METRONewsNovember 2013
Got a few minutes today?
We hear all of the time - "Oh - Metron is so easy".  But of course, that is from those who are regular Metron users.   For someone new to Metron, at least a quick "show me" is needed.   
Whether you are new to Metron or a seasoned user who needs a quick 
"how-to" of a new feature - take the 
time to "learn".   If you have someone next to you who knows how - ask. Otherwise, click to see and listen
Our online training tools are easy and quick.
  It's a "learning curve".....your feedback rewarded!


Thanks to everyone who participated ! Your comments and ideas are greatly appreciated. As we review the suggestions, you may receive follow-up communication so we clearly understand your thoughts.


...Crater Animal Clinic located in Central Point, Oregon! Dr. Keiser noted they have viewed online training sessions located in the Advanced Features section of the Learning Center. Thank you Dr. Keiser and congratulations!

We thank everyone for your time and continued support.

The Metron Support Services Team

Learning Center: 
Spotlight Training Video of the Month


In response to the Learning Center survey conducted last month, we are beginning a new feature in this issue of the METRONews...

"Spotlight Training Video of the Month."  


Whether you are new to Metron or just want a refresher course, check out this training session and so many more short videos located in the Learning Center.


So grab your Metron learning cap and perhaps a cup of coffee. These minutes spent today are an investment to your patients.


Navigating the Metron Database

This month we will begin with the first online training session you should view to: 

  • Become familiar with the design of the Metron Database
  • Understand what is incorporated in a Metron Study
  • Be able to move around in the Metron Database

Watch a Viewlet


Metron 7.11 Software Update 
Additional features promote best practices!


Metron 7.11 release is another "chapter" to Metron 7 - adding feature enhancements so you will continue to view the best diagnostic images.

As a reminder, to receive the Metron software update, your computers must be connected to the Internet and when prompted, you need to say "OK" to Metron Update Available.  It is quick and easy! 

We are continuing to distribute the Metron 7.11 software update automatically through the internet.   
For more information about Metron auto updates, click here

Watch for the prompt in the coming weeks and if you need assistance just give us a call at 1-877-638-3868 to complete the update.  


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In This Issue
Always something to Learn
Spotlight Training for November
Metron 7.11 Release Update
Thanksgiving Holiday Support Hours
World Hello Day
Thanksgiving Dinner and your Pet
Sending DICOM Files


Thanksgiving Holiday
Support Hours
Metron Support Services will be closed Thanksgiving Day, so our team can enjoy the holiday (and the Green Bay Packers game) with their family.

Holiday Support Hours
November 28 Closed
November 29 8am-4pm CST

Normal business hours of 8am-6pm CST M-F start again Monday, December 2.


World Hello Day
November 21
It is easy to participate in celebrating this day. Simply say hello to 10 people! World Hello Day was started in 1973 as way to promote world peace.


Thanksgiving Dinner
is not for your Pets
Thanksgiving Day is a time for sharing food, fun and laughter ...however veterinarians remind pet owners to not share the meal leftovers with their pets.


Support Services
Support Services Tips  

Sending DICOM files

while out in the field 


Even if you are out of the office, you are still able to send DICOM files. If an Internet connection is unavailable, the images will be queued to be sent when you return to the practice (host site) or have an Internet connection.



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