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January 23, 2014
Issue #247

Sunday Worship Service chalice

Jan. 26, 2014: "Water, Food, and Life"  

Rev Chip Wright with Worship Associate Sue Fleckles


Today is the first in a series of Sundays looking at the meaning of healthy water and food. Two of our most important natural resources have been turned from life-sustaining gifts to commodities.  


Past services 


Upcoming services    


Congregational Conversation Sundays: Feb. 16, and March 30.

Contemplative Service

UUCM's early Sunday morning 9 am Contemplative Service in the Fireside Room is a lay led service.  Readings introduce a silent period to reflect on a topic or idea, followed by an opportunity to share individual thoughts.  


Come and widen our circle. All are welcome!  

Questions, email Carol Kerr at drckerr@pacbell.net.


Read More  

jef melcher

Thank you contributors! Our annual Toiletries for the Homeless turned out 181 packages this year. Many included toothbrushes and toothpaste or floss as well as the regular soaps and shampoos. Also, we got a goodly number of feminine products to include. It really can be the little things that make the difference. Next Step: sign up to make a dish for the Sunday shelter dinner. See the board in foyer.


Please remember RE classes have a noon release. Parents can pick up the younger children from the classrooms. The older kids will be released to the courtyard to come find you.


Yes, we are having a children's program for the Feb 8th Crab Feed that will include snack, art, music, games and a movie. Teen, parent and adult volunteers are being recruited. You can feed your kids before they come or buy them a dinner upstairs. Family Fun. Yum.  


See the UUCM RE web newsletter HERE.


Jeffrey Melcher, M.Div.

Director of Religious Education

Crab Feed/Raffle/Music - February 8

UUCM Crab Feed February 8, 6-9 PM. Music provided by the Lucky Drive Bluegrass Trio. Raffle. Dungeness Crab, Sher's Boston Clam Chowder and Caesar Salad. No Host Bar. $45.00. Children's program $15.00. Vegetarian Pasta Alternative $15.00 adults, $10.00 children. Reservations by February 1 to crabfeed@uumarin.orgPrint Flyers  for your friends.


 Mike Wilhoyte, Karen Wilhoyte, Nicole Solis Snider
Book Group
book pile

Our next meeting is February 19 at 7:30 in the Clara Barton Room. Marge Hollinger will lead the discussion of My Beloved Country by Sonia Sotomayor.


"Amazon Best Books of the Month, January 2013: Happily, it is becoming a familiar story: The young, smart, and very hardworking son or daughter of immigrants rises to the top of American professional life. But already knowing the arc of Sonia Sotomayor's biography doesn't adequately prepare you for the sound of her voice in this winning memoir that ends, interestingly, before the Yale Law School grad was sworn in as the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. Hers is a voice that lands squarely between self-deprecating and proud, grateful and defiant; a voice lilted with bits of Puerto Rican poetry; a voice full of anger, sadness, ambition, and love. My Beloved World is one resonant, glorious tale of struggle and triumph. --Sara Nelson"


Members and visitors are welcome to join our discussions. 

Joan Nelson's sermon on creativity

People leaving Fellowship Hall on January 12 told Joan Nelson that her "Creative Impulse" sermon was "inspiring." 

Joan's response was, "I'll truly believe that when I see how you are inspired, literally, to engage with your creative impulse."


Joan looks forward to hearing reports from anyone who has already acted on the impulse as a result of the sermon.

Art Shows

Kathy Truax has added several lovely paintings to her exhibit in the Fireside Room.  Be sure to take a look.

Contact information for Kathy is krtruax@att.net.  Note that 20% of any artwork sold is given to UUCM.


*Early in January Kathy graciously agreed to continue her show for several more weeks.


*Now we are hoping to entice other artists to exhibit their works in the Fireside Room....Paintings, Photography,

Collage, Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Fiber, etc, etc, etc.   One person or a group.


*Please contact Carolyn Planakis at cplanakis@aol.com or 415-479-5617.  

Wellness Dinners

The Social Justice Committee sponsors dinners for the homeless once a month on the 2nd Tuesdays.  This month we wish to give a big shout out to Sally Schroeder, Judy Finn, Pamela Lyons, Henry Kingdon, Carol and Walt Littrell. 


