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August 5, 2012


Kihei 4th Friday Crowd
You're invited to join us August 23rd at Azeka Shopping Center for the last 4th Friday event of the summer! We took the last two months off so that we could up our game and make it even more fun for everyone who stops by.  So mark your calendars and make sure you visit us between 6-9!. 
Yes, the Maui Diamond's always good for a trip to Molokini Crater, but that's not all they do!  August and September are filled with unique offerings from the ever-popular Pirate Charrrrrrter to Underwater Clean-Ups and a Holo Holo day - there's a lot of fun to be had!
Fun on the Maui Diamond II
Want to know what's coming up next? Just bookmark the Upcoming Events page and check it often!
Well, in her latest blog entry, Teri tells you just how to figure that out!! People call us for conditions reports every day (which we love!) and we want you to know that we do keep the weather section of our site (it's right there on our home page) updated daily, sometimes several times a day as divers come in with various reports.
Cod HOle

When we posted our June 2014 Australia trip in May, it sold out before we could even advertise it in our newsletter! As a result, we've got a couple of people on the waiting list and are thinking about hosting back to back trips. If you'd be interested in a late June trip, send us an email right now - if there is enough interest, we'll add another trip!
Rash Guards

We've finally got our logo'd rash guards back in stock and are offering our newsletter subscribers $5 off during the month of August! (limit, one discounted rash guard per customer).  How do you get this $5 off?  Just tell us you read the newsletter and want your discount!
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Upcoming Charters on the Maui Diamond II
How's the Vis?
Australia in June 2014
Shark Week and Shark MONTH!
With August comes Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and with Shark Week comes endless slow-mo clips of sharks flying through the air and chomping on "Fluffy".  The footage is sensational and can be exciting to watch, but as divers, we also believe it can be so over the top at times that it can fuel the idea that the ocean is just teaming with sharks who are all swimming around waiting to eat us. 
 Juvie White Tip Shark
To balance things out, Maui Dreams likes to celebrate sharks for the entire month of August with a series of events, contests, and shark  silliness:
AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty $129:    Sharks are unique and play a crucial role in keeping our ocean healthy, but we are close to losing some shark species forever. During this course, divers will learn about the major threats, missing management strategies, and, best of all, the many actions you can take to give sharks a fighting chance. Click here for more info on this course - we will be running the $129 special through September. One more thing:  Divers who take this course with us during the month of August will receive awesomely funny shark stuff!
SHARK PHOTO CONTEST:  Submit your favorite shark photos to us via email or Facebook.  We'll compile them in an  album and let everyone vote via likes on our Facebook page at the end of the month.  Click here for the rest of the details!
Shark Dive Buddy  
SHARK MEMES:  The internet is full of crazy shark stuff!  We'll be sharing what we've found every day, so just visit us on Facebook to see what we've found.   Phil Watson's Shaaark! cartoons are the greatest, so if you're in the mood for some shark/human humor, check out his work!
Need some more shark-themed content in your life?  You can always browse through our past shark blogs!




o-ring tip
Oh yeah, and meet Harrison - he's the new guy!

 For years now, we have been sending our rental tanks out with spare o-rings on the little string that holds the valve cap on.  Yes, you've got a spare o-ring just in case!


Now, it is your job to be able to get the old one out and to know how to change it, but we can teach you how to do that too. Next time you're in the shop, just ask one of us and we'll be happy to show you. 


One final tip here:  for o-ring removal, you should always use a brass pick or something else that will not damage the o-ring groove on the tank valve.  Our repair tech Kelly suggests that guitar picks, plastic picks, or credit cards can also work. If you don't already have the proper tool, make it a point to get one and add it to your save-a-dive kit today!



So you're not here in Maui with us at the moment?  We're not gonna let that get in the way of including you in the cool stuff that goes on around here!


This week, we expect to get in a small batch of limited edition Maui Dreams tees and tank tops. The first FIVE of our mainland buddies to email us, will get one shipped to them for FREE!  

And finally, we thought we'd conclude with a bit of fun!
No Fin Fun
No Fin Fun