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8 January 2015


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


The news over the last week or so has been compelling as we follow fallout and pushback and recriminations and celebrations and much else around Palestine's actions coming out of the failed UN Security Council resolution.


This is an invitation to take a step back, to breathe deeply, to reflect and to prepare for what may lie ahead.

  • Take in Bill Wylie-Kellerman's 'Empire Christmas Poem.' 
  • Take some space and then move on to this reflection on civil disobedience from Craig Greenfield 'A Surprising Lesson about Civil Disobedience from the 3 Wise Men.' Thanks to Simon Barrow at Ekklesia for lifting this up.


We renew our New Year's invitation to share how you might be weaving resistance into the fabric of your life, how you might be participating in struggles against injustices in your local context, how Robert Smith's statement in last week's PINontheGo resonates for you in your work. Send photos or other illustrations and writings to us.


Finally we share EPF PIN member Tinka Perry's reflection on weaving resistance into the fabric of her life:

Hi...I just read the comments in the email about weaving our own resistance into our lives, referring to Palestine...

this is my very small way of 'standing in solidarity' with Palestinians...I was supposed to go to the Holy Land in August, with Episcopal Relief & Development, to see the work they are doing there, including visiting refugee camps, and talking with both Israelis and Palestinians, but our trip was cancelled due to the situation in Gaza...I had done a lot of reading for this trip, and each book was more enlightening. A friend was able to make a trip in November, so I asked her to bring me a Palestinian keffiyeh...I do not wear this traditional Palestinian scarf as a fashion statement, but to stand with the thousands of Palestinians who live under a cruel occupation, have lost their homes, or worse, their lives. The inner design which looks like a fence, represents the occupation. When people comment on my scarf, I explain about the occupation, and that there are thousands of people who have lived in refugee camps all my life, and I just turned 65. I also mention several of the books I have read...Mornings in Jenin, the Lemon Tree, etc. This is my small way of opening conversations, and I often find that people are very receptive, having not really engaged in the conversation before. It is also my prayer shawl, so as I sit in prayer, I am mindful of the Palestinians. 





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