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You have just made two great decisions!  Metron Imaging software is a leader in the industry producing the best-in-class digital images. You will soon be shooting images improving image diagnostics benefiting you and your patients. Improved diagnostics equates to better patient care.


And the second great decision? You made the move to get started with easy-to-read documents and online training sessions available to you now and whenever you need a refresher course. 


Should I always 
crop an image?

Cropping is very much a personal preference. Keep in mind that whenever you crop an image, the remaining portion of the image will grow to fill in the screen area - will magnify. 

We recommend you crop collimated images as a general rule. However for images with full exposure, we recommend you maintain full view. 

Metron for Podiatrists
What is available in Metron today

New in Metron 7.20, Metron supports Guided Mark-Up for the Lateral Foot and five different measurements of the Foot AP including Talonavicular Angle and MTP Joint Angle. This month we give a closer look to these measurements of the Foot AP. The online training session will walk you through the steps, the images and radiographs discussing the importance of these Metron measurements for diagnosing foot deformities in a patient. Video length 10 minutes.

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Just for Chiropractors
Guided Mark-Up for Medical Diagnostics
Beneficial for the chiropractor, Metron also supports Guided Mark-Up for ten different measurements of the lateral lumbar region including Jackson's Angle and Lumbar Lordosis. As you watch this training video you will learn a bit of Metron history plus view images and radiographs discussing Metron measurements for the lumbar spine area and the value provided for patient diagnosis and your subsequent treatment. Video length 9 minutes.  
What's New?
Metron introduces....
Cool Stuff in Metron

...Metron 7.20. New...just out of the "box!" Well, sort of...Review at any time the latest features your Metron-MD Imaging software offers you! Learn the features and put them to work for you!


It just keeps getting better all the time. And because you are a member of the Metron Support Services family, you automatically receive the software updates and benefits.  Learn More...


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Metron-MD is medical imaging software particularly focused on chiropractic and podiatry. 

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