METRONewsMarch 2014
The "Same" only "Better".
Most of us shy away from "Different" but all of us like a "Better" version of what we already have and know.


The Metron you have and know is again getting "Better".   And this round is a 
"Big Better".


Touch screen is prime time!
The Metron true touch screen functionality is here, including the ever popular "Pinch, Zoom, and Pan".  This touch screen functionality is the full Metron tailored to the slick tablet style.  Because it is still Metron, your touch screen device does need to be running a touch screen enabled Windows OS. (The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is excellent).   


You can now post Metron images right to your hospital Facebook account. Facebook has become a popular social medium for veterinary practices.  In fact, many practices now use their company Facebook as their hospital websites.   In typical fashion - just one "Metron" click and the image is now on your Facebook web page.  


Want to auto-import photographs?
 Now just snap your pictures and one-click import to the active Metron study - quick and easy.


Auto-export images. 
We have long had the option to export images to folders, servers, external devices, and even "cloud" folders like Drop Box.  With "auto-export", you can automatically direct a copy of every image you create to your favorite destination.
How about a "Login System"?
An optional feature, you can now require your staff to login to the Metron system just like you do with your practice management software. The big benefit to the login system is that it supports three classes of users: Administrator, Veterinarian/Physician, and Operator. The Administrator can configure the privileges of the other two classes. For example, veterinarian users can perform all actions, but operator users may not be allowed to post to the Web-Viewer, or perhaps, not allowed to delete images. Configure privileges however you wish! You can also know who took the X-Rays, who deleted X-Rays, and more.
Though you would think we must be getting tired, we are just getting started.  We will be back soon to share more insight to the "Big Better" Metron and the new 7.2 features.  


Learning Center:  
Spotlight Training Video of the Month
Window Leveling in Metron


Wow...already the month of March! Spring is just around the corner. For our next training session of this new year featuring The Learning Center let's take a look at the widely-used window leveling tool in Metron.


The slider bars returned with Metron Release 7.11! Window Leveling is a popular technique used when manipulating the image appearance...
 creating a lighter or darker image as needed for diagnostics. Window leveling values change on mouse movements and correspond to medical industry standards. 


Be sure to continue to check out other training videos located in the Learning CenterAlways available when you want to use them!


Metron Support Services

Opinions of your colleagues!



"The highlight of the Metron Digital System is the imaging software. Being able to "tweak" and manipulate images is amazing. The system is customizable not only for each practice but for each veterinarian. The training from Metron's rep was excellent and because the software is so intuitive my staff of 11 technicians was fully trained in about a day."

Tim Loonam, DVM

Grace Animal Hospital and Pet Lodge 


"I can't tell you how happy we are to have upgraded our clinic.  The decision to upgrade has been great for our practice. The Metron software is proven to be simple to use, our clinic staff was able to be trained in very little time. Any questions that have come up have quickly been answered with a phone call to the Metron Support Staff."

Lisa Schroeder, Practice Manager

Magnolia Animal Hospital 



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St. Patrick's Day
Around the World
The entire world seems to favor the color green when March 17 rolls around! Click this link to view St. Patrick's Day celebration images capturing the spirit of the day.


National Puppy Day
March 23
The Animal Miracle Network sponsors this annual event to encourage dog lovers to adopt from a shelter. Click here to learn more!


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Support Services Tips
Before zooming in on an extremity image that has previously been cropped, first create a smoother image by using the Filter 1 option. In the next Metron Update, Metron will limit the zoom percentage to enhance image quality on a cropped image.

Filter 1


Did you know....

...that Metron is "represented" in 28 countries? Yup, THAT is something to celebrate! We are sure Ireland would agree...especially since they are already celebrating this month.




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