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July 12, 2013

8:15 AM - 9:45 AM
Registration & Breakfast begins 
at 7:45 AM

$60 per person
Eckerd College 
Fox Hall
4200 54th Ave. S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33711
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Leading with an
Entrepreneurial Mindset

Do you lead with an entrepreneurial mindset?  The answer--while important--may not be as simple as you think.   When you register for this LDI Breakfast Forum, you will receive a link to take our brand-new, empirically-based assessment tool: the Entrepreneurial Dimensions Profile™ (EDP).  Your EDP report won't give you a yes/no result (you do or do not demonstrate entrepreneurial mindset) or a single score (e.g., you are 67% entrepreneurial).   Rather, it will show you how your scores on 14 discrete measures of personality traits and learned skills compare to those of entrepreneurs and corporate managers.  These individualized comparisons to our exclusive normative data allow for a practical assessment of your unique profile of entrepreneurial strengths and opportunities. 


At a time when entrepreneurial leadership is crucial for driving organizational growth and innovation, leaders who attend this Breakfast Forum will benefit from both benchmarking their current levels of entrepreneurial skills, and activating their latent entrepreneurial capacities.

During the session, you will

  • Compare your own results on 14 scales to those of entrepreneur and corporate manager norm groups
  • Consider the benefits of your own entrepreneurial profile for creating competitive advantage
  • Receive a comprehensive EDP Development Guide with interpretive guidelines, developmental suggestions, recommended resources and action planning tools
  • Determine whether and how to move the needle on one or two of your less-developed skills
  • Begin to create an individual action plan for yourself, and think about how to create an organizational culture in which entrepreneurial thought and action can flourish
About the Speaker

Jennifer Hall, an experienced executive coach and almost-20-year employee of Eckerd College, has only one entrepreneurial bone in her body, and she used it for the first time three years ago.  She jumped at--or more accurately, reluctantly agreed to--the opportunity to develop a new assessment of entrepreneurial mindset with her much-respected colleagues Pam Mayer and Mark Davis.  On most days, she is happy and grateful she decided to participate in this adventure.  

A licensed psychologist, Jen also serves as a senior trainer and director of coaching for the Leadership Development Institute.  

Friday, July 12, 2013


8:15 AM - 9:45 AM
Registration & Breakfast begins at 7:45 AM


$60 per person


Eckerd College  Fox Hall 
4200 54th Avenue South 
St. Petersburg, FL 33711 


Phone Registration, please call 800-753-0444