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There is no Religious Education or nursery care in the summer.  


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August 15, 2013

Issue #225

Next newsletter August 29 

Sunday Worship Service chalice

August 18, 2013: 'No Grieving, No Healing'

Robert Drake, Pulpit Guest with Worship Associate Dianne Estrada, Worship Associate

The experience of loss is the origin of grief.  Grief is a response to loss.  Grief has to go somewhere.  If we do not process grief it is stored inside of us, and the storage costs of grief are high.  Because we are finite creatures who inevitably attach ourselves to people and things we love, we will grieve when we lose what we love.  But grief is not the same as grieving. We must actively grieve our losses to heal - No grieving, no healing.

Bob Drake calls himself a "spiritual ecologist."

August 25, 2013: 'The Power of Nothing'
Caitlin S. Cotter, Pulpit Guest with Worship Associate Sue Fleckles

Emptiness, Silence, the Unknown, these are powerful (and potentially frightening!) things.  We may discover a great deal when we trust ourselves to embrace Nothing, to let go of certainty.  Join Caitlin S. Cotter, M.Div. student at Starr King School for the Ministry, for a service about stepping away from noisy busyness into stillness and Mystery.


Past services online


View future service information online   

Water and Stones
water and stones Remember to gather stones or water for our annual Intergenerational ingathering on Sunday September 8. Virtual items are welcomed.


Classical Music Fundraising Concert
September 14
Doors open at 1:30 and concert starts at 2:00 pm

Come join us for an afternoon concert featuring Milton Wong, Hans Brightbill and friends.
Three Madrigals for violin and viola by Bohuslav Martinu
Piano Quartet No. 3, Op. 60 by Johannes Brahms
String Quartet No. 1, Op. 50 by Sergei Prokofiev

Tickets: Adult $15, Youth (17 and under) $10
There will be a gift basket raffle also (tickets $2.00 each, 6 for $10.00).

We need your help to make the concert a success. Help is needed for the  bar, setup/cleanup, and cashiering.  Also, we need some people to bake cookies and brownies.  Volunteers should contact either Karen or Lori or sign up in the UUCM foyer.
Social Campaign
Our Social Campaign ended on August 9.
Twenty new people liked our Facebook page. Ten people ordered coupons to receive a $2 discount on event refreshment tickets which may be used at any future event.

Thank you to all who participated.

If you requested a coupon be sure to print and save it.
Contemplative Service

The Contemplative Service will resume September 8, 9 am.  

Book Group
book pile
Our UUCM book group meets on third Wednesdays at 7:30 in the Clara Barton Room.  Members and visitors are welcome to join our discussions.

For August 21 we will be reading Oh the Glory of It All by Sean Wilsey, an "irreverent and remarkably candid memoir about growing up in wealthy eighties San Francisco . . . rollicking, ruthless . . . ultimately generous-hearted."  (Vogue)

"Sean Wilsey's magnificent memoir spares no one but forgives almost everything; it's a kindly act of retribution that's sure to ring a bell with any adult survivor of parental narcissism. . . a veritable carillon of remembered pain, never once losing its wise and worldly sense of humor."  (Armistead Maupin)
 Summer Religious Education @ UUCM
jef melcher This summer the nursery will be open for parents to hang out with their young kids. Scheduled religious education for K-12 will resume on September 8th, with our intergenerational Ingathering and age-appropriate religious exploration classes starting September 15th.

However, our youth program for 9th grade and up will be meeting during the summer. For a schedule of times and events email: YouthAdvisor@uuMarin.org

If you are interested in getting on the UUCM RE Families Google group, please email a request to: DRE@uuMarin.org.  There may be some organizing of family summer events through this group.

I am off until August 18th, though I will be in the DRE office occasionally to water my plants and plan for next year. You can still reach me by email: DRE@uuMarin.org

May the Summer warm your body and your spirit.

Blessings be yours,

Jeffrey Melcher, M.Div.
Director of Religious Education
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin
UUCM Summer Changes
LogoThings are slightly different in July and August. Chip, Jef and Irene and the nursery provider are on hiatus. Parents may use the nursery.

Services are given by Starr King Students. Light refreshments will be provided after the services. Questions- call 479-4131 or email the office.

Upcoming Newsletter Publication dates:

Aug. 29

Summer Staff Schedules
Rev. Chip Wright: out of office starting June 11th.  For an emergency please contact Janette in the office or if needed call his cell phone 415-827-8456.  Return to office on September 10th.  
Jeffrey Melcher, DRE: has left, back August 19th.

Irene Stefanko, Intern: has left, back in September.

Janette Morrow, Administrator: in office
Virus Reported by UUCM Member
janette We have had at least one UUCM member report this recent computer virus, called the FBI Virus. It is malicious in that the virus itself is being rewritten to make itself more troublesome. If you get this on your computer, don't panic, as it is removable, and of course, don't give the FBI any money or personal information! Please read the info in this link so that you can protect your computer and your data: http://www.spywarehelpcenter.com/fbi-virus-removal-instructions/. These instructions are for Windows.
And of course you should always use anti-virus software. If you would like a recommendation on a free version (not trial), please e-mail the office at office@uumarin.org.

Janette Morrow
"Loving Our Earth" - SKSM 2013 Symposium August 28-29
Featuring honored teacher Joanna Macy and environmental and racial justice scholars and activists . Read more
Social Justice Education/Action Activities
Ever feel frustrated that you're not doing enough to make a difference in
the world?
Bring your concerns to the UUCM Social Justice Committee. Next Committee meeting:
Sun. Sep. 8 - Noon. (Clara Barton Room)

Because the Winter shelter is closed until mid-November, there will be an even more pressing need (if that's possible) at the Mill St. Shelter and for the Street Chaplain's Tuesday night dinners.
Homeward Bound of Marin is the primary provider of shelter and services for homeless families and individuals. They seek volunteers to represent the program at Marin Farmers Markets. 459-5843 
Members and guests are invited to take advantage of the Sunday Social Justice "Table" to promote a favorite cause or project. Perhaps you want to circulate a handout or a written petition (or refer people to electronic online petitions.) Arrangements must be submitted for committee approval in advance. figleafjoan@comcast.net 453-6221
I appreciate any feedback on this weekly newsletter.   groupemail@uumarin.org

eWeekly Deadlines:
Mon. by 8 pm - activities and announcements, staff columns, committee reports
20th of each month - Sunday services

Summer Newsletter Publication dates: deadline Monday 8 pm before publication date

Aug 29


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