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The Learning Center, Metron 7 and you!


Learning Center As our name suggests, we are all about service and support to you, our customer! Sure, we can not be personally available 24/7 however our reference center sure can be! 


So, as the team at Metron Support Services begins to launch the latest version of the Metron Imaging software, we want to introduce you to the Learning Center located on the Metron Support Services website. Here you will find online training sessions....from introductory "courses" if you are new to Metron, to advanced features including advanced image processing, creating forms and generating valuable reports in Metron. These training videos have been updated not only with a fresh look but also incorporating new tools available. 


As you view the videos, you will note new features promoted using "What's new in Metron 7" logo. And what is many of the features and benefits added to the software stem from ideas and requests from you...the user. YOU help to make Metron the best in digital imaging through your daily practice use.

You ask yourself, "How can it benefit our clients even more? How can I improve the quality of the images from the very first shot"? Time is valuable when shooting an X-Ray so you always want the process  to be efficient producing images which provide expert diagnostics from the very first look. 

Watch a Viewlet  

Click the titles of any training sessions listed below. Each one contains new features available in Metron 7.


Navigating the Metron Database

Metron has added additional species anatomy graphics/charts.  

Acquiring New Images into the Metron Database

There are additional options and control over on-image annotations 

Free Mark-Up in Metron

Additional Mark-Up annotation options located in Free Mark-Up.  

Report Generation in Metron

PDF documents can be added to reports 

Advanced Image Processing in Metron

Histogram Control now a choice in the Tune Panel


PDF Download  

Each training session is also available in pdf format to save and reference. As training sessions are updated, so is the documentation to keep you informed so you can easily navigate the software.



And don't forget all the other How-To Documents to reference! This link is available on any page you navigate to on the support site. Click to check out a broad range of categories and topics of interest.


We are proud of this latest Metron release coming your way and just as excited by features that are still in design and testing phases. 


Enjoy the tour and watch for your Metron 7 release prompt coming soon. Click yes to launch the most recent Metron Imaging software benefits


Change is good...especially when you have such a great product as the base with the support team who is with you every step.


Thanks to you, it continues to be picture perfect.



Metron 7 Software Features
Additional features promote best practices!
Metron 7.05 Release Notes

As a reminder, to receive the Metron software update, your computers must be connected to the internet and when prompted, you need to say "OK" to Metron Update Available. Click here to view simple instructions available on the website to guide you through the process..

We distribute Metron software updates automatically through the internet.   If you need assistance just give us a call at 1-877-638-3868 to complete the update.  


Support Services Highlight 
Why is my Internet so slow?


Slow Internet We have been asked this question a lot so we thought we would share a little information. Your Internet is slow in part because of how you use it today.  Four years ago, most of you were not sending X-Ray images to your radiology service, looking at lab results, letting your staff Facebook, or allowing staff personnel and clients to use your office wireless connection to access the Internet via their iPhones and Androids.


OK, so you could stop some of the less productive ways your Internet connection is being used.  But you already have critical, speed dependent ways you rely on the Internet that must continue.  You can no longer treat your Internet connection as a luxury.  We are nearing the age when business does not function without the real-time interconnections we share via the Internet.   Metron is now a product and a service that utilizes the Internet for image sharing and collaboration, technical support, and software updates.   You rely on Metron to send images to specialists and colleagues and Metron relies on a reliable and fast Internet connection to get the job done.  Have a lousy Internet connection and that all breaks down.


Your Internet is likely VERY slow in today's standards because you keep paying  for the same exact service you ordered 4+ years ago.  Your office Internet connection is causing a task or file transfer to take 50 minutes that on my home connection would only take 4 minutes.   I observe this all of the time. 


But how is this possible??   Aren't speeds getting faster all of the time?  Yes, they are getting a lot faster but not for you.  


Your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not being nice to you.    They are not proactively offering  you the speed increases at either no additional charge or for nominal fees.   They don't because they make more money keeping you on your current service plan.


You need to shop for alternate options, find them and then contact your current ISP to offer them the opportunity to respond with a reasonable solution or you will drop them.


Get the Internet you deserve.  Make those calls.   You will love your better, faster Internet and all of us that remotely support you will be happy too!

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The Learning Center
Metron 7 Features
Why is my Internet So Slow?
Hello Hungary!
Springtime Safety Tips for Dogs
Multi-View: New in Metron 7
Your Support Website
Multi-Print: New in Metron 7


Jó napot kívánok
Another country heard from! Hello to Prim-A-Vet located in Budapest, Hungary! Welcome to Metron Support Services!


Springtime Safety Tips
Dog with Baseball
As the seasons change, so do the activities you enjoy with your dog - especially as you take to the outdoors more!  Click here for just a few tips as so many of us transition from winter to spring..well, we are thinking it is coming soon.


Did you know?

Metron 7-Multi-View   

...that now with Metron v7.05, you are able to select unlimited images for Multi-View.  Multi-View can show up to eight images at one time. If more images are selected, click the "More>>" button at the bottom of the screen to page to the next set.

Multi-View Metron 7



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Support Services
Support Services Tips

  Metron 7 Print button

With Metron v7.05, there is an addition for Multi-Print. The new feature is for 1-image-per-page and for 3-images-per page. Metron offers both "portrait" and "landscape" layouts - the same capability as available in earlier releases for 2-images-per-page only.

Multi-Image Print-3 images



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