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Metron Release 7.20

Here is your sneak peek....Coming Soon!



This new Metron is awesome!  We have 


We are now ready for you "Early Adopters" - any veterinary practice that would like access to these new features now before we begin to push out with the auto update program, just let us know.


Here is a list of what will be new for you!


There's a number of behind the scenes edits that will improve your overall Metron experience.  These are the features that you might notice in the new version. 

  • Simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Database Browser Panel
    • Acquisition Screen
    • Single Image View (SIV)
    • FS Button and Speaker Icon Moved
  • Magnification Limit for Crop and Mask
  • Veterinary Log In System
  • Surgery Planning Templates
  • Guided Mark-Up: TTA-Ness
  • Post Metron Images to Facebook
  • Auto Export Metron Images
  • LUT Tool additional feature
  • Edit a Stitched Metron Image
  • Free Mark-Up New Feature
  • Date Format Choices
  • Monitored Folders for Quick Import
  • DICOM Study Tag Prompt
  • DICOM Send Queue Display
  • Restrict Acquire to One Database
Keep the ideas for Metron improvements coming! We have provided you an easy way to submit your ideas too.


Learning Center:  
Spotlight Training Video of the Month
Veterinary Log In System
New Feature in Metron 7.20


An optional feature, you can soon require your staff to log into the Metron system just like you do with your practice management software.


The big benefit to the log in system is that it supports three classes of users: Administrator, Veterinarian/Physician, and Operator. The Administrator can configure the privileges for the other two classes. As an example, the "Delete Image" can be turned off for "Operator" users.


With the Metron User Activity Log, you can also know who took the X-Rays, who deleted X-Rays, and more.
If the user wishes to "add" a password when posting to the Web-Viewer, this optional feature now can be enabled.
Also new to Metron, you can now limit study creation (add client, patient, date) to the Modality Worklist (MWL) source.  If delivery of client/patient data is enabled via your practice management software such as the ImproMed Infinity MWL server or via DataLogixx MWL integration, the staff cannot manually type in the study details. This helps with data entry error control and consistency.


Be sure to review other training videos located in the Learning Center

Always available when you want to use them!


Windows XP

Microsoft support ended April 8,2014



As of April 8, 2014, updates and support are no longer available for the Windows XP operating system. Many of you have called in wondering what this means and if Metron will continue to work. The big message from Microsoft is end of "security" improvements - Windows XP is more vulnerable to external threats and new protection improvements will not be offered.

Your Metron software will continue to work on your "getting old" XP computer and we will continue to support you if you have any troubles with Metron on these computers.  But it is a good idea to plan a move to a newer, faster computer that is also running either Windows 7 or Windows 8.  Over time, even Metron with its growing list of new features will struggle to work well on Windows XP.  

Note: While Metron will work on new operating systems, there are some scanners that do not. Please check with your hardware provider or let us know of any scanner we can check for you.

When you do make the move to a new computer, we will help you migrate all of your important Metron files to your new computer.  Just give us a call.
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Happy Birthday to Us!
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Metron Support Services celebrates its 5th birthday while Metron Imaging has 15 candles on the cake this month!

Learn more about Metron - the history and, of course, how we continue to move forward...Metron 7.20 release coming soon!


National Pet Week
May 4-10, 2014

National Pet Week is celebrated during the first full week of May and has been doing so for 33 years. Here are a few ideas you can still do to celebrate this week at your practice.


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...if you are set up with the Metron Back ME UP service, the external device must remain plugged in at all times. A backup is scheduled once per day. If the computer is turned off, a backup will occur next time the computer is turned on.


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