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Metron Web-Viewer. It's Cool!

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Our Metron Web-Viewer has been a great  "free" feature since February, 2011 and getting more popular every day   This asset utilizes the internet "Cloud" to distribute and share images with those who you share a valid user ID.


The first reason why the Web-Viewer is Cool - "Just click to send and click to open".   You can preset the User ID so that detail is already entered when you mark your images and click the "Send Images" button.


Cool reason #2 - the Web-Viewer is very easy to learn.  Its role is to provide a quick and easy view of an image acquired in Metron from any computer connected to the Internet.


Find out more about how you can configure and use the "free" Metron Web-Viewer.


Web-Viewer 7 Days

Not a back-up - Though a great tool for quick image display, the Web-Viewer is not a "cloud back-up" feature.  Images sent to the Web-Viewer are available for only 7 days.  After Day 7 they are deleted from the Web-Viewer host site.  If you have the iPad or iPhone app for Metron, you can grab studies from the Web-Viewer and then keep them on your mobile device for as long as you wish


We can advise you about other back-up options that are local and cloud based. Learn more on the support site, email us directly or give us a call at 1-877-638-3868 ext. 21 


Not a diagnostic image viewer - while the Metron Web-Viewer is cool, it is not a high resolution diagnostic image viewer.  Metron converts the original image to a JPEG file and then transports that image to the Web-Viewer hosting site.   Though the difference may be minor, it is important that you send yourself a few images and then compare the original Metron images to the Web-Viewer image on the same computer.


A lot of practices are now using the Web-Viewer as their tool of choice for exam room image presentation to pet owners - a great use of the Web-Viewer!  Alternatively, you may want to implement a Metron Viewstation for your doctors to display images in full fidelity and functionality


More cool - the Metron iPad and iPhone app is part of the same Web-Viewer capability.   Display an image right on your iPad - just click to send and click to open.   



Sending images from Metron to the Web-Viewer or iPad

Send Images Select the image(s) in the study (so it has a red border), then click the "Send Images" button.


1. On the "Send Images" screen, choose "Post to Web-Viewer, iPad or iPhone". 

2. Enter the User ID.

3. Click "Send".


4. You must click "OK" as shown to transfer the selected image(s) to the web server.

Length of transfer time will be based on the number of images sent and the Internet speed.  


Task Bar-Arrow

This icon will appear on your task bar when the images have been sent.

This  confirmation pop-up message shown will also appear on your screen. Your images have successfully downloaded!  

It usually takes only a few minutes to complete the transmission.   But it may take 10-20 minutes if you have a very slow internet upload speed or you have chosen to send a lot of images at once.    Even if you are intending to view the images in your practice, the images must first be transferred to the Metron Internet web server.


Log into your Metron app on your iPad and download the images. Here too you can preset the User ID.  Just one finger tap to view.  It is that easy.


Don't have the Metron app yet? If you are interested in using Metron with your iPad or iPhone, you can download the app for just $29.99 at the Apple Store.  For more on "How to setup and use" this interface, please see supporting documentation at the Metron Support Services Website  or click here to link directly to the document.


Support Services Highlight 
Accurate measurements | Image Calibration

To measure the distance between two or more points in an X-Ray image, some form of "image calibration" is required.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways, but the easiest method is to use the "Calibration Block" in the case of equine hoof images, and the "Metron Auto-Scaler" for all other images (e.g. small animal images).   



These calibration aids include X-Ray visible marker points that Metron can automatically detect and use for "automatic" calibration.  


Pick 2 Points If you do not have one of these calibration aids, there are other techniques available including "Pick 2 Points" and Known Pixel Pitch.  The "Pick 2 Points" method is a manual mark and measure between two known points in the image such as a 3-inch wire.  


Known Pixel Pitch The "Known Pixel Pitch" method is a smart Metron calculation based on the distance between the X-Ray generator and the object of interest.  This method requires some study before setting the needed values and it requires adjusting whenever any of the related distances change.  


Refer to the Metron Support Services How-To document area for more details.

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National Pet Month
National Pet Month
May is National Pet Month! Click here to learn more about the benefits of pet ownership, pet adoption and the role of service animals. You can even follow facebook, view fun photos, and posts dedicated to this special month for our pets!


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Did you know?

Mega Filter

If you are missing the Mega Filter, you are able to adjust contrast in your image by clicking the "
Tune" button.
    Tune-Image Processing TunerFrom this location you can modify contrast and so much more in your X-Ray images.


Tune Contrast



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Metron 7.07 yet?


If so, remember to update all your viewstations tooIt is quick and easy!


As a reminder, to receive the Metron software update, your computers must be connected to the Internet. When prompted, you need to click "OK" to the Metron Update Available message.


If you need assistance just give us a call at 1-877-638-3868 to complete the update. For more information about Metron updates, click here.



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