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Metron Release 7.11 - Coming Soon!
Your Metron advanced imaging software is continually being enhanced.  We listen to you, striving to enhance the product and service to assist you with the diagnosis and treatment of your patients.


One particular feature coming back with the Metron 7.11 Release is the Window Leveling slider bars. You asked for their return! When controlling the Window Leveling tool, both methods remain available. Either use the slider bars or the left mouse button to adjust the digital image.


There's a number of behind the scenes edits that will improve your overall Metron experience.  These are the features that you might notice in the new version. 


Here is a list of what is new!

  • Original Image/Photo Timestamp
  • Rotate Fine
  • Sequence Mode: Retake Images
  • Report Cover Artwork
  • Window Leveling Slider Bars
  • Send Panel Email Addresses
  • Burn CD/DVD Integration and Interface



Keep the ideas for Metron improvements coming! We have provided you an easy way to submit your ideas too. Note the online forms now available on the support site described in the "Support Services Tips" column.


 We would love to hear your cool ideas for Metron!



Each completed survey will be entered to win 

6 EXTRA MONTHS of Metron Support Services FREE at your next renewal! 


To be eligible for the single prize drawing, please submit your survey no later than Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 6:00pm CST. Thanks and good luck!


It's a "learning curve".....your feedback appreciated!

Check In CA The team at Metron Support Services is continually looking to improve patient care, increase efficiencies, and raise client satisfaction. We understand how the best in technology and digital imaging equates to improved patient care.


Click here to participate in answering just a few questions about the Metron Learning Center and the online training sessions available. Your answers will help us to enhance or improve your Metron learning experience.


We thank you for your time and continued support. 

The Metron Support Services Team

Windows 8.1...a blend of the best of 7 & 8...

Perhaps you have not heard - Windows 7 is back.  Well not really... but perhaps the best features of Windows 7 will be available in the soon to be released Windows 8.1   In this Windows 8.1, your computer can have the comfortable Windows 7 desktop and start button right from boot-up.   It took a year but Microsoft was listening!    The "Windows 7" style may need to be turned on - the Windows 8 "modern style" user interface will remain active until you tell Windows to enable the older Windows 7 style.


Starting in a month or so, you should start seeing new computers available with Windows 8.1 pre-installed.  Existing Windows 8 computers should receive the new Windows 8.1 update from Microsoft beginning in a few weeks. 


Metron and Windows 8

Metron has been performing well on Windows 8 and we expect the new Windows 8.1 to be very accommodating and in fact will finally be a better experience for the average user than the tried and true Windows 7.  Hurray for Windows 8.1 !


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Did you know?

The slider bars are back and improved in the Metron Window Leveling feature! Now you can use the bars and your mouse to adjust the look of the digital X-Ray. Take a preview tour! This featured tool returning in Metron Release 7.11.




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And thanks for your continued support and feedback!



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