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  January 3, 2013

Issue #196

Sunday Worship Service chalice

  'Our Roots' Month

Rev.  Chip's services this month are a series in support of  'Our American Roots' classes he will be leading after services, 12:00 - 3:00 on Jan. 13th and 20th.   RSVP as soon as possible to the office if you wish to attend. Lunch will be provided.

Jan. 6, 10:30 am: "Hosea Ballou"

Rev. Chip Wright with Worship Associate Dianne Estrada Also we welcome new members

There are few figures in our Universalist history as interesting as Hosea Ballou who was a circuit riding Universalist clergyman at the turn of the eighteenth century.  He would eventually draw crowds of over 2,000 people on Sundays to hear his message of universal salvation.

Past services    


View future service information online        

Contemplative Service

Our Lay led Contemplative Service is from 9:00-10:00 am on Sundays in the Fireside Room.        

The  Contemplative Service is a small circle gathering that includes short readings and time for discussion and sharing of joys and concerns.

All are welcome to join us.  

 Chip's Clips
Reverend Chip Wright
January, 2013

Many of you have already heard.  But for those of you who haven't, we have hired a new Director of Religious Education (DRE) who will be starting with us on Jan 1st.  Please welcome Jeffrey Melcher!  He actually returns to UUCM after eight years when Jeffrey did an in-service education training program here as a student at Pacific School of Religion.  Jeffrey brings a wealth of creativity and energy to our RE program and we are excited to have him come on board!  He will be introducing himself at the service on Jan. 6th so come and hear him and get a chance to say hello if you haven't already.  

Another year has ticked ahead and we travel together into 2013!  Although not really worried, I for one am happy all the predictions for doomsday on 12\21\12 fell through and we can move beyond such beliefs.  Unfortunately, these kinds of distractions are a constant in our culture.  In fact if anything can be pegged as a western cultural phenomenon, it is doomsday scenarios - that along with good guys wearing white hats and bad guy wearing black ones.  

This constantly inaccurate "born in sin" narrative which ends in a certain doomsday is a woefully too common reminder of our Calvinist history and dogma in the US.  Fortunately, we Universalists stood fervently in opposition to this world view.  And that great American document and Unitarian credo, our Declaration of Independence, so eloquently penned by Thomas Jefferson, as well voiced opposition to this negative notion and expanded our national potential.  We have so much to be happy for in our religious traditions.  In fact there is a bend of mind that could say the world cannot end, because Unitarian Universalism is still evolving, along with all the rest of the knowable universe.  That is the true good news!

So come and learn about some of our roots, vines, and greenery that we UU's have grown in this nation!  Come to the "Our American Roots" class, after service on Jan. 13th & 20th, 12-3 PM to reaffirm what you already know and discover new things about who we are not only as a religious tradition but how we helped mold this nation.  There will be a full and scrumptious lunch to fill your bellies and rich and deep conversations to fill your spirits!

Please RSVP to Janette in the office ASAP (by Jan. 10) so we are sure to have enough food and chairs for all!

Rev. Chip
New to UU, January 6
chalice blue New to Unitarian Universalism with Rev. Chip - Fireside Room, 12 noon

If you have questions or are curious about Unitarian Universalism or liberal religion in general, this class, the first in a series of three Pathway to Membership classes, is for you! Please RSVP to Janette at office@uumarin.org or 415-479-4131.
Toiletries for the homeless
Please drop small or travel size toiletry items in the "Toiletry for Homeless People" box in the UUCM foyer no later than January 6 for our annual RE toiletry kit making for the homeless.
House of Hope Discussion Group

I would like to invite you to join a discussion group that will start in February. In this discussion group we'll explore liberal theology and engage in Unitarian Universalism's "free and responsible search for truth and meaning" by engaging our own, and each other's, theological understandings. We'll structure our discussions around the book A House for Hope, by John Buehrens and Rebecca Ann Parker available on Amazon. I also have a few of these books to lend out.


This book uses the metaphor of a house to explore what grounds us, what expands us, what shelters us, and what gives us hope.

    We'll consider questions such as:


  • What is the end and essence of life?
  • How can we come to terms with evil and what can protect life from harm?
  • Is it reasonable to believe in God?
  • What does it mean to be human, to be right with all that is?
  • What saves us and what are we called to do? What is the nature and purpose of religious community?

The length of the discussion group will depend on your interest - perhaps we'll meet twice or maybe we'll wish to continue for many sessions.  I would like to propose Sundays - February 10 and 17, March 3 and 17 from noon to 1:30 pm. Please let me know if these dates work for you and if you plan on attending (I'm trying to get a sense of how many will come as that will affect the way that I structure the discussions.) If you would like to attend or have thoughts about the timing of the series email Irene at intern@uumarin.org.


Irene Stefanko, Ministerial Intern 

UUCM Congregational Retreat
May 3-5, 2013



At the upcoming retreat, Mary Bicknell has agreed to lead her famous Nature Walk. Mary has been a docent at the Audubon Canyon Ranch for many years, and she brings her knowledge and experience to share with us. Come to the retreat and learn about the small creatures that live at beautiful Walker Creek Ranch.

