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August 21, 2014
Issue #273
No eweekly next Thursday
Save this weekly, contains many important upcoming events.

Sunday Worship Service  10:30 amchalice

August 24, 2014: "Participation Service"

Dick Park, with Karen Auroy, Worship Associate


The Participation Service has its roots in the Quaker Meeting. There is quiet music and introductory words at the beginning, and quiet music at the end, but in between, the silence is broken only by individuals sharing thoughts and feelings that are significant to them.


Dick is a retired social worker, and has been a UUCM member for 46 years. He is a former president of the UUCM board, and a former member of the UUA Board of Trustees.


August 31, 2014: "Dark Matter and "Doing" Church in the New Millennium"

Jeffrey Melcher, DRE, with Sue Fleckles, Worship Associate


Where has the Sabbath gone? Sundays mornings are now for baseball, soccer, and dance practices in the secular world.  How can we "Do" church and religious education competing with these interests? Can we radically remake our style for this era? And what do black holes and dark matter have to do with anything anyway?



Upcoming services    

Contemplative Service 9 am

The Contemplative Service  will take a break in July and August and resume in September.  


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Minister's Musings

As September approaches and i write this, the conflict in Gaza and Israel is ongoing, ISIS has made its move to solidify a new Caliphate in Northern Iraq with the intention of forming a worldwide Islamic State, and we have resumed limited military air strikes in Iraq.  Thousands of refugee children are coming up from Central America and are now in detention centers along our borders. 


In a world of such conflict and disarray it is very important not to lose sight of our spiritual and ethical souls.  When we lose this center we risk being drawn into despair and inaction. The world needs hope, care and love. These are the seeds of possibility, and the foundations of our tenant of inherent worth and dignity.  Whether by prayer, conversations with the trees, writing poetry, hiking on the beach, whatever, please nurture your spirit, your moral and ethical sense of what is good.  We share this world and it needs all the positive energy we can offer, along with all the effort and action we can give to help keep right the boat as we traverse these turbulent waters. Together we can make a difference.  But we must keep joy and care alive as pole stars to do it well.


My wife, Lisa, and I, after some long thought and conversation, have decided that with all of this conflict in the world we need to focus on how we might help our neighboring refugee children who are being held in detention centers along our borders. To try and bring some sense of security and of belonging to them and help in finding solutions to this issue.  We want to get first hand looks at what might be driving this unprecedented wave of young people out of Central America. More on this as my sabbatical time approaches. 


As crazy as the world is, I am looking forward to seeing you all on September 7th. Don't forget to bring water for our anointing bowl and stones i.e. symbols of our connections to help build our altar of this beloved congregation.


Rev. Chip

jef melcher

Summer RE 


Summer flying by? Come have a summer event with us.


Saturday 23rd - All are invited to a community event. UUCM families and all please join us at the Heritage Day at China Camp. 11Am -4pm: education, food, music, art, SEE FLIER HERE


Also: Sunday 24th 10:30-noon. All ages. - RE Field trip to Mt. Olivet Cemetery. (Just across the freeway.) Norm Davidson does genealogy work there and will guide us on a tour of this historic site. We will also be doing gravestone rubbings. 


And: Sunday 31st - Jef Melcher preaches on Black Holes, Dark Matter, and How Do We DO Religious Education in this New Millennium.


Not least - Sept. 7th is our Ingathering. Bring water and stones from your home or travels for our traditional ritual. It is about as close to water baptism as we get for adults.


Regular RE classes start September 14th  

Jeffrey Melcher, M.Div.


UUCM Choir Beginning Rehearsals This Coming Tuesday, August 26th

director of music

The UUCM Choir is beginning rehearsing for the new church year this Tuesday, and is looking for new choir members!  All ability levels welcome, simply a bright spirit and love of singing required.  The choir rehearses every Tuesday evening 7:30 - 9:00pm in Fellowship Hall, as well as Sunday mornings prior to service.  The choir performs one anthem during the service each week, except for the final Sunday of each month.  The repertoire is a mixture of classical choral music as well as popular tunes.  Any questions contact Amanda Morando, choir director, at mUUsic@uumarin.org

Ingathering potluck 

-  Help Needed!

It's time to pull out those recipes for our ingathering potluck on September 7 (after Sunday service in the courtyard). 


Food assignments: 

A-G  salad

H-M fruit or dessert

N-W main dish


About 4 volunteers each are needed for setup and cleanup of food and beverage (custodial service sets up and breaks down tables and chairs), and 1 point person that day.  If you can help or have questions, please contact  office@uumarin.org.

Ingathering September 7
water and stones
Don't forget to gather stones and water from your vacation or home for our Annual Ingathering Ritual September 7.
Chip's summer schedule

I am not available for the remainder of the summer. Contact the office for emergency

Pastoral needs and contact numbers.


I will be returning to regular office hours on Sept 9th. - ending on Sept. 25. Then on sabbatical and I will be returning to office hours Dec. 16th through the end of the church year. 

Rev. Chip

Social Justice Meeting

We want to hear from you!  If one of the

reasons you attend the UUCM is to get

involved with social issues of our time on a

local level, bring your ideas to our next meeting! 


Or just come and check us out!  It is open to all,

members or not!  Our next meeting is Sunday 

August 24th, 12:30pm in the Wright Room. All are 

welcome.  Remember, a few good minds can

change the world!

