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December 2015   

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21st Annual NJAA

East Coast Gift & Variety Show

Golden Nugget

Atlantic City, NJ

Load-in: Wed., Feb. 17th

Trade Show:

February 18th & 19th

NJAA 8th Annual East Coast/Mid Atlantic NAARSO Training 
Golden Nugget

Atlantic City, NJ

Wednesday - Friday

February 17th - 19th  


From the Desk of

Kim Samarelli new

Kimberle Rolle Samarelli

NJAA Executive Director


NJAA 2015 Year in Review
2015 was a great year for both our industry and the association. We are always making strides that move us forward, and no matter where I travel throughout the state, NJAA suppliers, operators and members are always superseding the trends in the market places.
This past year, the NJAA remained in the driver's seat, saw many accomplishments and reached numerous milestones. The following isn't just a list of NJAA annual events. The following is a reminder of the milestones, we as an association, have reached by remaining dedicated and committed to an industry we love and care about. Most importantly, we wouldn't be celebrating double digit anniversaries if it wasn't for the respect, admiration and friendship that is shared within the NJAA.
February 2015: The NJAA held its 20th Annual Gift & Variety Show at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City. We will be back again this February for our 21st anniversary. 
May 2015: The NJAA 56th Annual Dinner Dance was held at the Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury, NJ. We honored Storybook Land and the Fricano Family. Our annual directory was also published in May. Contact the NJAA office if you would like an additional copy of the directory as we still have some available.
September 2015: We held our 18th Annual golf outing at Sea Oaks Golf Club-which has been renamed the Fritz Rolle Legacy Golf Outing. We had a great fall day and raised funds for Give Kids the World.
September 2015: The NJAA 25th Annual Scholarship recipients were announced and the committee awarded scholarships totaling $5,000. This year's receipts were well deserved.
Since 1990, the NJAA Scholarship Committee has given out over $100,000.
Our executive officers, board, professionals, committees, lobbyist and attorney have all worked tirelessly this past year for the betterment of the association. We have been moving forward and remain one of the strongest associations. Thank you!
Our membership remains constant throughout the year which indicates your belief in the association. Your support is greatly appreciated!
We are striving for an even better 2016!

Thank you! 
From the Desk of


Edward R. McGlynn, Esq. 
Government Affairs Agent For 
The New Jersey Amusement Association


The month of December and the early part of January, 2016 is a period referred to as the "lame duck" session of the New Jersey Legislature. The online dictionary defines lame duck as "an elected official or group of officials, as a legislator continuing in office during the period between an election defeat and the successor's assumption of office." Over the years this term in New Jersey has been expanded to not only include defeat but to also include those that both lost and won.

It is during this time when all manner of legislation can find its way to the floor of both houses of the legislature. This year is no different. It is particularly during this time when all citizens of our state must be mindful of the damage that can be done.

It also must be remembered the season for gubernatorial politics has begun, therefore all matters which may help on particular legislator seeking higher office in the Governor's race are positioning themselves to gain favor with various constituencies in order to try to sway those constituencies to be on his or her side as we march forward to the primary in 2017 which is some eighteen months away.

I point all of this our so that our membership understands it is more than likely the Governor will have placed on his desk many bills passed by both houses of the legislature during this " lame duck " session which bills will be anti-business or will impose new restrictions or requirements on business. Additionally it should not go unnoticed the makeup of the Assembly now contains 50 Democrats and 30 Republicans; while the Senate has 24 Democrats and 16 Republicans.

We have already seen numerous bills come out of committee which will have a financial impact on our membership if they become law. Among those is a constitutional amendment requiring a payment of more than three (3) billion dollars a year to the state employees' pension fund; a constitutional amendment to require the dedication of the gas tax to the transportation trust fund; a sick leave bill requiring all employers to provide at least five days sick leave to any employee who has been employed for a minimum of ninety (90) days, etc., etc. etc.

As these and other bills make their way through the legislature during the next three weeks it will be interesting to see how the Governor reacts to their passage. Because this is the end of this two year legislative session the Governor has the ability to pocket veto laws by not signing them, I shall keep you apprised.

As we end 2016, I would be remiss if I did not thank the Board of Directors and Officers of the NJAA for their continued support. I want to also thank the NJAA Executive Director Kim Samarelli for her support and assistance and Lary Zucker for his counsel.

