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March 2013

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Persuasive Presentations
Dull to Dynamic - 10 Public Speaking Tips
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Persuasive Presentations

Tips and tricks for public speaking


The three core skills needed by any manager are the ability to write clearly, facilitate a meeting effectively, and speak persuasively. Unfortunately, the latter is one that seems to cause the most concern. This is possibly because of the inherent fear people have in speaking before the public. Yet a  little preparation goes a long way to reducing that fear.


What most people forget is that developing a presentation requires a certain amount of work. You really can't just wing, it except under very unusual circumstances. On a more positive note, there are rules and structures that can make preparing a presentation fairly routine. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.




Dull to Dynamic - 10 Public Speaking Tips


Dull to Dynamic - 10 Public Speaking Tips with Executive Speaker Patricia Fripp
Dull to Dynamic - 10 Public Speaking Tips with Executive Speaker Patricia Fripp
Patricia Fripp has been called "one of the country's 10 most electrifying speakers." I can attest to that, having personally seen her in action and having benefited from her coaching. In this short video she shares 10 traps which, if avoided, can dramatically improve your speaking.

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Welcome to the March issue of Emergency Management Solutions


You've probably heard me say more than once that three core skills that every emergency manager should have is the ability to facilitate a meeting, write clearly, and speak persuasively. Last year I devoted several articles to meeting facilitation. This month I'm offering some tips to help improve your public speaking. Hope you find it useful!


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Lucien Canton

Professional Development 


One of the keys to professional development is the networking and exchange of ideas that take place in conferences. I always find that I return from a conference with my batteries recharged and with new ideas and several new friends.


Here are a couple that might be of interest:


  • For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, Emergency Management magazine is sponsoring a free emergency management summit on April 2nd. These regional events gather the leaders in emergency management, public safety and homeland security and provide a forum to share best practices, renew relationships and work on new solutions for both the problems that are anticipated-and those that aren't. For those of you in other locations, check out EM magazine's  website for dates and locations of other summits.
  • The 23rd World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM) is taking place in Toronto June 23-26. Conference will focus on four tracks: Business Continuity, Emergency Management, Crisis Communications, and Resilience and Risk Management. Topics will include the role of social media in emergencies, as well as a look at organizational, community and personal resilience. 

Life Balance  


We tend to associate public speaking with work but, incredible as it sounds, it can be a form of recreation that not only brings enjoyment but hones skills you can use at work.


How can you make work fun? Think like Tom Sawyer - change the definition of work. Nobody likes to give a presentation but everyone likes to talk to friends. 


In one of my social groups we dedicate a monthly meeting to any member who wishes to talk about a research project or craft on which they've been working. These are not professional speakers (I actually taught a class on speaking to help out) but their passion and interest can generate some very interesting discussions. The plus is that, over the years, their presentation skills and my coaching techniques have both improved.


For a number of years my daughter studied improve theater. Those same skills later came into play when she gave speeches on internet safety to schools across the country. And she thought she was just having some fun!


My wife once asked my help in getting a PTA meeting under control through the use of meeting facilitation techniques. We were able to help a weak chair overcome a bullying principal to actually arrive at some effective group decisions.


So think about how you can do something fun that also helps hone your work skills. There's nothing that says you can't enjoy yourself while you're dong it.

From the Bookshelf  


Speaker's EDGE: Secrets and Strategies for Connecting with Any Audience
by Darren LaCroix, Patricia Fripp, Mark Brown, Ed Tate & Craig Valentine 

Unhappy with your presentations? What if you could have the collective wisdom of five of the world's best speakers at your fingertips?  You can! Four of the authors of this short book are Toastmasters International World Champions of Public Speaking and the fifth is a member of the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame.

While the book is intended for professional speakers and strongly encourages joining the groups' member site, there is a wealth of information here that can help you significantly improve your public speaking.This is not a book about building your presentation or how to use PowerPoint but instead focuses on how to gain and hold the attention of your audience, how to make your content more compelling, and how to make use of humor. The tips are practical and you're bound to find a number that will work for you.


 Looking for more books? Check out An Emergency Manager's Reading List
Speaker's Corner 

Looking for a Speaker?


Need a speaker for your next conference? I offer keynotes, seminars and workshops. You can find more details on my website or on my SpeakerMatch page.  
Lucien Canton Seminar Excerpts
Lucien Canton Seminar Excerpts
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