscriptions that do not automatically increase their speeds.  

Contact your ISP for a description of their automatic speed increase practices.  If you are well below the average, you will likely get a bump up just because you called and asked about it. 

Metron Support Services
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