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I want my Metron.
It happened again - another great Metron client is now taking X-Rays with some other system.  How does this happen?   The clinic may have been running fine on a CR basis system that they purchased in 2009 - and a sales person presents the "new system" deal that includes DR hardware but does NOT include Metron.  The sales person does not tell and the client does not ask.   The deal presented was a "Buy Now Special Price" - the doctor bought before she knew what she was getting.   


The client now wants her Metron back - this is not an option if the system purchased is not one that can utilize Metron.   The doctor said - "I did not realize that Metron is so unique".   I thought that all systems would do what Metron does, that they would just look different.  Nope!   


If you are an existing Metron user and you are thinking it is time to get better/faster hardware, remember that a system with Metron is living and breathing - it just keeps getting better!  One without Metron starts getting old the day you first turn it on.


Fresh into 2014, Metron now interfaces with at least 30 models of DR flat panel hardware across 15 brands, and 17 models of CR devices across 7 brands in 24 countries worldwide.  This is to say, if you limit yourself to choosing a CR or DR system which runs on Metron, you won't be limiting yourself very much!  
Give us a call if you are considering an X-Ray system change and "I want my Metron" - we can help direct you to many excellent suppliers.  
Coming to your Metron real soon.....
Facebook posting  - right from Metron you now can pick and post images directly to your veterinary practice Facebook account.  
Quick import photos - a long time feature that we have now made even easier. Metron will watch for new photos - Just snap and click.   
Surgery planning templates.    Use visual templates 
to simulate the actual sizing and positioning of specific surgery plates as part of surgery planning.   
Take the X-Ray, then click to pick and position the template.

Learning Center:  
Spotlight Training Video of the Month
Guided Mark-Up in Metron: VHS Analysis


In honor of the heart for February, our next training session in the series featuring The Learning Center focuses on the three measurements that are used with Metron algorithms to present you with an analysis of the heart.


Metron generates three measurements based on pick points of the lateral Thorax image for the important parameters of the Vertebral Heart Score. 


Be sure to continue to check out other training videos located in the Learning CenterAlways available when you want to use them!


Metron 7 Viewstations
Metron 7.11

Have you updated yet?


Be sure to do so when prompted. This will keep you current with all the Metron software features

As a reminder, to receive the Metron software update, your computers must be connected to the Internet and when prompted, you need to say "OK" to Metron Update Available.  It is quick and easy! 

For more information about Metron auto updates, click here

If you do not receive or if you need assistance just give us a call at 1-877-638-3868 to complete the update.  


Metron Support Celebrating... 
The Metron Support Services team is looking forward to celebrating 5 awesome years of servicing you! Metron Imaging was born in 1999 so the software is also in a party mood at 15 years of age. 


May is our month to blow up the balloons and toss the confetti. Watch for "party" details in upcoming newsletters!


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I want my Metron
Spotlight Training for February
Metron 7.11 - are you updated??
Happy Birthday to us...soon!
National Pet Dental Health Month
Treat your Dog February 23
Support Services Site
How to uncrop an Image
Use of Collections in Metron


February is National
Pet Dental Health Month
So many of our Metron practices focus on the dental health of their patients - both for companion and large animal. Just as for us humans, strong teeth can equate to overall better health! Click here for more information.


National Dog Biscuit Day
February 23
All dogs deserve a treat every now and then. It is just a matter of deciding when and what is the best choice for your pet. Be sure to celebrate with your dog Sunday, February 23. 


Support Services Site

Be sure you and your staff visit 
the support site for
past newsletters, 
how-to documents and 
online training sessions. 


Support Services
Support Services Tips
If you want to uncrop a previously cropped image, select "Crop", then click the "Un-Crop/Mask" button. This will return your image to its original uncropped state.

Image size and "state" not indicated on your images? Add "Image" to your annotation preferences. Watch this brief online training video to see how! 


Did you know....

...when you add Metron images to "Collections" the images retain the original date they were shot as noted in the annotation detail. 


If you copy/paste an image to a different study, the image will be time-stamped with the date you copied the image.




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