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5 March 2015


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


There's always lots of conversation around positive investment and what it means for Palestine.  There are those who say until the Occupation ends, what's the point?  There are those who say positive investment is the way and not boycott, divestment and sanctions.  Palestinian-American businessman and activist Sam Bahour frames positive investment as a way to support and prepare Palestine for when the Occupation ends.  Bahour and others have organized Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy which states 


"Positive Investment in Palestine is a specific strategy seeking to stimulate the Palestinian economy by making financial investments in businesses and other enterprises operating within the Occupied Palestinian Territory including East Jerusalem. Positive Investment strategies augment and enhance Divestment strategies which, similarly, are focused on making intentional investment decisions that will help end the occupation. Divestment strategies seek to specifically avoid investments in enterprises that benefit and support the ongoing occupation. While Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy support all peaceful efforts to end the occupation, our specific mission is to provide options for those interested in creating a thriving economy that benefits the Palestinian people."


Check out their website for more information and resources.


Continuing on an earlier theme of intellectual indigestion and relating to positive investment, we learn that the new-built Palestinian city of Rawabi will get water.  This article on the tanneries of Hebron illustrates some of the constraints in keeping a business viable.


And an update from Bruce Shipman, former Episcopal chaplain at Yale: He writes about a panel of which he was a part - "Outspoken: Conscience and Responsibility" - described in the invitation as one which would "address the use and misuse of Holocaust-related terminology in political discourse on university campuses in the United States at this time" and "to recognize the deterioration of the academic environment as a locus of civic conversation and to foster safe, responsible and constructive discussion about current issues."  Read here about what it turned out to be.



A Lenten Appeal for Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza: During the season of Lent EPF/PIN is seeking funds for Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, an institution of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. EPF has set up a designated fund in order to make all donations tax deductible. Donations to Al Ahli Hospital can be made online

or checks, made payable to EPF and designated for the "Al Ahli Hospital Fund", may be sent to EPF, PO Box 15, Claysburg PA 16625. One hundred per cent of the donation will go to the hospital. A group from PIN will deliver donations received through Easter Sunday to the hospital when they visit Gaza in April.  In a place where hardship is commonplace, Al Ahli Arab Hospital generates a beacon of peace and hope for the people it serves.

Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat a Child, a campaign supported by several of our allies in the work, has a Facebook page Check the campaign website for more information and a toolkit.   


Netanyahu's speech: Finally, what piece of news from on the ground over the last week or so would you ask media to cover instead of the Netanyahu speech?  Send a link and a sentence or two explaining why and we'll publish them in next week's PINontheGo.


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