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No matter which holiday you celebrate, we want to wish you and your loved ones health, happiness, peace and joy this season. 


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The Metron Support Services Team


Practice Spotlight
Willowbend Animal Hospital: Dr. Michael Johnson


Willowbend Animal Hospital

As Dr. Michael Johnson was busy getting his new practice, Willowbend Animal Hospital, open during the summer of 2012, he knew he wanted a solid solution to meet his practice X-Ray needs.  "Over the years, I had heard that Metron always had tremendous customer services." said Dr. Johnson.  Also, one of his close colleagues was using Metron and said the services "were second to none."  The other major factor in knowing he would be purchasing Metron was that it was a very strong product.


Willowbend Dr. Johnson "There were so many things that I had been busy with getting the new practice going that I had not spent the time on the online training and website.  I felt I got all I needed for the basics in the initial remote training and it is good to know I have the support site when I am ready to go deeper." states Dr. Johnson.


He also added that the quality of the images has been great and better than the other systems that he has used over the years.  Dr. Johnson explains, "We routinely get the image quality we want and rarely need to take additional shots unless it has to do with positioning.  The product is very easy to use."


"We are a new practice so I don't have any specific comparisons but I know we are saving time with minimal retakes and with the ease of manipulations of the images with features like cropping and zooming."  Dr. Johnson says compared to other applications he has used, Metron is faster and more efficient.


Willowbend X-Ray Willowbend Metron

Dr. Johnson started by purchasing Metron for dental and within a month purchased another Metron license for his skeletal X-Ray system.  He wanted to stress how impressed he has been with every call he has made to the Metron Support Services Team - how they have urgency to solve his problem.   "When I was starting my firm not all the professionals I worked with shared the same urgency and importance of my needs as I did, but Metron Support Services always did."


Dr. Johnson is a 1993 graduate of Iowa State University. He has practiced in Wichita for 17 years. He enjoys all areas of veterinary medicine but is most passionate about diagnosing and treating chronic pain in pets. One of Dr. Johnson's primary goals for Willowbend Animal Hospital is to provide pets with the opportunity to live life as fully as they can. A major aspect of this is to be pain free or, for those with chronic pain, and to have their pain managed as optimally as possible


Dr. Johnson and his staff understand that since pets cannot speak for themselves, the veterinary health care team must speak for them. They believe that each pet deserves the opportunity to enjoy optimal health. They view each patient as a unique individual, with regard to their personality, health and lifestyle. Every patient deserves their best, all the time. This philosophy impacts and dictates everything they do.


Best Practice
Speed is money and fun!
Laptop Speed
We often talk about backups so you can avoid the "computer crash" and "data loss".

A new computer will help you to get the backup job and all of our work done more quickly.  New, faster computers also makes the work more enjoyable.   

Want your computer boot time to be quick?  How about 15 seconds instead of 3 minutes?  Get a new laptop with an SSD storage device.  This device replaces the traditional spinning hard disk.  The SSD is many times faster than the hard disk and is more reliable.   The price for an SSD laptop is now very reasonable.

Oh - and don't be fooled by those $350 laptop specials.   The myth is true - you get what you pay for.   

Want to make the move to a new computer, give us a call to help you.  We know how to back up the old computer and move your Metron and X-Ray image database to your new computer.  

Visix & VetRay users...
As most of you know and we are proud to say, "The software makes the hardware".   Many of your colleagues are still running their X-Ray systems with Visix or VetRay and are grumbling about their image quality and lack of features and support.   Give them a nudge toward Metron - we are happy to let them try before they buy.


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Willowbend Animal Hospital
Computer Speed is Money and Fun!
Calling Visix and VetRay Users
Welcome Hawaii
Holiday Support Hours
Guided Mark-Up in Metron
Your Support Website
Adding Notes on your Images


Welcome Hawaii!


Metron Support Services welcomes
our 49th US state to the Metron Support Services family - Ali'i Veterinary Hospital.

Anyone know any practices 
located in Alaska?


Holiday Support Hours
Christmas 2012


Metron Support Services will be closed Christmas Day and New Years Day, so our team can enjoy the holidays with their family and friends.  

Holiday Support Hours 
December 24   8am-4pm CST
December 25              Closed
January 1                    Closed

Normal business hours of  8am-6pm CST M-F start again Wednesday, December 26.


Did you know?

Guided Mark-Up Web  

In addition to all the Free Mark-Up choices, Metron has seven Guided Mark-Up options. Click here to view the training sessions.


What is the difference between Free and Guided Mark-Up?


Guided Mark-Up is the process where the user is prompted with specific directions to pick key points in certain images. Metron then uses those picked points to compute many important parameters for that specific anatomy (for example, the heart.).



Support Services Site

Metron Support Services logo
Be sure you and your staff visit
the support site for
past newsletters, 
how-to documents and 
online training sessions. 


Support Services
Support Services Tips

Adding a note on your image is Free Mark-Up easy!  When in single image view, select the Free Mark-Up button Free Mark-Up Add Text and select this option. Once clicked, choose where you want the text box location and where the arrow should point as sampled below.

Free Mark-Up Problem area

You may also change the font, line thickness, and box color to personalize the look.

Add note   



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