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29 January 2015


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One of the resolves of Resolution B019, passed at the 2012 General Convention - a compromise resolution originating in the House of Bishops - called for development of an interfaith model pilgrimage: 


Resolved, That the Presiding Bishop develop an interfaith model pilgrimage composed equally of Episcopalians, Jews, and Muslims in order to further encourage the travel of pilgrims and witnesses to the Holy Land in order to experience the multiple narratives of the diverse peoples who call the land their home. 


The Episcopal News Service reported on the pilgrimage on 27 January.  Take a few minutes to read this report and note who were the pilgrims and with whom and where they met.


John Kitagawa, convener for the Standing Commission on Anglican Peace with Justice Concerns B019 implementation committee, blogged about the trip.  Kitagawa fleshes out some of the meetings noted in the ENS article.


The interfaith model pilgrimage was on the ground from around 19=26 January.  Here's a selection of what else was going on in Palestine/Israel in that timeframe:

  • UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator James W. Rawley issued a statement calling for an immediate halt to house demolitions and forced displacement in the West Bank.
  • Friday nonviolent direct actions continue in the West Bank under the direction of local grassroots activists.
  • The Greek Orthodox Patriarch, with whom the delegation met, is under fire 'for diverting church lands to Israel and making unfair decisions against Arab monks.
  • UNRWA suspends assistance for repairs in Gaza due to lack of funds.
  • A 14 year old Palestinian girl is jailed and fined for throwing rocks. 
  • Home invasions and violence in the West Bank village of Beit Ummar.


We again invite you to share how you might be weaving resistance into the fabric of your life and how you might be participating in struggles against injustices in your local context. Send us photos or other illustrations and writings.  Tinka Perry and  Maurine and Bob Tobin have already contributed to this conversation in previous editions of PINontheGo.



Other ways to make the connections:

  • Explore Israeli Military Detention - No Way to Treat A Child: how might you participate in this campaign?  Are there connections to what is happening to children where you live?
  • Is there a ReMax office in your community?  Check this out for all the information you'll need to organize a campaign Boycott Re/Max: No Open House on Stolen Land!
  • The US Campaign and JVP along with Roots Action are offering a letter to Congress asking that they decline to attend Binyamin Netanyahu's speech on 3 March.  Sign on here if you are so inclined.





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