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                  January 21, 2015  


Are you a Young Adult 18-30? Interested in participating in General Convention this summer?  

Apply Here to participate with EPF.

Deadline March 1, 2015 


This Facebook group is a space for EPF members to share their public witness and nonviolence efforts. It is our hope that we can seek wisdom from other group members, exchange resources and ideas, promote local events and collaborate on future endeavors. This group grows out of the monthly EPF Public Witness and Nonviolence conference call.

Take a look at the Facebook page here

Wanted: EPF Treasurer
Job Description:
1.  a passion for peace with justice work
2.  a passion for numbers & budgets & pie charts & ending the year in the black
3. a desire to associate with a phenomenal group of peacemakers
Urban Pilgrimage New York City Leadership Training  Opportunity
           March 5 - 8, 2015

Interested in learning how to lead short-term pilgrimages in urban and rural communities?


The Episcopal Peace Fellowship is now offering a four-day intensive training program designed to equip church leaders to introduce young adults to pressing social justice issues, using the Urban Pilgrimage model. Cost is $150 per participant, plus travel to and from the training site. Registration in teams of 2-3 is strongly encouraged;  registration fee is $25.


     Register HERE.   Learn more HERE.




Pilgrims in Austin,      Texas







     California Pilgrims




EPF is looking for young adults who have had some urban ministry or social services experience to 

lead five-day spring break service learning projects in the New York area in March each year.  (Other leadership training events are being scheduled for cities around the U.S).  Through service to and solidarity with people on the margins of society, Pilgrimage participants are challenged to reflect on love of God and neighbor and grow in an understanding of social justice as a spiritual practice. Each Pilgrimage is designed to provoke reflection and action on issues as varied as homelessness, educational inequity, immigration, food production and environmental stewardship, and disaster response while giving participants tools to begin seeing themselves as agents of change in their home communities.

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          Pilgrimage in New York City