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If I touch it, will I break it? 


How many of you have never clicked on many of the Metron buttons because you are worried that something might go wrong, maybe you would wreck an image and then cannot fix it.


Metron was designed for the user in mind!   Go ahead - click away!   


Every Metron image has a master and a copy.  As the operator, you are only ever touching the copy.  To return your image to is original state of when you first shot the X-Ray, just click on one of the "Detail Filter" buttons 1,2,3,4.  Metron reproduces a copy from the master image.  


Do you want to look at the same image before and after you make changes to it?   

Mark your image and click the "Copy" button, then click the "Paste" button.   Next, open the second image and make your adjustments.   Finally, return to the Database Browser, mark both images and click the "View" button to display both images side by side.  

Click here for additional information about Multi-Image Operations in Metron.



Your images, your way.


Metron makes it easy to distribute and present images in a variety of ways. Everyone has their favorite.  Email, DICOM, iPad, Web-Viewer, Facebook, and Metron Viewstation.


With the new Metron 7.20, you can now enable "Auto-Export" to automatically generate copies of your X-Ray images.  These images are ready for viewing on any network workstation and you can even share and view on the Internet.


Auto-Export opens the door to a whole bunch of new, cool ways to use your Metron images. 

  • Make it easy to import images into your Practice Management Software
  • Look through images from any network computer
  • Sync with your Google or Dropbox and immediately view from anywhere
  • Your Android device can now get into the act - just click and view

Yes - we said Android!  Just acquire an image using Metron and you can view it on your Android device in minutes - and it is super easy!


Auto-Export setup is really easy. Take a look at the documents listed in the article below or just give us a call and we will help you.



How To Docs
Metron | How-To Documents

To Import and to Export...quick, easy, automatic!



Like many of the cool and creative Metron features, our Import and Export features can be implemented by following our online documentation or just by calling us for help.   

Metron Auto-Import from Dropbox

Metron Auto Export to Android/Google Drive


As with anything Metron - we are happy to help - even if it just for some advice.





User Q & A

Questions from your Peers



Should I always crop an image?

Cropping is very much a personal preference. Keep in mind that whenever you crop an image, the remaining portion of the image will grow to fill in the screen area - will magnify. 

We recommend that you crop collimated images as a general rule.  But for images with full exposure, we recommend you leave them in full view. 


Click here to read more about cropping your Metron images.


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Halloween and 
Your Pets
Halloween candy and your pets do not mix. Candy should not be within "paws reach."


Your Practice
in the Spotlight!

Practice Spotlight

How do you use Metron?  What is your best X-Ray story?  Here is your chance to share how you are using Metron and tell us about your practices.  Maybe you are being creative with Metron 7.20. Tell us about it!  We just ask for a few minutes of your time. 

Contact us to be the next Practice Spotlight! 


Support Services Site

Be sure you and your staff visit 
the support site for
online training sessions located at The Learning Center.


Did you know?

...if you are set up with the Metron Back ME UP service, the external device must remain plugged in at all times. A backup is scheduled once per day. If the computer is turned off, a backup will occur next time the computer is turned on.

Not yet set up with the Metron Back ME UP service? It is a new offering which is included in your Metron Support Services. 


Learn more here, then contact us to get started!  


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