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Today's Metron - Wow!
We are in early release mode!  

Metron, like the cell phone, is ever evolving and expanding.  The cell phone is no longer the tool for mobile talk.  It does that too, but it does so much more.  While at a public garden this morning, my wife took pictures of some flowers and posted them to her Facebook page. Today she also checked the weather, read emails, sent a text message to a friend, and read news alerts. I could keep going. She has yet to speak to someone on her "cell phone" today.


Metron has surrounded the X-Ray with fantastic tools and natural "today" features that make it like today's cell phone.  Of course we produce fantastic images and have awesome "Diagnostic" tools - but what about the fun stuff?   Some of the fun includes... Email, Facebook, iPad, Android, and share real time from anywhere.  Here's a fun one - snap a dental exam photo with your iPhone and let the image drop right into your Metron patient study. 


Starting with our July newsletter, we will begin presenting case studies - examples of how your colleagues are using Metron in creative ways that enhance and advance their lives as professionals and their practice success.  We hope by sharing these case studies, we will help you with your own creativity and to take advantage of Today's Metron.

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Metron Release 7.20

We are in early release mode! 



Thanks to all the Early Adopters!!  You have enjoyed taking part in the release of Metron 7.20. The new look of the software and information provided have allowed you to dig right in and check out the new features.
Whether you have already seen the Metron 7.20 update message or you are waiting for Metron to prompt you to update, learn more here about the features coming your way.

Tablets and Exam Rooms


X-Ray Images and Computer Storage

Some of you may have computers nearing the "Full" mark on the available hard drive space. 


Don't get surprised by the "C Disk Full" message. X-Ray images take up a lot of disk space.  With Metron we see an average of 30 images per Gigabyte of hard drive space.  If you have 50 Gigabytes of available hard     drive space - that calculates to 1500 

      X-Ray images before you hit the "Full" mark. 

Most of you will find that your computer has plenty of disk space to keep you going for years.  But some of you either started out with really a small computer hard drive or you take a "lot" of X-Rays.  We recently helped a practice with disk space problems - they had taken 16,000 X-Rays.  That many X-Rays filled up a 500gb hard drive.


If we know you take a lot of X-Rays, you may receive a call from a member of the Metron Support Team to verify space availability on your hard drive for the Metron 7.20 software update. We are working with you to help maintain your computer system and free up space as needed.



How many Metron images have you produced? In Metron, click on the "Database" link on the top menu and then click "Database Tools".  You will see the "Count Images" at the bottom of this window.  


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Today's Metron - Wow!
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Tablets and Exam Rooms
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Appreciate your Pets
in June
The second week of June is Pet Appreciation Week. Also Friday, June 20, 2014 is slated as "Take Your Dog to Work Day."

Give your pets some extra love and attention this month!


Who wants to be the next 
Practice Spotlight?

Practice Spotlight

How do you use Metron?  What is your best X-Ray story?  Here is your chance to share how you are using Metron and tell us about your practices.  Maybe you are being creative with Metron 7.20. Tell us about it!  We just ask for a few minutes of your time. Contact us to be the next Practice Spotlight! 


Support Services Site

Be sure you and your staff visit 
the support site for
online training sessions located at The Learning Center.


Support Services
Support Services Tips

Dropbox is very popular among the growing list of free Internet "Cloud" services that makes it easy to share and store images both to and from Metron.  Use Dropbox to snap a photo and share with Metron.  Use Dropbox to view an X-Ray on your Android phone or tablet.

No longer need the image, you can delete it from your Dropbox folder to save space in your account.
Sign up for free here.


Did you know.... Metron 7.20, the Simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows for ease of use with touch screen laptops and tablets. Put Metron to work for you everywhere.


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