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19 February 2015


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Thanks to all who have signed EPF PIN's statement 'Standing Against Injustice.'  We invite you to check out the comments on the blog posting and the comments on Episcopal Cafe's posting on 14 February if you haven't seen them.


A Lenten Appeal for Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza: During the season of Lent EPF/PIN is seeking funds for Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, an institution of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. EPF has set up a designated fund in order to make all donations tax deductible. Donations to Al Ahli Hospital can be made online

or checks, made payable to EPF and designated for the "Al Ahli Hospital Fund", may be sent to EPF, PO Box 15, Claysburg PA 16625. One hundred per cent of the donation will go to the hospital. A group from PIN will deliver donations received through Easter Sunday to the hospital when they visit Gaza in April.  


Al Ahli Arab Hospital is located in Gaza City, occupying a beautiful campus of several buildings in the city center, including a chapel, and well-tended grounds. It is a haven of peace in the middle of one of the world's most troubled places. The political status of Gaza affects all aspects of life there because of restrictions on movement of materials and people in and out. Electricity, medicines, food, fuel, water and personnel are all restricted to some extent. And like nearly everything in Gaza, the hospital suffered damage during the August 2014 military invasion. There were damages to the structure and critically important steam sterilization system, and staff worked around the clock to keep up with the overwhelming volume of injured patients. 


But while Al Ahli Arab Hospital struggles to deal with these challenges, it continues to provide some of the finest medical care available in the region. For example, the only mammography machine in Gaza is there. Two programs deserve special mention: the center for elderly women and the mobile clinic program which twice weekly provides free medical care and food to people from surrounding towns and villages. The hospital of about 80 beds serves 400 inpatients each month and 3500 outpatients. 


In a place where hardship is commonplace, Al Ahli Arab Hospital generates a beacon of peace and hope for the people it serves.


The Jerusalem Fund/Palestine Center is presenting a panel On Ferguson and Palestine: The Issues of Repression and Race on 24 February.  If you're not in the DC Metro area, it is livestreamed and a video is available for viewing after the event.  Learn more here.


And a reminder of some ongoing campaigns in which you can participate:

  • No Way to Treat a Child, a campaign supported by several of our allies in the work, has a Facebook page Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat A Child.  Check the campaign website for more information and a toolkit.
  • Is there a ReMax office in your community?  Check this out for all the information you'll need to organize a campaign Boycott Re/Max: No Open House on Stolen Land! 

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