The Chaplain Paul Gaffney and his crew make the dinner & we bring salads and/or desserts. Then we dine with the attendees.  I think we get more joy out of this experience than the guests!  You can be sure that this fresh food is always devoured and that they are most grateful for a real meal! 


If you and your family would like to participate in the February Wellness Dinner on the 11th (Tuesday) at 5:15pm, please email or call Carol Littrell cjwlittrell@aol.com or 883-9676. 

Leave a message and Carol will get back to you. 

It is an easy way to make yourself and others feel blessed and meet a real need!

 April 19th- Our Spring Fling Auction

Imagine a beautiful garden, huge red blooms exploding from tall green stalks.  Blooming flowers everywhere! What you are seeing in your mind's eye is this year's auction-our April 19, 2013 Spring Fling auction. We sure hope you will join us.      

As we have begun to prepare for the event I've heard about wonderful auction offerings that have been offered in the past. Vacation days at Sea Ranch, evenings of dinner and mystery, dinners with charades, and rides to the airport.  Have you been thinking about what you would like to find offered at the auction?  Tell us.  Has there been a favorite auction adventure in your past?  Tell us by sending a note to intern@uumarin.org.


Soon you too will get an opportunity to donate to the auction.  Within the next couple of weeks, we'll make available the Auction Donation Forms online, via email and on paper.  We hope that you will consider donating to this important congregational fundraiser.  Maybe you have something you could share like a dinner experience, a service, a precious antique, a gorgeous gift basket, a handcrafted wrap, or beautiful piece of art.  Or maybe you are willing to ask your favorite restaurant or service provider to donate a gift certificate to our event. 


And of course we hope you'll join us for an evening of wonderful entertainment, fine food and drink, and an exciting auction. Even better yet...invite your friends and family to join in on this great evening!


PCD Workshop, January 24-25, 2014

"Who Are Our Neighbors?" 

Building skills for Intercultural Communication and Community  


Registration is now open for our upcoming January 2014 workshop.

Mt. Diablo UU Church in Walnut Creek
Friday, January 24 - Saturday, January 25, 2014


$85.00 Registration Fee includes all meals and materials. Late Fee of $95.00 applies after January 13, 2014. Registration closes after January 20, 2014.


Building skills for intercultural communication and community is the key to living into the power and potential of our faith. We cannot benefit from the fullness of each person's humanity unless we can see and appreciate the differences among us. Those differences allow us to deepen our knowledge of the holy as we bow to the mystery in each other.  

Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative

Your Social Justice Committee strongly encourages congregants and interested friends to attend an Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative Conference held at UUCM on Sunday, February 23. Registration begins at 1:30. Program runs 2 - 7. A dinner of local food will be served.


Cost: $45 through February 10th, $55 afterwards  

(Full and partial scholarships available) 


Women and Religion Annual Retreat
woman's retreat

Women and Religion Annual Retreat in Napa California at the wonderful Enchanted Hills Camp. It will be held February 28 - March 2, 2014.


This retreat has been going on since around 1977 with women from the UUA- PCD area. It is a wonderful gathering of women from many congregations; laughing, singing, eating, worshipping, learning from each other and empowering each other.


More info

DA2014 - Request for Workshop Proposals!
Awaken the Spirit!
District Assembly 2014
Friday, April 25 - Sunday, April 27, 2014

Call for Workshop Proposals by Jan. 15.
Social Justice Education/Action Activities

Jan 19 Shelter volunteers included:

Carolyn Bopp, Debbie Behrenboim, Grace, Mason and Owen Dearborn, 

Jo Heassler, Sally Schroeder and Linda Stoneall.

In winter we are starkly reminded that our least fortunate neighbors are homeless all year long:
*Please put your name on the Sunday night Women's Shelter Dinner sign-up board in the foyer.

Cleaning out closets and drawers? Instead of

bringing bags of old clothes to church take your unwanted items to GoodWill in San Rafael (Third & Lincoln) and be sure to tell the attendant to earmark your receipt for Ritter House. Ritter House, in turn, will hand out vouchers to the homeless people who can then find the kind of clothing they need.

Ever feel frustrated that you're not doing enough to make a difference in the world? Bring your concerns to the UUCM Social Justice Committee.
 ----------------------------------------------------------------    More info Social Justice  
I appreciate any feedback about this weekly newsletter.   groupemail@uumarin.org

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