May all our members enjoy this holiday season and may 2016 continue to be a sunny year!

From the Desk of


Lary I. Zucker, Esquire

NJAA Legal Counsel


This article will report on the latest DCA developments including the CARSAB meeting on December 10, 2015.

Before I begin, I want to thank Kim for running a flawless breakfast meeting at IAAPA. Ed McGlynn and I managed to finish our presentations before 10 a.m. but we were both overshadowed by our guest speaker, Ed Hart, CEO of Kentucky Kingdom. Ed is a savvy businessman who has a track record of success in reviving faded amusement parks and his comments aimed at Owner/Operators were insightful and entertaining. Thanks to Ed Hart for joining us this year.

CARSAB had a quorum present on December 10, 2015 with Geoff Rogers, Bill Gehlhaus, Larry Cohen, Al Belmont, and Debbie Henderson attending. We had a full agenda and an interesting discussion on a number of issues.

1. The DCA announced that the regulatory proposal to adopt ASTM F-2291-14 was approved without negative comment and will become part of Subchapter 7 of our regulations, replacing an outdated version of F2291 that was adopted in 2004. The newly adopted version of F2291-14 eliminates most of the 2004 design criteria that set New Jersey apart from the rest of the world for more than a decade. By adopting a version of ASTM F-2291-14, New Jersey is inviting ride manufacturers to make their newest and most exciting ride designs available to NJAA members.

2. The ultimate goal of the NJAA and the DCA is for New Jersey to integrate with ASTM International in order to develop consensus standards for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of amusement rides. This represents a change in philosophy for the DCA but one that we welcome. The next step is to review and update all amusement ride standards adopted by the DCA in N.J.A.C. 5:14A-1.3. CARSAB voted to form a subcommittee to work with the DCA to begin the standard review process. If you wish to join the subcommittee please advise me or Kim Samarelli.

3. The regulation of "selfie sticks" was discussed by the Board. Selfie-stick users put smart phones and cameras on the end of telescoping poles to extend their reach and take self-portraits. One board member noted that Walt Disney World bans selfie-sticks from their parks while other theme parks permit their use generally but prohibit them along with other loose items on certain thrill rides. In New Jersey, selfie-sticks are not specifically regulated by the DCA and rules vary depending on an owner/operators experience with rides in his park and the recommendation of the ride manufacturer.

During today's discussion, a Board member noted that the IAAPA Safety Committee has suggested that selfie sticks should be prohibited on rides just as umbrellas or any other loose items. The Safety Committee is also concerned that extended selfie-sticks may exceed the "safety envelope" designed into rides. ASTM is also looking at this issue and CARSAB agreed that DCA regulation of selfie sticks should wait until a national consensus is formed.

4. The Board discussed the practice of the DCA classifying a kiddie ride as an adult/major ride where the kiddie ride has a seat for an adult companion. This mis-classification has resulted in owners of kiddie rides paying higher permit fees as a major ride.

The DCA is aware of this issue and will allow owners to rely on the definition of kiddie ride (in N.J.A.C. 5:14A-1.2) as a ride designed "primarily" for children. Mike Baier explained how the DCA will treat this issue; any kiddie ride designed primarily for children that has been classified as an adult/major ride should be highlighted on the permit application form or otherwise brought to the attention of the DCA, together with a request for relief.

5. Regulation of the minimum number of riders in open gondola Ferris wheels (gondolas that are not fully enclosed) was on the agenda. At CARSAB's request, the DCA provided a list of Ferris wheel rider requirements from around the country. Some large wheels allow single riders if the rider is over 42" or 48" and some require an adult companion. According to Mike Baier, they could not find any empirical data that proves that having two riders is safer than having one rider of an appropriate height. The DCA noted that owners of open gondola wheels in New Jersey already bar single riders. CARSAB voted, with one abstention, to not regulate them at this time.

6. The DCA wants to amend the statutory definition of Carnival-Amusement Ride found in N.J.S.A. 5:3-32 to eliminate jurisdiction over rides that do not meet the definition of "amusement ride" but have to be permitted and inspected because they are located within amusement parks where other permitted rides operate. The DCA wants to get out of the business of having to permit and inspect attractions that aren't "Amusement Rides" just because they are located with other permitted rides. Good idea. The NJAA can help.