Pastoral Care
arts poppies

Our wonderful member Babs Turrentine left the committee this past year.  She has been the longest member to date.  Over the years she has kept us abreast of elders in need and coached us to be our best in this service to our members.  As a very involved person, she was over the years a Board member and President of the Board.  We are so grateful for the time and energy she has given this congregation.  On July 25th, (the hottest day of the year) we celebrated her contributions to this committee with a party! Our thanks for many years of service Babs!

Wellness Dinner

I wish to apologize to all those who have contributed to our 2nd Tuesday Wellness Dinners at the 1st Presbyterian Church in San Rafael for not saying a Big Thanks! This month was very

special because as well as adults, our High

School RE teacher brought three of our own with

a salad and to help serve!  Thanks to Sue

Gauthier-Pin for bringing Julia Musgrove, Forrest

Meluch, and Jack Bauer!  Other providers were

the Davidson/Gilstraps, the Christensens with their

French visitors, and the Glucks.  It was a lovely

evening, held outside and a great time was had by


opportunity to provide salads is Tuesday September

9th!   Carol Littrell (415)883-9676, cjwlittrell@aol.com

Basket Share 9/21
basket share

Please remember that on Sunday, September 21, the collection will be used for our Partner Church in Sovata, Transylvania. They need money for children's books, garage repairs, and kitchen supplies. Bring your checkbooks. 

Social Justice Luncheon Sept. 21

Social Justice Luncheon - Sep. 21 - 12:30 Fellowship Hall


UUCM's own Religious Education program graduate, Jelani Bertoni, has put his UU values to work by creating a literal "hub" for his mission of community, creativity and education. 


The Bicycle Works provides tools and instruction for bike repair. This center of Marin's cycling culture sells new and used bikes, parts, and accessories. All are welcome to visit the Bicycle Works' work space, "share ideas, relax and get stuff done."  Be sure to check out the selection of electric-assist systems and cargo bikes!! Try one out through the Rent-to-Own program.


Located at the old Yolanda Train Station, 1117 Center Ave. in San Anselmo, the "Works" is also stimulating a neighborhood revival.


---------------------------------------------------------------The UUCM Social Justice (and catering) committee needs food service help for the Sep. 21 luncheon.

Please contact figleafjoan@comcast.net.

Congregational Retreat, Oct. 24-26, 2014 

Great news! We have several brand new workshops lined up for the Retreat that you won't want to miss. We still need at least two craft offerings. Are you skilled in a hands-on craft-like activity that you would like to share with the congregation? Anyone for leather punching, origami folding, candle making, t-shirt bleaching/printing, silk painting, knitting, scrap booking, rock polishing or any other craft? The audience can be kids to adults.


Our draft schedule can be accessed at one of the links below just to whet your appetite. If you have already volunteered to present a workshop, please let us know if you prefer a different time period. We can be flexible!


Registration forms and Parent's/Guardian's Consent and Release Form. 


Draft Retreat Schedule


Watch this space for more information and updates.


Your Retreat Leaders (Thomas Ervin and Dianne Estrada)

Remarkable People
old-man-woman.jpgOur venerable and ever popular program -Remarkable People is coming back in September!  Mark your calendars for the

third Thursday, 7:30 to 9:30 September through May (skipping December.)


We invite a member of the older generation and one of the younger generation to share special events, people, or influences that shaped their lives and the formation of their values and beliefs.  


Nani Ranken is looking for a member familiar with the younger generation to help recruit participants when the time comes.
Summer Changes
uucmchaliceThings are slightly different in July and August. Chip and the nursery provider are on hiatus, (see Chip's summer schedule article). RE program is changed (see RE nUUs). The choir is on vacation. 
Services are given by Starr King Students and other guests. Light refreshments will be provided after the services, (to help with refreshments, sign up in foyer).
Questions - call 479-4131 or email the office

Next Newsletter Publication date: Sept. 4
Rev. Chip's Sabbatical
Rev. Chip will be taking 10 weeks of his 20 weeks of accrued Sabbatical time this fall, starting Oct. 1st and running through Dec 15th.  


If you have any questions please contact us: The Board, the Committee on Ministry or Rev. Chip Wright.


More info

Transformative Change Symposium
Starr King School for the Ministry will hold a

Symposium/Retreat at First Unitarian Church of Oakland

Wed./Thurs. Aug. 27/28

Buddhism - Race Relations - Sustainability -

Personal and communitarian transformative change.

Admission is free

Registration is closed. If you have registered and wish to carpool, contact Joan Nelson



An Opportunity to Learn, Reflect, and Engage!
piggy_bank_money.jpg FREE EVENT
An educational opportunity for the SF Bay Area faith community. 

Come learn about local minimum wage initiatives and how your congregation or organization can be engaged. 


August 28, 2014, Thursday
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
The California Endowment Conference Center
1111 Broadway (7th Floor), Oakland CA
by the 12th Street Oakland BART Station


Download flyer
Social Justice Education/Action

The Social Justice Committee sponsors a Basket Share program in which the proceeds of our offering at up to eight Sunday services each year are shared 50/50 with nonprofit or advocacy organizations in our wider community.


Recipient organizations are proposed by congregants and friends who support or benefit from the services.

Let us know if you have an agency or cause that conforms to our Basket Share policy. socialjustice@uumarin.org


Got a social issue/agency/organization or program that you would like to promote? You have a bully pulpit at the UUCM Sunday Social Justice table.


Contact socialjustice@uumarin.org for approval to schedule your table.

Ever feel frustrated that you're not doing enough to make a difference in the world? Bring your concerns to the UUCM Social Justice Committee.
Continue your commitment to environmental and economic justice by shopping at http://shop.uusc.org/ 
I appreciate any feedback about this weekly newsletter.   groupemail@uumarin.org

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