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Ideas that came from you :)
"You know...if Metron could..."
We recently asked a survey question looking for your cool Metron idea. We received great ideas and you have either been contacted for additional information or we let you know that we placed your idea on our Features Enhancement List.


It got us thinking and we decided to look back and review a few of YOUR recent ideas which have been implemented in our Metron software.  



Metron has added additional species anatomy graphics and charts including goat, sheep, pig, cattle, cloven hooved animals. primates, birds, rabbits and rodents.


VHS Guided Mark-Up for dogs/cats improved! Now, when you are on "Step 3" to pick the "minor axis" of the heart, Metron draws a yellow line showing where the "long axis" has already been picked.  This way, the user can see, and make the new selections so the two lines are perpendicular. 


The user now has the ability to use the left and right Arrow keys on the computer keyboard to step thru a study when in Single Image View or Full Screen Viewing.


New "PDF Pages" feature in Report generator!   This allows users to add PDF documents into Metron reports. (Additional purchase required)  


Continuing with Metron 7.11  

Your report cover, your look, your way! And you asked us to make it easy...and we did that too. Metron is now able to accept multiple file formats including JPEG, BMP, TIF, PSD and PNG to create your personalized report covers.


Within Window Leveling, you now have the option to use your left mouse button or the "slider" bars to control Window Leveling. When you use the left mouse button method, the slider bars will adjust corresponding to the mouse movement.


Email addresses now appear in alphabetical order on the Send Panel.

Prior to Metron 7.11, the email addresses displayed in the order in which they were entered.

With every release, with every cool idea...thanks to you, it just keeps getting better for all Metron supported practices around the world. Your image never looked so good!


Oh...and if you have an idea, just click the light bulb
to submit your suggestion and we will take a look!

Learning Center:  
Spotlight Training Video of the Month
Adding Images from a File into a Metron Study


Our second training session in the series featuring The Learning Center focuses on adding images from an outside source into a Metron study.


Here we will present how to add an image into a Metron study from a saved file on your PC. Any image file on your PC or on your local network can be imported into Metron.   This feature is especially useful if you are a mobile veterinarian utilizing a digital camera and want to import photos into a patient's study. 


Be sure to continue to check out other training videos located in the Learning Center.

Always available when you want to use them!


Watch a Viewlet

Metron 7.11 

Have you updated yet?

We are continuing to distribute the Metron 7.11 software update automatically through the internet.   

As a reminder, to receive the Metron software update, your computers must be connected to the Internet and when prompted, you need to say "OK" to Metron Update Available.  It is quick and easy! 

For more information about Metron auto updates, click here

Watch for the prompt and if you need assistance just give us a call at 1-877-638-3868 to complete the update.  


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National Horse Day
December 13
The relationship between horses and humans can date back 4000 years ago. From wild to domestic...from pulling wagons to racing or to providing a ride for a child, the horse continues to be a celebration of our cultures.


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Zoom Feature

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You can toggle in and out of Zoom Mode while using the Metron's Guided Mark-Up. Click the "Zoom" button to enable the feature and to make it easier to pick the mark-up points.





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