How To Position Your Small Business  
For Sustained Growth And An Optimal Exit
Whether your exit strategy calls for the sale of your business or hand-off to the next generation, this seminar will empower you.  

Benefits of Attending

Data shows that over 75% of businesses fail after the founder has handed it off to the next generation.  In this engaging workshop, you will

  • Develop the best strategies to create sustainable growth and maximize the exit value of your business - personalized and mapped to your Entrepreneurial DNA
  • Plan the multi-year journey of positioning your company for optimal acquisition or succession
  • Determine the best time to exit and why
  • Build leaders, managers and high-growth operators in your organization - incorporating new Eckerd College research on measuring and fostering entrepreneurial mindset in your company
  • Reflect on life before, during and after succession or acquisition
  • Consider the role of an operating partner and how company founders are using this tactic as an alternative to family/employee succession
Who Should Attend 
Small business owners contemplating retirement in the next five to ten years 

Special Feature 

You will receive feedback on two, personalized assessments of your entrepreneurial mindset.  These tools assess cognitive and behavioral skills critical to entrepreneurial success and provide tips, resources, and guidelines for future planning.



Joe Abraham is a professional entrepreneur with multiple successful exits under his belt, Joe is founder of BOSI Global - operator of the platform -- which powers entrepreneurship programs around the world and BOSIFast50 -- an award-winning growth accelerator and operating partner for second and third-stage companies.  In 2012, companies going through the BOSI Accelerator process created 214 new jobs and displayed an average growth rate of 45.6%. Winner of numerous awards for his impact on global entrepreneurship, Joe is author of Entrepreneurial DNA (McGraw Hill 2011) - a critically acclaimed book based on his multi-year study of entrepreneurial behavior. 


Jennifer Hall is a senior instructor and the director of executive coaching at the Leadership Development Institute.  Three years ago, along with her colleagues Mark Davis and Pam Mayer, Jen embarked on a journey to develop an assessment of entrepreneurial mindset.  
The resulting instrument, the Entrepreneurial Dimensions Profile™ (EDP), has generated a great deal of interest not only among corporate leaders-the original intended users of the EDP-but also among actual and prospective entrepreneurs.  An entrepreneurial mindset, it turns out, is potentially beneficial in almost any professional or educational setting.  A licensed psychologist, Jen has a B.S. from Trinity College and a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut.




December 5, 2013

1:00 - 5:00 pm

Networking reception to follow



Eckerd College

Lewis House Executive Education Center 

4200 54th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

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Class size is limited to 40 participants.


For more information or phone registration call: 727-864-8827


Cancellations received by December 2, 2013 
will be refunded 90% of tuition.  Class size limited