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Ashby Village 
Goes To ChinaChina
Little did Ashby Village members Margie Pezzaglia and Barbara Daly imagine that their phone calls to request volunteer assistance would make news in China!





On January 16, 2015, Ashby Village received a Google Alert notice that China Central Television was telling the story of the village movement in the United States, and Ashby Village is identified as a model.

The news story ends "Researchers in Hong Kong are studying U.S. virtual retirement villages to see if the model can translate to Asia. After all, Chinese do have a saying: "What's more important than a faraway relative, is a nearby friend."

Note: With a network of 45 channels accessible to more than one billion viewers , China Central Television (CCTV) has been the predominant state television broadcaster in mainland China since its founding in 1958.

Newcomers Welcome!  
Bring a Friend


Sunday, February 8, 2-4 pm

Hiller Highland (home)

Contact Joan Cole

510 845-5550

Living Room Chats are smaller

events where we give those
who might be interested in
joining Ashby Village a chance
to hear what it means to be part of our Village. Click   here for more information.   

Sat, Feb 28, 9am-1pm

Ashby Village Office

2330 Durant Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704

Some of the particular areas

where volunteers are needed

for Ashby Village include transportation, home handywork, support of members at medical appointments, and communications (newsletter,

digests, website). To learn more about becoming a volunteer, or to know what volunteer services are available to you as a member, please contact the office.   


In This Issue
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    February 7, Saturday 8pm 

          Ashby Village Member                          Herb Bielawa
    2015 Year of Stewardship 

Ashby Village is powered by the active participation of its members and volunteers. 

In keeping with the ethic of stewardship, we have a "responsibility to shepherd and safeguard" our Village in any way we can.  We invite each of you to become a steward this year and further experience the value of being a member, volunteer or community advocate of Ashby Village. The Village belongs to each of us.



 C O M M U N I C A T I N G

   Ashby Village's MessageMessage


In September 2013, Kathleen Russell Consulting (KRC) worked with Ashby Village to develop Ashby Village's first marketing and communications plan. The plan includes four primary strategies: 1) strategic messaging, 2) community outreach & organizing, 3) social media outreach, and 4) strategic partnerships.


Ashby Village is making steady progress on all four fronts, and is especially committed at this time to ensure that its "message" helps people inside and outside the Village better understand who we are and what we stand for.  Consistent use of this message increases recognition of Ashby Village.  This process includes consideration of its logo, colors, and written expression.


An important aspect of Ashby Village messaging is through electronic communications, ranging from emails sent to the individual, to the Ashby Village website, to the Ashby Village Facebook webpage, to Ashby Village twitter account. (Click on the underlined words to visit these Ashby Village resources.)

 According to a survey, 86% of Ashby Village members indicate they stay informed about Ashby Village through emails and electronic newsletters, compared to 31% who go to the Ashby Village website or 30% who rely on word of mouth. In fact twice as many (84%) preferred to get information about Ashby Village by email rather than by phone.


In this 'Year of Stewardship,' a key goal is to provide our members with more robust, easy-to-use methods of communicating with each other and with the office.  Several new online tools are being tested. 

Stewardship in Action:
Someone Specialnewpresident
Communications Expert
Mary Keegan

Several months ago Mary Keegan led a group of Ashby Village leaders in creatively brainstorming to identify phrases that capture the essence of Ashby Village. One tagline favored by the group was "Changing Our World Again - Join Us!" To see more words that rose for the group when thinking about Ashby Village, see the right sidebar.

Mary is currently leading Ashby Village's partnership with a professional creative design team to create its visual identity. A set of distinct design elements, including our logo, a color palette, typography and imagery, are being develop to quickly and effectively convey what Ashby Village is about.

Mary recently retired as executive director of marketing and communications at the University of California, Berkeley. Mary's expertise in development communications, events, and donor stewardship, steered the University through three successful campus wide fundraising campaigns. Her team won over 130 awards from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education Awards. She is drawn to the strong community she finds at Ashby Village during this time when both she, and Ashby Village, are in an exciting transition.




 Words that Reflect

the Spirit of Ashby Village Spirit







Smart/ Accomplished


Healthy Irreverence







Challenging Convention



Taking Action




Beyond Ourselves

Social Innovation

Embracing Change




STAFF NEWSstaffnews

Volunteer Manager 
Pat Carvalho (and 
Chief Morale Officer, Lola)

Ashby Village is blessed with a wealth of committed volunteers. We're seeking volunteers to help us improve our volunteer program by creating appreciation events, developing new ways to engage them, updating recruitment opportunities and assessing what could be improved. Interested? Email

Please consider joining our Volunteer Team. For more about becoming a volunteer, click HERE.


Executive Director
Andy Gaines


Our new governing Board held its first meeting last week, with guests from San Francisco Village leadership. Joint endeavors are underway on state, regional and national levels to ensure the success of the Village movement. Meanwhile, on the home front, planning has begun for a June Town Hall meeting to celebrate our 5th Anniversary and envision the promising future of Ashby Village.
Andrea Mok

Program Manager
Andrea Mok


Getting ready for 2015 has been full of exciting ideas and progress in program development. New teams are exploring housing and transportation issues. I'm just back from a meeting of the Bay Regional Area Villages Organization (over 20) and am energized by the resources available. There's a wonderful feeling of "we're not in this alone" as we face challenges of growth and moving out of our start-up phase. After all we are turning 5 this year!

FEBRUARY CALENDARjanuarycalendar
(click on date below for information)

Chair Yoga has resumed now that the holidays are over. Whatever your physical limitations, if you can sit then you can exercise! Its more fun with others. Join yoga instructor Lisa Brooks at Ashby Village office every Thursday morning at 10am 
(at 10:45am the program moves to the floor with mats). Click here for details.


Ongoing Monthly Activities


 February 6

 Ashby Village  HAPPY HOUR

 (4pm first Friday) 


Painting Workshop 

(2pm Thurs & Fridays)

Danute's House

Call (510) 843-1783


Feb 10 Lunch at Danute's

(noon second Tuesdays)


Feb 10 Bridge Group

(2:30pm second Tuesdays)


Feb 16 Handcraft, Knitting 

(2pm third Mondays)



Yoga for Seniors 
(10am Thursdays) 

Neighborhood Groups 

Thousand Oaks Hamlet

Feb 3 & 17 Mac Users

(2pm first & third Tues) 

 Thousand Oaks Hamlet

Feb 9 Puzzles & Games

(2pm second Mondays)

 Emery Bunch (Watergate)

Feb 10 Coffee & Conversation

(11am second Tuesdays)


Thousand Oaks Hamlet

Feb 11 Ajanta Restaurant

(12:30pm second Weds)


Mid-Landish (N.Berkeley)

Feb 12 Happy Hour 

(7-9pm, second Thursdays) 


Mid-Landish (N.Berkeley)

Feb 15 Cafe Expresso Roma

(10am third Sundays)


Thousand Oaks Hamlet

Feb 18 Kensington Circus Club

(5:30pm third Thursdays,

every other month)  


Emery Bunch (Watergate)

Feb 19 Trader Vic's

Happy Hour

 (4:30pm third Thursdays)




Happy Hour

Feb 20 Barclays Pub


Support Groups

Feb 3 & 17 Macular Degeneration/Low Vision 

(2pm first & third Tuesdays) 


  (510) 204 9200   *  

Newsletter Editor: Sarah Hawthorne

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