We know that many of you have talents to share. Please think about what activity, craft, skill, or discussion topic that you can share in a small group setting for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. We need workshops geared toward adults, young adults, and kids, so there are many ways to contribute. Please contact Thomas at thomas.ervin@comcast.net with your workshop ideas. We will help you every step of the way!


The pricing/application sheet for the 2013 UUCM Congregational Retreat is linked below. Application and full payment is due on March 24, 2013. If you would like to join the Retreat Committee for this year, we would love to hear from you!


Pricing/application sheet

Release form for attendees under 18
Basket Share Ideas Needed!
basket share Put on your thinking caps: It's time to nominate great local nonprofits for our Basket Share program!  

Ideally, a nominee should be a Bay Area organization that a congregant is truly involved with (e.g. as a volunteer or client.)
By sharing our offering basket with a different local nonprofit for four Sundays this year, we live our UU principles while gaining valuable nonprofit partners that have similar goals. Our first Basket Share Sunday will be January 13. It will benefit our partner church.
We need three more nominations! Send suggestions to figleafjoan@comcast.net 415-453-6221
Adult Education classes
flagchalice Sunday January 13, January 20
12:15 PM, Fireside Room

Adult Ed presents "Our American Roots" led by Rev. Chip and Ministerial Intern Irene Stefanko. Come and learn about Unitarian Universalism in the United States. Fascinating stories, video and lunch! As always with Rev. Chip's classes, there will be in depth information and time for sharing, dialogue, and questions.
Please sign up in advance by e-mailing Janette at office@uumarin.org  or calling 415-479-4131.
Childcare provided if requested in advance.
Book Group January 16
book pile
Our next meeting is January 16 at 7:30 in the Clara Barton Room.  The book we will discuss is The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt.

There are about 30 copies in the library, in heavy use, so do get in line (also available in paperback.)  This is a bestseller, while also being an excellent scholarly book focused on the rediscovery of a 5th century Roman text ten centuries later.  Lucretius' De Rerum Natura ("a beautiful poem of the most dangerous ideas.") thus reappeared just in time for the Renaissance, the printing press, and the consequent reimagining of the world and humankind in humanistic terms.  All members and visitors are welcome.  Contact: Nani Ranken (898-8558.)
Social Justice Luncheons
Luncheon and speaker, 12 noon. A $6 donation is suggested, no one turned away.

February 17 - Cohousing
Joani Blank (UU─Oakland) has visited over 70 cohousing communities─urban, suburban and rural. She has lived in two of these practical, socially rich alternatives to apartments and single-family houses. She also ran an innovative San Francisco retail business as a worker-owned co-op.
March 17 - Bridge of Understanding
Jes Richardson, creator of the ten foot tall Gandhi Puppet, is building a "bridge of hearts" between the people of the United States, Israel, and Iran.  The Dear Iran Project, established after his second trip to Iran in 2010, cuts through politics by creating direct people-to-people connections.  Find out how you can participate by joining Jes on March 17.
PCD January Leadership Workshop
Registration is now open for the January 2013 Leadership Workshop, "The Power of Language to Create Reality."  
We will be gathering at the UU Church of Berkeley on Saturday, January 26, 2013 with workshop leaders Rev. Robert Latham and Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams.
For religions confronting a cultural revolution and the decline of the influence of organized religion, their future lies in the hands of those willing to use language as a tool of personal and social transformation.

Get More Information & Register Now! 
Social Justice Education/Action Activities
The Social Justice Committee continues its work with the
ever-growing number of homeless folks in Marin.
Shelter food providers this week were:
Kristin, Lee, Carolyn, Dani, Kelly & Sofia.
Don't forget to buy new white socks for the homeless socks basket in the foyer.
And remember to bring nonperishable food for the Food Bank barrel.
Our homeless friends let us volunteers know that they truly appreciate everything we do for them. To get in on this rewarding experience, contact Joan Nelson, 453-6221.
Mill Street shelter, a branch of New Beginnings, provides housing for about 60 people per night.
UUCM provides dinner on the first Sunday of each month. If you would like to be a once a month cook, please contact Junemfesler@gmail.com. Food should be brought to church - it will be taken to Mill Street.
If you care about an issue or cause that you want UUCM members to know about, please bring it to our attention at the Social Justice information table at refreshment time.  To reserve a date: figleafjoan@comcast.net

UUCM encourages anyone and everyone to reach out and advocate for social justice (economic, environmental, civil) in the wider community. Please invite others to join you, and send photos of your action to the Social Justice Committee.
The UUCM Social Justice Committee strives to acknowledge significant efforts and achievements. In case we miss it, please let us know when you or another member or friend of the congregation does something to improve the well being of the world in which we live.
Example: Christopher Gilkerson worked hard and long toward the success of the recent Marin Superior Court ruling which invalidates the environmental impact report that paved the way for a major expansion of the Redwood Landfill in Novato.

I appreciate any feedback on this weekly.   groupemail@uumarin.org

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Mon. by 8 pm - activities and announcements, staff columns, committee reports
15th of each month - Sunday services

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