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                     April 8, 2015  


Visit Episcopal Peace Fellowship at the Ecumenical Advocacy Days! Shannon will be staffing the EPF booth at next week's event in Washington, DC. This year's conference will focus on 
Breaking the Chains: Mass Incarceration & Systems of Exploitation. 
The conference is Friday to Sunday, with a lobbying day on Capitol Hill on Monday.

Join over 1,000 Christian advocates in building a movement to shake the foundations of systems of human exploitation (Acts 16:16-40), including a prison-industrial system that incarcerates millions of people in the U.S. and abroad.

85 Days Away!
The EPF Reception at General Convention

Wednesday, June 24
5 p.m. MDT
Cathedral of St. Mark
Salt Lake City

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Fr. Burnett, Norah & Cherie Patrick 

Norah Bagirinka:  Rhwandan genocide survivor

Journey of the Refugee was the title of a mini-conference  held at Trinity Church Capitol Square  in Columbus, Ohio on March 14.  The Rev. Dick Burnett is a long time EPF member. Trinity Church hosted the EPF reception at General Convention in 2006.   

Cherie Bridges Patrick, an organizer of the event, shares with Peace on the Go:  
"Of the nearly 42 million people uprooted from their homes due to conflict or persecution, approximately half are under the age of 18. Since 1980, nearly 1.8 million refugees have been invited to live in the United States, and a continually-increasing number of refugees have been placed or resettled in the Columbus, Ohio area. Refugee countries currently represented in Columbus include: Eritrea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Burundi, Nepal, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Columbia, Congo, Iran, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, India, Ecuador, Moldova, Bangladesh, Georgia, Ivory Coast, and Zimbabwe. According to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, 2,814 refugees were resettled in Ohio in 2013 and another 2,825 were expected in 2014.  Journey of the Refugee was a first-hand account of Rwandan genocide survivor Norah Bagirinka who shared her experience and is now an advocate and integral part of our Columbus community. In her personal story she raised the thought-provoking question "what do I pray for with my last prayer?" "


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