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Metron images...your images YOUR way.


Last month we described how Metron produces X-Ray images.  We also mentioned that you can work boldly because you are protected from breaking the images or Metron in general.   Be brave - adjust your images and try new features!

  "View your images 

   your way.." 

Because we have this very special architecture, we offer several different looks to the same image just by clicking on the 1,2,3,4 buttons. Most X-Ray systems produce only one image style.  Just click to "view your images your way"!  In addition, we will help you to make more image "personality" adjustments to better match your "ideal" image look.  When completed, all 

future images will automatically display to "your way".

Sending images to colleagues and radiologists? Remember that the images as they display on the screen will be how the images look to the recipients.  If you like your images with a lot of contrast (very bold edges) but your radiologist likes a very smooth image - make sure you reprocess the images before sending.   It may be that you like the #3 detail filter and your radiologist likes the look of #1.   Click on the #1 detail filter button to reprocess and then send to your radiologist. You can always again click the #3 detail filter button to return to the look you prefer.  Now everyone can have their images their way!



Support Services Tips
Metron Support Services

How to search for image acquired today 



Have you ever had it shot an image in the morning and you look in the Metron study that afternoon...and it is not there?

It may be that you acquired the image on the wrong client/patient.  An easy way to find where that image may be hiding is to click on the "Day" radio button.  


The "Day" tells Metron to only display studies with images produced today.  After clicking on "Day", look through the clients and patients.  Unless you took a large number of X-Rays today, it will be easy to find where that image is hiding.  


If you do click on the "Day" radio button, remember to change back to "All" when completed or you will be wondering where your images from last week disappeared to.



User Q & A

Questions from your Peers



Is the patient birthday important? 


Though not required, it is a good habit to add the patient birthday to the Metron patient record. 


The birthday does not affect image acquisition or image processing, but there are reasons to enter it. Metron's equine podiatry measurement analysis has the option to present score details based in part on equine patient age.


For those practices that may send X-Ray studies by DICOM to others for review, the accompanying DICOM data will include the patient birthday.  Any veterinary radiologist will want to know the patient birthday as part of their overall patient/case study.  

Not sure how to get to this Metron screen? 
Whether you are adding a 

new patient or want to add a birthdate to an existing patient, click the "New" or "Edit" button to the right of 

the Name field.


Click here to review additional questions and answers from your colleagues. This informational area is also available from The Learning Center.


Be sure you and your staff visit 
the support site for
online training sessions located at The Learning Center.

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National Mutt Day
December 2

Today is one of two days set aside each year to celebrate and save the many mixed breed dogs. 

Looking to add a furry friend to your family? Don't forget to visit your local shelter. You can also help by donating your time or dollars.


St. Nick Day
December 6

A European custom designed as a festival for children. St. Nicholas is derived from Nicholas of Myra who officiated as a bishop in 4th century Greece. He had a reputation for gift-giving by putting coins into other people's shoes, Children in families who celebrate this day often wake up to treats of candy, cookies or fruit in stockings or shoes the morning of December 6.

Who isn't a kid at heart? Hang up your stocking December 5!


Holiday Support Hours

Metron Support Services will be closed Christmas Day so our team can enjoy the holiday with 
their family. 

Holiday Support Hours 
December 24   8am-4pm CST 
December 25   Closed 
January 1         Closed

Normal business hours of 8am-6pm CST M-F Friday, December 26 through Wednesday, December 31 and starting again Friday, January 2.


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