7. Ride statistics for 2014 and 2015 were reviewed. In 2014-2015, a total of 3431 rides were permitted by the DCA, 1144 fixed and 2287 mobile. 2015 continued our safety trend with only 8 accidents classified as serious involving broken bones. There were 12,500 inspections of all types during 2014- 2015.

There is much to look forward to in 2016; new and exciting amusement rides opening at the shore, new up to date rules and regulations, a full complement of state inspectors and, of course, beautiful weather and large happy crowds.

Have a happy holiday!

Photos from IAAPA

Ed Hart and Lary Zucker

(L to R) Dave Daly, Gaylee Gillim, Ed Hart and Lary Zucker

The New Jersey Amusement Association 

Proudly Presents

The 21st Annual East Coast

Gift & Variety Show 2016
Golden Nugget, Atlantic City, NJ 

Thursday, February 18th
Friday, February 19th

(Exhibitor Setup - Wednesday, February 17th)

The Annual East Coast Gift & Variety Show is

"The Trade Show to Keep You Connected to the Amusement Industry in the Tri-State Area" 

Three Great Events!

One Great Place!

Be There!

Join us at the Golden Nugget Grand Ballroom to connect and network with professionals from various segments of the tourism industry. Attendees include owners, partners, managers and buyers; as well as workers of amusement parks, arcades, games, concessions, piers and restaurants.
~  ~  ~

On Thursday, February 18th, the NJAA will hold its 26th Annual Scholarship Awards Party. Join the Board of Directors and NJAA members for a chance to unwind and participate in a great social event!  

Up to $5,000 in Scholarships Awarded!  

For College Students

(who are continuing their education) 

For Incoming Freshman

(who are graduating high school)

The New Jersey Amusement Association's Scholarship Fund was started in 1988 by a committee chaired by Ken Wynne as a separate non-profit corporation to give something back to those who work so hard giving life to our industry. The fund will make annual awards to qualified applicants who are matriculated at or will be matriculated at an accredited college or university.  

~  ~  ~

The NJAA 2016 Expo Application is attached below. This form includes NJAA Show Space Contract, Registration form and Hotel Information.

Please read everything thoroughly and complete pages 4, 5 & 8.  When you've completed your application, mail a copy along with your membership dues, booth payment and certificate of insurance to the NJAA office.

~  ~  ~

The 2016 Vista Convention Services Exhibitor Material Package is attached below. This form also includes the Electrical Application. Please read the following instructions carefully:

Vista Convention Services has given us access to their members area.

The username and password are case sensitive, so enter the login information exactly as it is shown below.



To login:

1) Visit our website at http://www.vistacs.com

2) Click on the member's area link

3) Enter your Username (above, all caps)

4) Enter your Password (above, all caps)

**When you login, you can change the automatically-generated password (above) to one of your preference**

Once you're logged in, all the forms in the kit will be available. Print out your desired forms and fax back to Vista at 609.485.2392 or email to info@vistacs.com

Important Note: The electrical form goes directly back tothe Golden Nugget.

~  ~  ~

To view the Golden Nugget Grand Cayman Ballroom floor plan and booth layout, please click the link below.

~  ~  ~
NJAA 21st Annual East Coast  
Gift & Variety Show 2016 Checklist
1. NJAA Application completed & mailed to NJAA 

2. Electrical Contract mailed directly to Golden Nugget

3. Vista, if needed, faxed or emailed to Vista

4. Call the Golden Nugget to make Hotel Reservations

~  ~  ~

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call the NJAA Office at 732-240-0000 or email us at: NJAA 

We look forward to seeing everyone in Atlantic City!

Thank you!


Registration is Now Open!
8th Annual East Coast / Mid-Atlantic
Regionalized NAARSO Outreach Safety School

February 17th - 19th, 2016

Golden Nugget, Atlantic City, NJ

Sponsored by the
New Jersey Amusement Association


Presented by


February 17th & 18th
16-20 Hour Program * 8:00am-4:30pm Classes

February 19th

Certification Exams 8:00-12:30

(4 hours + Certification Exams)

NAARSO Registration Form

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