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I didn't know Metron could do that...


Just the other day I took a call from one of our newer clients.  They have been using Metron for a few months now.  Their question... "How do I display two images side-by-side?"

I am sure most of you who read this newsletter will say to yourself - I knew the answer to that question!   However, I bet I can find a bunch of valuable Metron features that you should be using that you do not know about.  

Instead of presenting another "cool" Metron feature in this newsletter, I thought to discuss "training and education".   The person who called us with the question - she was not present in the original Metron training provided to the practice.  She mentioned she was learning Metron on her own and had not been introduced to our Metron training videos.

We realize there are many different devices and systems to be competent within your practice.  Plus your practice can be a very hectic place.  How do you fit in more staff time for training than you already have available in a day?  

Here's a suggestion. Use the Learning Center for new staff "introduction" as well as a staff "refresher".   For the basics including, "How do I display two images side-by-side?", visit our "Getting Started"  training area on the Metron Support Services website.   

For a member of your staff who wants to view the training sessions on a different computer (with audio is best) than where this newsletter is received, visit or forward this email to that computer.

 In just 20 minutes, you will be way past the "How do I" basics.



Metron Support Services Team

Meet our newest member!


Bill brings to our support team a background in medical software applications, training and general technical support. He is applying his unique skills to our training procedures and improving our already exceptional customer service offerings.  


Bill Kuhn

Support Services Technician



Unfamiliar with YOUR support team? 


Click here to put faces to the names plus  meet members  you may or may not know. 


It all adds up to the service expertise you deserve and we love to provide.



Learning Center
The Learning Center

Import Images from a Digital Camera



Did you know that you can import images directly into a Metron study from your digital camera? First, select a current Metron study or create a new one.
1. Connect the camera to the Metron computer and click the
"Add" button.  2. Click the "Up" folder button to view all available drives and folders including your digital camera. 3. Select the drive representing your digital camera and choose the photos you want to import directly into a Metron Study. 4. Click "Import Highlighted Images..." to complete the process. 

Now your digital photos can be posted to Facebook for fun and promotion of your practice, viewed in full screen mode, or inserted into Metron reports for communication with your clients.

It is that easy.

Have five more minutes today? Review this online training session - "Adding images from a File into the Metron Database". If you have questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.



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Import images from a Digital Camera into a Metron Study
Thankgiving Holiday Support Hours
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Thanksgiving Holiday
Support Hours

Metron Support Services will be closed Thanksgiving Day so our team can enjoy the holiday with 
their family. 

Holiday Support Hours 
November 27    Closed 
November 28    8am-4pm CST 

Normal business hours of 8am-6pm CST M-F start again Monday, December 1.

Want to know how people around the world celebrate Thanksgiving? Check it out here.


Support Services Site

Be sure you and your staff visit 
the support site for
online training sessions located at The Learning Center.


Support Services
Support Services Tips

When you are at one of your viewstations, is your Metron Database appear blank? Are your images missing? If so, be sure Metron is pointed to your current database.



Did you know?

...Sometimes the cursor may still seem to be in the busy mode - "spinning" - when you are cropping an image. Actually the cropping is already completed. 

To verify the cropping is finished, click on the image or away from it onto the panel. The cursor will revert to normal indicating completion of the image crop.


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